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TITANIC - The definitive satirical magazine
Titanic logo
description Satirical magazine
language German
publishing company Titanic-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG ( Germany )
Headquarters Berlin
First edition November 1979
Frequency of publication per month
Editor-in-chief Moritz Huertgen
executive Director Ralf Alkenbrecher
Patric Feest
Web link titanic-magazin.de
ZDB 979735-x

Titanic (full name: TITANIC - The Definitive Satirical Magazine ) is a German satirical magazine . It is published monthly by Titanic-Verlag in Berlin , its editorial office is in Frankfurt am Main . According to the company, the edition is 99,760 copies.

Origin and development

The Titanic was founded in 1979 by former employees of the satirical magazine pardon . Originally the magazine was supposed to be called Die Sonne , because the name made it possible to use satirical and playful headlines such as “Sonne Scheiße”. The founding fathers Robert Gernhardt , FK Waechter , Peter Knorr , Hans Traxler and Chlodwig Poth were and are, along with FW Bernstein , Eckhard Henscheid and Bernd Eilert, the representatives of the New Frankfurt School .

The first editorial team included Lionel van der Meulen (editor-in-chief) and Elsemarie Maletzke , Nikolaus Jungwirth and Paul Taussig . In 1983 Bernd Eilert became acting editor-in-chief, and the satirists Richard Kähler , Achim Szymanski and Jörg Metes as well as the graphic artist Hans-Werner Saalfeld formed the new editorial team. Later, Hans Kantereit joined them, with whom Kähler and Saalfeld had published the magazine “Mark & ​​Bein” in Hamburg. Kähler and Kantereit finally went back to Hamburg and founded the satirical magazine Kowalski there , Szymanski went into advertising, Bernd Fritz became editor-in-chief. Other editors-in-chief after Fritz were Hans Zippert (until 1995), Oliver Maria Schmitt (until 2000), Martin Sonneborn (until 2005), Thomas Gsella (until 2008), Leo Fischer (until 2013) and Tim Wolff (until the end of 2018). Moritz Hürtgen has been editor-in-chief since January 2019 . The editorial team also includes Torsten Gaitzsch , Thomas Hintner , Paula Irmschler , Fabian Lichter , Leonard Riegel , Ella Carina Werner and Martina Werner .

Gerhard Sondermann was the first publisher until 1987/88, when the Elefanten Press Verlag in Berlin took over Titanic, which was about to go bankrupt.

After the shareholders' agreement was changed in the summer of 2006, the magazine was published by Achim Greser , Achim Frenz , Bernd Fritz, Oliver Maria Schmitt , Martin Sonneborn and Hans Zippert. Another partner is the managing director of Titanic Verlag, Patric Feest .

The quote from Axel Springer , which has been used for decades in the legal notice of the Bild newspaper , “The unity of the fatherland in freedom, that is our mission”, Titanic counters in its own legal notice with the words attributed to Chlodwig Poth : “The final division of Germany - that is our mission . ”The party for labor, rule of law, animal welfare, elite support and grassroots initiative (in short: PARTY) , which was founded in 2004 from the Titanic editorial team, has provocatively committed itself to this motto .

In their Titanic anthology published in 1999 , Peter Knorr and Hans Zippert formulated the socio-critical attitude of the satire magazine: “The basic attitude of the magazine has always remained the same: a clear yes to no! Against Schmidt, against Kohl, against Schröder. Against oppression, dictatorship, minorities, majorities and real estate agents. Has that made the world a better place, was it even possible to prevent a catastrophe? [...] Of course not. "And in 2009, the former editor-in-chief Oliver Maria Schmitt explained a basic conception of the magazine in the cultural program Titel, Thesen, Temperamente as follows:" Titanic was a magazine founded not by press people, not by journalists, but by artists , by draftsmen , of cartoonists , of poets , of writers . Therefore, even in the darkest satire, there is always something artistic, something that lives beyond the day. "


Letters to Readers (since 1979)

Since the magazine was founded - instead of the usual letters to the editor - letters to readers have been published , illustrated by Hilke Raddatz . There editors and freelance authors write in satirical form to celebrities or other people who have appeared, to institutions or to more philosophical entities such as the “ Weltgeist ”. The editor Torsten Gaitzsch is responsible for the rubric.

The Seven Most Embarrassing People, 1979-1989

This rubric existed until December 1989. The work of seven well-known people was described with satirical contributions. In the last edition of this list, seven editors described themselves.

Heinz Strunks Column (since 2012)

The writer Heinz Strunk has been publishing columns in Titanic since March 2012. They were initially called The Strunk Principle (published as a book in 2014), since 2015 they have been called Heinz Strunks Intimschatulle (published as a book in 2019).

Criticism of humor (since 1979)

Likewise, since the Titanic was founded, you can find the humor criticism in every issue , written by different authors, but published under the collective pseudonym Hans Mentz and an alienated photo by Theodor W. Adorno . The rubric was managed by Oliver Maria Schmitt from 1995 to 2013, then by Michael Ziegelwagner .

Kolibri, Sondermann, Partner Titanic, 55ff (1979 to 2017)

Kolibri was a three to four-page column, based on WimS in pardon from Kähler and Saalfeld as a supplement, which was filled with small-scale articles. It was published until March 1987 and was continued in the satirical magazine Kowalski . It was later replaced by the Sondermann section , which primarily contained texts by Simon Borowiak and drawings by Bernd Pfarr . The three-sided partner Titanic of the Schiffner / Sonneborn duo had a similar function from 1997 to April 2012 and from August 2012 to February 2017 the section 55ff - The good sides under the direction of Torsten Gaitzsch .

Max Goldt's Column (1989 to 2009)

The writer Max Goldt published from February 1989 over 100 first one, later two-page columns in the Titanic. In the first few years the title was Aus Unkel Max 'Kulturdiuch . After some renaming and a break of several years, the columns appeared from 2005 to 2009 without a fixed title. From March 2011 Goldt again columned a few times for Titanic, but in irregular succession. The texts deal with everyday matters and their own reflections and are considered original and stylish. In addition, there are photos in the columns that are unrelated to the text and are mostly torn out of context in such a way that their original meaning remains puzzling. These are also commented on by Goldt. Max Goldt published most of his Titanic columns in book form.

From the specialist for the connoisseur

This column, which has been published for several years, initially comprised three pages each, but has now been shortened to one or two pages. It brings together everyday observations, word games and sophistries in factual language, but with great humor by various authors, mostly freelancers. Numerous contributions are collected in an anthology published in 2005. After Michael Ziegelwagner and Moritz Hürtgen , Ella Carina Werner has been responsible for the section since the end of 2016 .

Walter Boehlich's column (1979 to 2001)

The publicist Walter Boehlich had a regular column from November 1979 to February 2001. A current political issue was usually commented on polemically on two pages . In contrast to the rest of the magazine's content, this column was characterized by a serious attitude. From the last column there is only the heading (“News from the Birthler authority”) and a reference to Boehlich's illness. After that, various employees (especially Eckhard Henscheid) wrote similar comments in the same place, since 2008 the political column has been written mainly by Stefan Gärtner and since 2010 regularly .

Other characteristic components

Caricatures, humorous drawings and comics are an essential part of the Titanic. Robert Gernhardt, FK Waechter, Hans Traxler, Chlodwig Poth and FW Bernstein, the representatives of the New Frankfurt School, stood out as authors, but also artists such as Manfred Deix , Gary Larson , John Callahan , Ernst Kahl and Rattelschneck . After 2000, works by Katz and Goldt , Greser & Lenz , Kamagurka , Rudi Hurzlmeier , Stephan Rürup , Rattelschneck, Eugen Egner and, until August 2004, Bernd Pfarr were published.

German documents appear in loose succession in Titanic - satirical texts based on original documents. The Titanic Telefon-Terror , recordings of telephone calls with (mostly non-prominent) citizens , appeared mainly under editor-in-chief Martin Sonneborn .

Actions and controversies

The Titanic is known for exploring the content and legal limits of satire through spectacular contributions and campaigns:

  • So the magazine gained nationwide attention in 1988 for the first time when its then chief editor Bernd Fritz at the ZDF telecast Wetten, dass ..? participated. Fritz claimed that he could tell the color of crayons by taste alone. In truth, he managed to peer under the rims of his eye cover without being noticed. Even in front of the cameras, Fritz explained the astonished moderator Thomas Gottschalk about this Titanic action. The edition of the Titanic then doubled - but only for one edition.
  • In 1999, a certain Edmunda Zlep wanted to bequeath her entire fortune to the then Baden-Württemberg Minister of Economic Affairs Walter Döring (FDP) in her will, amounting to several million marks, in order to promote his rise to the party. Behind this was the Titanic editorial team with their freelance collaborator Edmund Pelz. This inheritance affair also met with a great response in the press; He was blamed for the fact that Döring was initially caught up in the hoax for a long time to the rest of his tenure, especially since he had tried to have the money transferred to his private account.
  • In 2000, Titanic editors manipulated the decision of the World Football Association on the location of the 2006 World Cup through a fax campaign with a deliberately amateurish attempt at bribery : The abstention of the New Zealand FIFA representative Charles Dempsey , which was attributed to the "bribe faxes", brought about possibly Germany won the bid. However, it was not so much the cuckoo clock on offer along with real Black Forest ham that had prompted Dempsey to change his mind. He himself justified his abstention by saying that the constant pressure from all sides became too much for him in the end (“This final fax broke my neck”). Dempsey came under great pressure to abstain from voting and then resigned. At a press conference he said he was threatened by "influential European interest groups": If he voted for South Africa, it would have negative consequences for the Oceania Football Confederation he presides over in Fifa. In one of the few interviews that followed, he said: “The main factor behind my decision was that my colleagues were whispering that I would take money from the South African delegation. I wanted to counter this by abstaining. ” After the action became known, the Bild newspaper (headline: Bad game against Franz ) called on its readers to call the Titanic editorial team to vent their indignation. The insults as “traitors to the fatherland” and “dirtiers” were subsequently published on a CD by Titanic . The campaign received worldwide press coverage. The DFB threatened to claim damages amounting to 600 million DM, but never sued. The then editor-in-chief Martin Sonneborn had to sign a cease and desist declaration never to repeat this action. In 2006 the exhibition How Titanic once brought the 2006 World Cup to Germany took place in Frankfurt am Main .
  • In 2002 the Titanic faked an election campaign stand for the FDP . One of the posters used showed the naked FDP general secretary Cornelia Pieper in the arms of the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania top candidate Peter Bond and was signed “FDP - the (liberal) fun party” (in rune form ). Another poster with the likeness of the then deputy chairman of the Central Council of Jews, Michel Friedman , was signed “Give Friedman at last - Jew-free and have fun”.
  • In the 2003 state election campaign, Titanic faked an election rally of the SPD in Aschaffenburg and declared on behalf of the Bavarian state SPD : "We are giving up".
  • In 2004, Titanic editors founded the PARTY . Its federal chairman is the former editor-in-chief Martin Sonneborn. The PARTY took part in the 2005 Bundestag election ; in May 2013, a PARTY candidate, Bastian Langbehn, entered the Lübeck citizenship. In the following period, the PARTY won numerous municipal mandates and got a seat in the European Parliament in the 2014 European elections, which went to the top candidate Martin Sonneborn. In the 2019 European elections , in addition to Sonneborn, cabaret artist Nico Semsrott made it into the European Parliament. PARTY is particularly successful in electing student parliament .
  • In November 2007, the paper attracted worldwide attention with a fake ad from a grocery discounter, on which well-known products were alienated with the photo of Madeleine McCann, who was sought worldwide . The author of the article Martin Sonneborn explained that it was not about the disappearance of this child, but about the huge advertising campaign for the picture of the little "Maddie".
  • In February 2014, another cover of Titanic magazine caused a stir. You can see a photo of Niki Lauda with the inscription “Exclusive! First photo after the accident: Schumi got it that bad ”. The background was Michael Schumacher's skiing accident , who was in a coma at the time. Lauda called the title a "bottomless cheek, absolutely out of the question and completely disrespectful".
  • A title page from July 2016 attracted attention, showing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with an open fly and a sausage hanging out. The title was: "Erdogan under stress: Now his penis is also doing a coup". Parallels were drawn with the Böhmermann affair .
  • In February 2018, it emerged that the Bild editorial team had fallen for fake emails that were apparently " leaked " from the Titanic . According to these emails, the Juso chairman Kühnert was offered "help" by a Russian citizen named "Juri" for the SPD members' vote on the coalition agreement , which he would have accepted. A corresponding article was then published and can still be viewed on bild.de. The Bild newspaper was then a target of ridicule on the Internet under the hashtag #miomiogate. This campaign was apparently intended to show that the picture editors fail to recognize an easily verifiable forgery and print an article that “fits their agenda”. The Bild editorial team had previously criticized the fact that new members of the SPD, who were also allowed to vote in the vote, had not been checked carefully enough.

Cover pictures

Some of the title motifs have become known far beyond the readership of the Titanic and are now used on posters and postcards. These include B. the photo of a young woman who proudly presents a half-peeled cucumber (November 1989; " Zonen-Gaby (17) im Glück (FRG): My first banana"), the face of Helmut mounted in a Saddam Hussein photo Kohl (May 1991; “Finally calm in the zone: Kohl uses poison gas”) or the picture of Björn Engholm lying in a bathtub in the Hotel Beau-Rivage , grinning instead of Uwe Barschel, with a rubber duck (April 1993; “Very strange, Mr. Engholm ! "). For the photomontage with Engholm in the bathtub, the magazine had to pay 40,000 DM in damages to Engholm and a further 190,000 DM in legal and court costs.

For the cover picture of the October 2006 issue "Kohl's girl unpacks - I had to say Chancellor to him", the editorial team was awarded the LeadAward 2007 in bronze in the category "Cover of the Year" . The editors auctioned the certificate on eBay for “lack of space” .


Each issue is checked by the lawyer Gabriele Rittig before publication . The Titanic was faced with numerous criminal charges and injunctions . A total of 38 editions were banned by 2012, and the publisher was involved in 55 legal proceedings (as of 2007). Successfully sued Apple Germany , Johannes Rau , Friedrich Merz , Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre , Gerhard Zwerenz , Evelyn Künneke , Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff and Björn Engholm , among others . According to Gsellas , the compensation payments and the legal and court costs fought for by Engholm amounted to around 190,000 marks and brought Titanic to the brink of bankruptcy.

In the June 1994 issue, the magazine faked a press release from McDonald's : According to this, the characters from "another popular Spielberg movie", Schindler's List, would be replaced by characters from "another popular Spielberg film" after the Jurassic Park film . The menu was called "Happy Jew Menu". Editor-in-chief Hans Zippert stated that the editorial team wanted to show "the kitsch tendencies of the Holocaust". At the request of McDonald's, the Munich Regional Court banned the distribution of the magazine and set the amount in dispute at 500,000 marks.

Helmut Markwort , however, failed in court against Titanic, as did the Roman Catholic Church eight times . Up until 1998, the latter sued four times for denigrating the Pope and three times for insulting religion ; once the then Bishop of Fulda , Johannes Dyba , felt insulted.

The complaint of a paraplegic reserve officer in the Bundeswehr for payment of pain and suffering was tried before the Federal Constitutional Court . He had successfully managed to be called up for a military exercise and was subsequently included in two different issues of the Titanic in 1988, initially under the heading “The seven most embarrassing personalities” with the addition “born. Murderer ” , later addressed as a cripple in a“ Letter to the Reader ” .

A long-time employee summarized the experiences in the Titanic editorial team in 1991 as follows:

"As permanent employees since the founding of the satire journal in 1979 know well enough, criticism and polemics to the right almost always run into open doors - those to the left (or whatever thinks it is), on the other hand, and despite all previous didactic exercises the editors can expect blindness, lack of understanding, accusations up to and including treason verdict. "

- Eckhard Henscheid : Completed cases

In 2006, the SPD chairman at the time, Kurt Beck, obtained an injunction against the title page of the July 2006 issue. Here was his likeness with the subtitle "Problem bear out of control: Bang the beast!" "Problem bear Bruno" hunted in the Alps . Following the judgment of the Hamburg Regional Court , this edition may no longer be reprinted; However, it could still be sold until all stocks that had already been delivered were out of stock.

In April 2010, the Frankfurt am Main public prosecutor's office dismissed 18 criminal charges for alleged sedition and abuse of confessions on the front page of the April 2010 issue of Titanic. It shows a priest in an ambiguous pose in front of a Jesus cross.

For the cover picture and the last page of the July 2012 edition, the legal representative of Pope Benedict XVI requested a declaration of cease and desist. The magazine had taken up indiscretions in the Vatican (see “ Vatileaks ”) under the title “Hallelujah in the Vatican - The leak has been found!” And printed two edited photos of the Pope. The cover photo shows the Pope from the front in a cassock that is stained with yellow liquid from waist level down. The second photo - on the back of the magazine - shows him from behind, with the buttocks area stained brown. The Hamburg Regional Court then issued an injunction against Titanic to refrain from further disseminating the images. The majority of the kiosk edition had already been sold by this time. The Titanic announced an appeal. On August 30, the Holy See withdrew its application for an injunction against the paper.

In August 2016, the rental company Sixt SE took legal action against Titanic magazine. The background was a motif in the issue, which is presented in the typical Sixt look and shows a photo of the truck that was shot up in the Nice attack . Below is the title: “For everyone who likes to move people. (Cheap rental cars, also in Nice: sixt.de) ”. The company demanded a cease and desist from Titanic magazine, which signed it.

In January 2018 , the Austrian State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Combating Terrorism asked the German public prosecutor's office in Berlin for prosecution because of a drawing that Sebastian Kurz - still Austria's Foreign Minister in October 2017 - showed in the crosshairs with the words “Finally possible: Kill Baby Hitler! .

Online edition

Short texts, cartoons and picture jokes, sometimes also videos, are published daily on the website of the magazine, which often refer to current topics. Selected content from the print editions can also be found there. After Oliver Nagel , Tim Wolff , Torsten Gaitzsch and Moritz Hürtgen, the editor Fabian Lichter has been responsible for the online edition since the beginning of 2019.

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the magazine put a historical edition online as a free PDF file every month parallel to the new issue.


Shortly after the decision on the final name of the new currency, the euro , Titanic invented the term " Teuro ", which was later adopted by many media and developed into a household word after the introduction of euro cash.

After the attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on January 7, 2015, the editors reacted with the live ticker on their own behalf and the article Long live the joke on the meaning of comedy and joke.

The German spelling of 1903 is used consistently in the Titanic .



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