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Eckhard Henscheid, 2005

Eckhard Henscheid (born September 14, 1941 in Amberg ) is a German writer and satirist. Henscheid is one of the members of the New Frankfurt School around the satirical magazines pardon and Titanic .


Originally, Henscheid wanted to become a music teacher after graduating from high school in Amberg (today Gregor-Mendel-Gymnasium ), but then studied German and journalism in Munich. He completed his master's thesis on Gottfried Keller and then worked as a journalist in Regensburg and as an editor in Frankfurt am Main . From 1971 he lived as a freelance writer in Frankfurt am Main, Amberg and Arosa (Switzerland). Today he lives with his wife in Amberg (Upper Palatinate).

In July 1970, Henscheid - at that time as a member of the SPD - took part in the "occupation" of the Springer high-rise in Berlin. The "occupation" occurred as part of a satirical action by the pardon editorial team, to which Henscheid was a member at the time. The occupation was intended as a protest "against the sedition by the Bild newspaper".

In the early 1990s, Henscheid had legal disputes over questions of artistic freedom with the management consultant Gertrud Höhler and René Böll , the son of the Nobel Prize winner Heinrich Böll . Henscheid had previously described Heinrich Böll in a review as “stupid” and “corrupt”, and he had published an article called You must be crazy in concrete about a Höhler advertising campaign for American Express . In both cases, Henscheid, who invoked freedom of expression, was ultimately defeated in court. The Federal Constitutional Court rejected a complaint against a previous judgment by a regional court on the grounds that Henscheid's Böll review was a defamatory criticism and therefore not covered by the right to freedom of expression.

Literary work

Characteristic of Henscheid's work - well beyond his fight against the “ stupid German ” in every form - is the large number of genres and genres he cultivates . His work includes stories, novels, idylls , fairy tales , satires , essays , poetry, nonsense poetry , polemics and glosses , literary, art and music criticism. He combines independent linguistic virtuosity with motifs from Romanticism and the socially critical impetus of the Frankfurt School .

Henscheid's novels (the trilogy of ongoing nonsense and Dolce Madonna Bionda ), the idyll of Maria Schnee and a number of stories show men in phases of psychological disintegration or decay of an obsession . Henscheid's central characters devote themselves to observation up to voyeurism and idolatry . The defective novel subject moves in an equally dysfunctional, crazy outside world. The novelist Henscheid often dealt with current topics. This made his epic easily understood as satire. With his Kohl biography in particular, he was able to increase the real satire to a literary work of art.

The trilogy works with first-person narrators , but even afterwards a very conscious narrative position remains, for example in the syntax of the sentence in Maria Schnee, which is thought in real time : the reader enters the head of the central figure. Henscheid incorporates - mostly concealed - quotations from literature and operas into his texts. In particular, he shows Fyodor M. Dostojewski and Franz Kafka the reference as humorists. Italo Svevo is one of Henscheid's esteemed writers . While he refused to accept prizes on principle, he made a. a. (see below) an exception for the Italo Svevo Prize.

Eckhard Henscheid's debut and Frankfurt novel Die Vollidioten from 1973 was selected for the fifth season of the series of events Frankfurt reads , which took place with around 70 events from March 31 to April 13, 2014 in the Frankfurt area.


Some consider Henscheid's stories and novels to be decisive formal innovations; according to the literary critic Gustav Seibt when he praises the “incomparable achievement of humor” in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and speaks of the “Henscheid's turn in German post-war literature ”. Others accentuate more of the author's innovations in the small and ancillary writing trade: "The German feature pages after 1980 learned to write from him and with him." The Tübingen literature professor Gert Ueding , the Henscheid 1987 in connection with the Klagenfurt storytelling competition and Henscheid taking over a juror office as "Slam writer" called it in 2009 "not said that". Henscheid: “It's not true at all, I'm more of a clamor or riot writer.” Especially some colleagues see it differently. The publishing house Zweiausendeins quotes three authors in the context of the Henscheid edition: Brigitte Kronauer on the trilogy of novels (1973-78): "It was immediately clear to me that for me it was the great novel after the Second World War." Martin Mosebach : " Henscheid is a continent. ”For Martin Walser , Maria Schnee is the narrative work“ with the greatest atomic weight known to me ”.

Henscheid has repeatedly withdrawn from what was once close editorial collaboration, for example from the FAZ in 1996 , from 1975 from pardon , and at times even from the Titanic . In February 1999 Henscheid was due to differences with Chief Editor Hermann L. Gremliza his many years of work with the magazine concretely on. This was preceded by differences of opinion in the Walser-Bubis controversy and generally about the content of the term " anti-Semitism ", which Henscheid had specifically ascribed to.

In June 2000, Henscheid took over the Heidelberg Poetics Lecturer 2000 . The focus of the lectures was on the comic in literature. He was also a guest lecturer in Klagenfurt (2001) and Göttingen (2007).

In 2004, Henscheid went on a trip to the Volga with Egon Bahr , the writer Jürgen Roth and other guests at the invitation of the then presidents Vladimir Putin and Johannes Rau . Exchange with artists, musicians, lecturers and scientists as well as cultural events such as concerts and workshops in the fields of music, literature and theater were on the program.

On June 18, 2005, Henscheid performed together with Gerhard Polt in Zurich and read from his work. For example, he targeted the common errors of his contemporaries in grammar by explaining the difference between dative and accusative with a surprising rule: You can recognize the difference by the different thicknesses of m and n.

Henscheid gave interviews to the weekly newspaper Junge Freiheit twice . The first of these went into the text collection of the book The dispute about Martin Walser , in which Walser is defended against accusations of anti-Semitism in connection with the novel Death of a Critic . In 2006 he signed the “Appeal for Press Freedom” staged by the newspaper against the exclusion of Junge Freiheit from the Leipzig Book Fair .

In 2009, Henscheid was awarded the Bavarian Jean Paul Prize - "for his literary life's work [...] and not for his journalistic skirmishes", as the Bavarian Art Minister Wolfgang Heubisch emphasized at the award ceremony. A polemical article against Angela Merkel , which Henscheid had published shortly before in Junge Freiheit , had caused a stir, and with one exception, all jurors, who were later replaced by others under pressure from the ministry, stayed away from the award ceremony.

An autobiographical volume “Memories - From My Life”, which was planned for spring 2012 and has already been completed, was mutually withdrawn due to disagreements with Rowohlt Berlin Verlag. The autobiography was published in January 2013 by Schöffling & Co.

Since July 3, 2014, Henscheid is the first and only living German author after whom (in Frankfurt-Bornheim, Mainkurstrasse 27) a local ("Henscheid") was named.


Complete edition

  • Collected works in individual editions . Two thousand and one , Frankfurt am Main 2003–2008
    • Volume 1: Novels I. (Contains: Die Vollidioten. It’s okay - anyway - exactly ---) 2003.
    • Volume 2: Novels II. (Contains: The mistress of the bishop. In the circle.) 2003.
    • Volume 3: Polemics. (Contains: Completed cases. Letters to the readers. TV zombies. Sudel Blätter. Words of the week. The stuff of the month. The word of the month and others) 2003.
    • Volume 4: Stories I. (Contains: The loveliness of Lake Garda. A charming farmer. Sweden stories, etc.) 2003.
    • Volume 5: Stories II. (Contains: Roßmann, Roßmann ... We were standing at open graves. Small prose. 10: 9 for straw, etc.) 2003.
    • Volume 6: Novels III. (Contains: Dolce Madonna Bionda. Maria Schnee. Eating while watching TV.) 2004.
    • Volume 7: Music. (Contains: Verdi is the Mozart Wagner. Music chatterbox. Why Mrs. Grimhild Alberich granted favor out of wedlock. New musical writings, etc.) 2005.
    • Volume 8: Poetry & Drama. (Contains: On crooked paths. Political poems. Goethe radio plays. Standard situations, etc.) 2006.
    • Volume 9: literary criticism. (Contains: reviews and features from 1971 to 2004). 2007.
    • Volume 10: Biography & Theology. (Contains: Helmut Kohl. The Zwicks. My life with Marx. Which animals and why can reach the kingdom of heaven, etc.) 2008.
    • Before the completion of the 11th and final volume, the work was completed ahead of schedule.


  • Trilogy of running bullshit :
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Sound carrier



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Henscheid is a member of the German Academy for Football Culture .

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