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Rattelschneck is the pseudonym of two cartoonists who, among other things Titanic , Kowalski , young world , the Süddeutsche Zeitung , the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , 11 friends and the time recorded and draw.


The name Rattelschneck is a humorous derivation of the English rattlesnake ( rattlesnake ). Of the original five members, Marcus Weimer and Olav Westphalen are still active today . Weimer (* 1963 in Munich ) and Westphalen (* 1963 in Hamburg ) met in 1986 at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg as part of a visiting professorship from FK Waechter . They say about their program: “Rattelschneck is not a person, but a collective; founded as a utopian project ”. Rattelschneck publishes cartoons and comic strips with a very characteristic form of absurd humor. In 1993, Die Zeit wrote about Rattelschneck:

“The world of Rattelschneck is not only childlike, abysmal and extremely valuable from an educational point of view. It is also badly drawn. There is slubbing and lubrication, and the ballpoint pens spitting to themselves. This aesthetic inability is, of course, the result of a solid graphic training [...] And it is what art historiography calls a 'style', namely that of caricature brute. "

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Rattelschneck's best-known figure was the talking meat salad stulle "Stulli", the main character of the comic strip Stulli, the lunch break in the satirical magazine Titanic , which was published until 2012 . Stulli, "nicely smeared with margarine and thickly covered with meat salad ", is obsessed with the desire to be eaten, which he always denies. Other characters are "Rümpfchen" (a little man without arms and legs), the "Skyfuckers", "Wonderbra Bernd", "Trompi the elephant" and "Lebkuchen Jonny". Klaus Caesar Zehrer compares "Stulli" with Robert Gernhardt's comic figure "Schnuffi":

“As a serial hero, a lunch break is undoubtedly much more stupid than a hippopotamus-like humanoid [ie Gernhardt's 'Schnuffi'], the deliberately coarse, childish drawing style of Rattelschneck supports the intended distance in delicacy more effectively than Gernhardt's clean line, and the bark as the wife of the pause gives a clean line more outlandish, less predictable punchline . The drawn nonsense has become considerably bolder and more drastic since Gernhardt's early days. "


Marcus Weimer lives in Berlin, where he works as a gagwriter for Olli Dittrich , among others . Olav Westphalen lived as a freelance artist in New York , where his sculptures and drawings were exhibited in international galleries and published in numerous books. Westphalen is now professor of performance art at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm .


Works (selection)

Individual publications


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Exhibitions (selection)

  • Heroes and stories . Gallery Knoth & Krüger, Berlin-Kreuzberg 2010.


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