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Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre

Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre (born January 27, 1975 in Bremen ) is a German writer , journalist and presenter . His literary works are mostly attributed to pop literature.


Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre was born as the youngest of four children of a pastor's family and grew up in Rotenburg an der Wümme . There he attended the Ratsgymnasium from 1987 to 1990 . He has been a writer since 1993. After graduating from the Max-Planck-Gymnasium in Göttingen in 1994 , he moved to Hamburg and began studying German , which he soon dropped out of. After various internships, u. a. at Norddeutscher Rundfunk and taz , followed by jobs as an editor for the German licensed edition of Rolling Stone magazine , as a product manager at the record label Motor Music and as the author of the Harald Schmidt Show . He also wrote as a freelancer for newspapers and magazines such as FAZ , Die Woche and Stern .

Book page signed by Stuckrad-Barre in his autobiographical novel Panikherz (2016)

He achieved fame primarily with his debut novel solo album , published in 1998, and the 2003 film of the same name . Due to the success of this novel and his subsequent works, Stuckrad-Barre developed into one of the new German pop literary figures of the 1990s. This image was supported by effective media appearances, u. a. together with Christoph Schlingensief , and his own literature program on MTV Central with the title Reading Circle .

A few years later, Stuckrad-Barre publicly confessed to his alcohol and cocaine addiction and was the protagonist of Herlinde Koelbl's 2004 documentary Rausch und Ruhm . Here he let Koelbl film him trying to cope with depression and the physical consequences of withdrawal in his completely shabby apartment . This also applied to the stay in a special clinic and the first few weeks in a shared apartment for addicts. Koelbl received permission from Stuckrad-Barre to document his physical and mental decline in detail with the camera and to film the most private and intimate moments of this phase of life. According to his own statements, Stuckrad-Barre has been abstinent from alcohol since 2006 : “Alcohol was never a problem for me, it was the substances that are referred to as hard drugs, and in my brain these are obviously linked; One of them would, once asked in, tell the other where the key is, and they would quickly turn the booth for me together. "

His complaints against the Internet portal Thema1 (2000) and the satirical magazine Titanic (2001) attracted attention . The Internet portal had spread a toilet joke about Stuckrad-Barre; Titanic magazine had satirically alienated advertising with his likeness. In 2012 he responded to an article by the Berliner Kurier in which the "lousy" quality of the screenplay for Helmut Dietl's film Zettl, which Stuckrad-Barre was co-author of, was attributed to the late effects of Stuckrad-Barre's cocaine use ("brain damage"), with a warning from the tabloid.

After working in Hamburg, Cologne and Zurich (2003), Stuckrad-Barre has been living in Berlin again since 2006 . In spring 2005 he moderated the show Stuckrad bei den Schweizern for Swiss television , in which he satirically and humorously dealt with topics that preoccupied him as a German in Switzerland . He also met some Swiss celebrities who were supposed to help him with naturalization.

In 2006 he hosted the program Enzyklopädings every Tuesday on the youth broadcaster of the Hessischer Rundfunk You FM , where he was already active in 2004 . The aim of the program was to create their own “encyclopedia” with the audience, which should contain knowledge that “is really important”.

Since the beginning of 2008 he has worked exclusively for Axel Springer AG newspapers.

From 2010 to 2013, Stuckrad-Barre hosted the political entertainment program Stuckrad Late Night . The show was produced by Christian Ulmen and initially ran on ZDFneo , the second and third seasons, each with ten episodes, were streamed under the title Stuckrad-Barre , on Tele 5 and then continued on .

In 2012, Axel Springer AG commissioned him to write an anniversary play about the publisher's founder on the occasion of Axel Springer's 100th birthday , which was to highlight Springer's qualities as a visionary, bon vivant and tycoon , with a special focus on the love story between Springer and his last Wife, the majority shareholder Friede Springer , her self-sacrificing care during the years of illness and the "happiness" that she brought him. At the ceremony, Springer's CEO Mathias Döpfner gave the play to the Springer widow, who was sitting in the front row.

Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre during a reading in Braunschweig

In December 2013 Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre and Hajo Schumacher from the journalists' association Reporter-Forum were awarded the “German Reporter Prize 2013” ​​for the best interview of 2013.

From October 16, 2014, six episodes of the talk show Stuckrads Homestory ran on RBB , in which he visited celebrities without knowing who beforehand. Guests were Udo Lindenberg , Bettina Böttinger , Lars Eidinger , Katja Ebstein , Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and Westbam .

From August 2019, twelve episodes of the podcast “Ja ja, nee nee” were produced, in which Stuckrad-Barre talked to actress Jasna Fritzi Bauer about topics such as underpants, abstinence and voting.

Stuckrad-Barre was married to the journalist Inga Grömminger , with whom he has a child, and lives in Berlin. The couple is now divorced.

Literary works

  • Solo album , (novel), Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne 1998.
  • Live album , (short story), Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne 1999.
  • Remix , (texts 1996 to 1999), Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne 1999.
  • with other authors Tristesse Royale , Ullstein, Berlin 1999, see also Mesopotamia ed. v. Christian Kracht .
  • Blackbox , Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne 2000.
  • Transcript (transcript of the Berlin readings as part of the Blackbox Tour), Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne 2001.
  • Deutsches Theater , Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne 2001; expanded new edition 2008.
  • Fixed value memory of the controlling company. Remix 2 , (texts 2000 to 2004), Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne 2004.
  • Epilogue to Jörg Fauser , raw material . Alexander Verlag, Berlin 2004.
  • What, we know. , Rowohlt, Reinbek 2005.
  • Germans among the victims too . Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne 2010, ISBN 978-3-462-04224-5 .
  • Panikherz , (autobiographical novel), Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne 2016, ISBN 978-3-462-31575-2 . ( No. 1 on the Spiegel bestseller list from March 26th to April 1st, 2016 )
  • Sober on World No Tobacco Day , Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne 2016, ISBN 978-3-462-04960-2 .
  • Udo Happy! The Lindenberg Lexicon from Alcohol to Cigars , Axel Springer, Berlin 2016, ISBN 978-3-942656-98-6 .
  • I think I'm not doing so well, I have to lie down somewhere: Remix 3 , Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne 2018, ISBN 978-3462051810 .



  • 2003: Solo album (based on a novel)
  • 2012: Zettl (co-author of the screenplay)


  • 2018: Panikherz based on a novel staged at the Hamburg Thalia Theater and the Berliner Ensemble.


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