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The Kowalski magazine was a satire magazine that deals with puns and parodies , and a similar style as Titanic was moving, but was less political. The magazine was particularly popular with young adults and older teenagers. The magazine Kowalski appeared from September 1987 to September 1993 in Semmel-Verlach , in which the Werner Comics were also published. There were 73 issues by the time it was discontinued.

Those in charge, forerunners, book editions

Winfried Bartnick acted as editor . The magazine was founded by Richard Kähler and Hans Saalfeld , former Titanic editors. The two had published the satirical magazine Mark & ​​Bein in Hamburg in the 1970s , which can be seen as a direct forerunner of Kowalski. It differed only in the more amateurish production method and correspondingly cheaper production, lower circulation, limited distribution - in terms of content, however, Mark & ​​Bein was already pretty close to Kowalski and some contributions were also repeated in a pepped up and adapted form in Kowalski. The link between Mark & ​​Bein and Kowalski was the KoLiBri section in the Titanic: Kähler / Saalfeld were only able to work on a few pages, but under professional conditions, until they had the opportunity to publish both (their own complete magazine such as Mark & Leg and professional working conditions as with the Titanic ). The result was Kowalski - "The only free paper in the West", so the subtitle. By Mark & Bein was titled "Tender is the tail of the muskrat" 1980 Zweitausendeins an anthology. KoLiBri even made three anthologies (Semmel-Verlach, Kiel 1985-86) and content from Kowalski was also used in book form, such as "There is more like tennis in the world!" (1991) and "Isn't that pfanni !? «(1993) two 'Best-of-Kowalski' albums, also in the Semmel-Verlach.


The editorial team included u. a. Fritz Tietz (1987–1992), who also wrote under the pseudonym Bob Jokusch, Axel Marquardt . Günther Willen and Hans Kantereit .

Draftsmen who have worked at Kowalski included:

Works by the French caricaturists Reiser and Philippe Vuillemin were also printed.

Kowalski's authors included:

Examples of typical humor in Kowalski

Among other things, a cartoon was known in which Jürgen Hingsen was dragged through the cocoa for his early starts in the decathlon at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul with the slogan: “If you come four times too early, you don't have to hang around afterwards in bed fight . ”His girlfriend held up a banner on this cartoon that read:“ Stupid fucks well! ”


  • The muskrat's tail is delicate. The very finest from "Mark und Bein", the magazine beyond good and bad. Two thousand and one, Frankfurt am Main 1980
  • Humming-bird. Reading book for Komix, Lirix and Brilliantes from all over the world. 3 volumes, Semmel-Verlach, Kiel 1985–86
  • There is more like tennis in the world! Semmel-Verlach, Kiel 1991; ISBN 3-89460-011-X
  • Isn't that pfanni !? Semmel-Verlach, Kiel 1993; ISBN 3-89460-051-9

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