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Werner on a poster for the Werner Race 2019
Werner lettering and Werner sculpture at the Werner race 2019
The comic figure Werner as a sculpture at the Werner Race 2019

Werner is a comic figure by Rötger Feldmann (artist name Brösel ). Most of the stories take place in the fishing landscape northeast of Schleswig .


Werner is an autobiographical character, based on both Brösel's own life and that of his brother Andi Feldmann . The latter was an apprentice plumber in Flensburg with Master Schurich. Brösel used to enjoy drinking Flens beer from the classic swing top bottle and is also a biker . The stories are about experiences as an apprentice plumber, motorcyclists, drinking bouts and other excesses. Werner stories often turn into catastrophes, typical are u. a. escalating mass conflicts in public, mass accidents in road traffic or accidents at work with a high level of property damage that have a strange sequence, such as explosions caused by fecal accumulation in the sewer system.

The cartoon character's name is the author's middle name.

Important characters in the Werner Comics are:

  • Werner's brother Andi
  • Master Walter Röhrich, who runs the company sanitary systems, heating, air conditioning and swimming pool technology Röhrich (The name was changed to "Röhrich" because the real master Schurich saw the use of his name as a personal denigration and therefore forbid it by means of an injunction In certain editions the name "Schurich" can still be found, changed by hand to "Sohorich".)
  • Röhrich's journeyman Eckat (Eckhard)
  • the architect Hüpenbecker
  • the twins Hörni and Kalli - Werner's friends
  • Ölfuß, also a friend of Werner and a vehicle mechanic (real name Wolfgang Ußleber)
  • "Praesi", the sometimes very choleric boss (or president) of the motorcycle club MC folding chair (first name: Dieter, nickname: Dieze)
  • Porsche driver Holgi ( Holger Henze , Brösel's former manager and host of the Gallery Club No ° 68 in Kiel )
  • Nobel Schröder, a very rich and arrogant fan of high-powered luxury automobiles like the Bentley brand
  • the sex- and profit-addicted builder Günzelsen
  • Helmut and Bruno, the police officers from the Schnarup-Thumby police station .

A leitmotif of the Werner stories are conflicts with the police officers Helmut and Bruno as well as with the TÜV , mostly because of violations of the road traffic regulations and above all the road traffic licensing regulations - Werner's motorcycle, which he himself extensively converted, violates numerous official regulations. The maximum permissible speed, the obligation to wear a helmet, the alcohol limit and noise emissions from Werner's motorcycle are also the reason for numerous official inspections, which Werner subjects himself to or evades in a very individual way. In addition, he gets into trouble with the two police officers every now and then when he has to bring tools or components on his motorcycle to work with his master plumber, Röhrich, and is forced to drive hands-free.

The recurring faecal humor is characteristic of the Werner subjects .

Typical especially for the early Werner Comics are regional expressions of the colloquial language and simple, surprising word games, which are mostly based on the dialect typical for the Schleswig region and partly come from Low German .

The onomatopoeic and colloquial language lead to frequent violations of orthography and to unusual grammar , which has occasionally passed into the everyday language of wider sections of the population, e.g. B. To let someone know by just saying the word "Know". Other expressions that Werner made popular outside of Schleswig-Holstein are “Bullerei” for the police, “ Bölkstoff ” for beer , “Gas, water, shit” for an installation company or “Hauwech die Scheiße!” Instead of cheers . Other examples: "Flaschbier" (also: Fläschbier and Flasch Bier) for bottled beer or bottle of beer, "Tass 'Kaff'" for a cup of coffee , "Bowl" for a motorcycle or "Slurry pump" for the Honda CX 500 .

Red Porsche killer
Honda CX 500 C.

The race described in the comic book Werner - Eiskalt between a self-made motorcycle with four Horex engines ( Red-Porsche-Killer ) and Holgi's red 1967 Porsche 911T was held in 1988 at Hartenholm Airport as part of a three-day festival. Crumb interconnected and lost. The revenge in September 2004 at the Lausitzring was also lost because the Red Porsche Killer failed due to technical problems with the transmission . At this festival, Andi Feldmann also competed with a motorcycle powered by 24 chainsaw motors, the Dolmette , against an Abt Audi AS400 with 450 hp and lost.


1989 presented crumbs with the comic strip Better is the Werner's own brand of beer, the booze , the in competition joined the previous Flensburger Pilsener , which always flowed in the first comics in streams. The Bölkstoff was made by the Gilde Brewery in Hanover. Typical was this beer but as well for the Flens the traditional swing top bottle whose pop got noise on Open earlier by the comics a new cult status (in the comics, the noise was onomatopoeic represented as "FUMP"). Since the title “Better is that” in the eyes of the Flensburg brewery represented comparative advertising that was not yet permitted at the time , it had to be blackened from the third edition onwards. In the meantime, the Flensburg brewery has taken over the production of Bölkstoff itself.

Comic books

Rötger Feldmann (Brösel) at a book signing at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2006

The first volume was published in 1981 and consisted of collected works from a longer period and is therefore stylistically very inconsistent. From the second volume onwards, the proportion of longer stories and related cartoons increases. Line drawings and black-and-white representations dominate in the first volumes, from volume 5 onwards increasingly contoured shades of gray.

Initially the series appeared in Semmel-Verlach , from volume 7 on Achterbahn . Volume 12 was published by Ehapa . Volume 13 was published on June 1, 2018 by Bröseline. The publisher then began to re-publish the volumes published by Semmel Verlach and Achterbahn.

In 2002 the first seven volumes were reprinted in paperback by Heyne Verlag .

Roll Verlach

Roller coaster



From 2006 onwards, the Ehapa Comic Collection published one volume of a twelve-volume complete edition each year in hardcover and with bonus material (including sketches and drafts of the characters). The edition was canceled due to a lack of sales success.

Secondary literature

Roll Verlach

  • 1. Everything about Werner (1986) ISBN 3-922969-32-1 - work for which Uschi Feldmann is responsible for the biographical background of Brösel and the people around the Semmel-Verlach, a doctoral thesis on a Werner strip and selected fan mail + fan art
  • 2. The race (1988) ISBN 3-922969-65-8 - Stories, backgrounds and reports about the 1988 race (see above)
  • 3. One like me (1991) ISBN 3-922969-94-1 - stories and strips about Werner by various artists and crumbs

Roller coaster

  • 3. Werner - more about everything ... (1997) ISBN 3-928950-57-6 - autobiographical work about the experiences of Brösel and his brothers since birth, Werner's genesis, development and marketing of Bölkstoff , change from “vom Semmel Verlach” to "Roller coaster" u. a.


Five Werner films have been made since 1990:

Film music

Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Peat skirt : rock hard
  DE 1Template: Infobox chart placements / maintenance / NR1 link 01/25/1991 (25 weeks)
  AT 17th 02/17/1991 (5 weeks)
  CH 18th 02/17/1991 (4 weeks)
The Golden Eckats: That must be killing!
  DE 34 06/24/1996 (10 weeks)

The songs of the films were voiced by several bands and singers; these included Farin Urlaub and Bela B , Torfrock , The Golden Eckats, F… Kius Band and Andreas Fahnert (now a member of the band Santiano ). Torfrock entered the charts with Beinhart and The Golden Eckats with Das muss kesseln !!!

Computer games

So far, the following games have been created with the Werner characters:

year title genre system
1986 Werner - go! 5 mini-games Amstrad CPC , Commodore 64 , Atari ST
1989 Werner - bottled beer labyrinth Amiga , Commodore 64
2001 Werner - 100% illegal work Shoot em up PC (Windows, Linux)
2006 Werner - Flitzkacke alarm !!! puzzle PC (Windows)
2007 Werner - Attack of the bag cutter Shoot 'em up PC (Windows)

Postage stamps

On June 30, 2011, motifs compiled by Brösel appeared as Werner stamps , issued by NordBrief (an umbrella brand of private mail service providers as a subsidiary of north German daily newspapers). The stamps appeared simultaneously in Kiel, Lübeck and Rostock.

The following stamps of different denominations were issued:

value Art text description
40 cents postcard "Flat land, flat jokes ..." Werner portrait with a Holstein landscape in the background
50 cents Standard letter "Full fabric straight ahead!" Werner on the motorcycle in frontal view
80 cents Compact letter "Pros' Loide!" Werner opens a swing top bottle - "Fump!"
130 cents Large letter "Makes flat bodies!" Werner diving into the sea
200 cents Maxi letter "One people, one king!" Könich Werner in full regalia with the castle in the background

At the same time a limited first edition was published as a folding card with all five stamps and a first day stamp imprint.

They are marketed by NordBrief Kiel (VGU mbH) and Nordbrief Rostock GmbH, manufacturers of the brands are Infolog GmbH and Metzgerdruck GmbH in Obrigheim near Heilbronn.

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