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Tele 5
Station logo
TELE 5 Logo.svg
General information
Reception: Analog: Cable TV
Digital: DVB-T2 , DVB-C , DVB-S , DVB-S2 , IPTV
Seat: Grünwald , GermanyGermanyGermany 
Language: German
Owner: Leonine
Resolution: 576i ( SDTV ) (TELE 5)
1080i ( HDTV ) (TELE 5 HD)
Executive Director: Kai Blasberg
Start of broadcast: April 28, 2002
Legal form: Private law
Program type: Special-interest program (entertainment)
Market share: 1.1% (November 2019)
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Tele 5 (own spelling: TELE 5 ) is a German private television broadcaster based in Grünwald near Munich and licensed by the Bavarian State Center for New Media (BLM). Private TV stations also exist in Poland and Spain under the name Tele 5, but today they are not connected to the German Tele 5.

Reception is possible via the Astra satellite , still in around 90 percent of all cable households and via DVB-T2 in most areas with private broadcasters. This results in a technical range of 36.4 million households (as of December 2010). The broadcaster also has a teletext service .


1988 to 1992

From January 11, 1988 to December 31, 1992 there was a television broadcaster Tele 5, which, in terms of licensing law, was a different broadcaster than today's television broadcaster Tele 5, even if there are continuities in terms of content and personnel between the two programs. The private broadcaster Tele 5, which was broadcast from 1988 to 1992, emerged from musicbox , which was launched in 1984, and was renamed DSF in 1993 and finally Sport1 in 2010, which is still on the air today. At the same time, however, there was also a change in shareholders. TMG ( Herbert G. Kloiber ) with 45 percent, Silvio Berlusconi with 45 percent and Musicbox founder Wolfgang Fischer with 10 percent, later held by CLT, were involved in Tele 5 from 1988 to 1992 . In contrast to today, as an entertainment saved program designed Tele 5 there was a full program , which several times a day newscasts aired.

The foundation of the station was u. a. an initiative by Berlusconi, who was already operating a successful private broadcaster in Italy with Canale 5. For a short time Tele 5 was part of a European transmitter family, there was Tele 5 in Germany, Tele 5 (today: Telecinco ) in Spain, La Cinq in France (where the characteristic flower was replaced by a star) and Canale 5 in Italy. 1992 Leo Kirch bought the station, which was a competitor for its own station ProSieben . On January 1, 1993, Tele 5 was converted into the DSF (German Sports TV) station, which took over the broadcasting slot (La Cinq ended broadcasting in the same year). Most of Tele 5's programs and shows, such as Ruck Zuck , Hopp or Top and Bim Bam Bino , were still on other channels months and years later.

From 2002

Ten years after Tele 5 was discontinued, the Tele München Group secured the “Tele 5” brand for the operation of a new television station. On April 28, 2002, the "new" Tele 5 began broadcasting under the leadership of the old and new program director Jochen Kröhne .

Successful programs in the initially colorful program mix, which was partly based on the programs of the "old" Tele 5, were the wrestling show SmackDown! , which at the beginning was the most successful regular program on Tele 5 with an average of over 300,000 viewers, or new episodes of Ruck Zuck, which reached around 100,000 viewers. Other program elements in the beginning were the first repetitions of the Formula 1 races, the late-night show Big Brother at Nachtfalke with Jochen Bendel and Thilo Henrik Schrödel (The Swede) as well as Alexandra Polzin and Simon Krätschmer (later: Dennie Klose ) and that Travel shopping format, today: sonnenklar TV .

Similar to Bim Bam Bino , anime was part of the daily program, initially under the name Toongate , but this was replaced by a regular program. Anime that were already running on RTL2 were found from the Tele-Munich license pool. However, Gundam Wing , The Bushbabies , Crush Gear Turbo and Medabots were premieres.

From 2005 - New focus on fictional entertainment

Since September 22, 2005, the program has focused on international feature films and series , initially under the motto “We love cinema” and later with “Good entertainment” . The aim of the restructuring under the new management of Ludwig Bauer and Kai Blasberg was, in addition to the positioning as a feature film broadcaster in 2005, to significantly increase the market share . Since then, Tele 5 has been able to increase this from 0.4 to 1.2% (adult viewers aged 14 to 49). A major step in this direction was connected with streamlining the program structure. One year after the repositioning, Fashion TV's nightly program window was removed from the program and replaced by series and feature film repeats. In 2008 Tele 5 also parted with call-in formats as part of a quality offensive. The broadcast area in the daily program has since been used for family series. The two program brands Meisterwerke and 5 Sterne Kino were introduced in 2005 , under which feature film highlights and blockbuster cinema are shown. Tuesday is reserved for the program highlights of the week, on Wednesdays there are films for a female audience, on Fridays there are action and Asian cinema. The weekend films are designed for family entertainment in the daytime program. Other regular main topics are programmed movie nights, theme weeks and evenings. The broadcaster regularly compiles documentaries and feature films on key topics. The program features science fiction classics such as Spaceship Enterprise: The Next Century , Spaceship Voyager and Deep Space Nine as well as Andromeda , Stargate - Command SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis and mystery series such as the X-Files , Nick Knight - The Vampire Opera and Smallville geared towards fans of mystery and science fiction series.

Tele Munich Group (TMG) is the sole shareholder of Tele 5 . It has an extensive stock of licenses for feature films and series, which includes not only Hollywood street sweepers but also European productions. In keeping with the theme, the film magazine Steven Loves Cinema with Steven Gätjen and star biographies, including those from the True Hollywood Story series , are broadcast.

In 2007 Thomas Gottschalk became a prominent ambassador for Tele 5. He is available to the broadcaster and the Tele München Gruppe (TMG) as a source of ideas and presenter for content in the field of feature films, cinema and new media. In addition to the weekly Gottschalk film column , he also presented a selection of his guests from Gottschalk Late Night on various occasions in Gottschalk's Classics 2009 .

Off air, Tele 5 is committed to the topic of cinema, be it as part of the sponsorship of film premieres or as the main sponsor of the Munich Film Festival (2008, 2011, 2012). The event series Tele 5 Director's Cut, an industry event that takes place as part of the film festivals in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, is one of them.

Since 2007 Tele 5 has been the broadcaster with the highest increase in advertising revenues in the German television market. In 2008, the previous head of marketing, Kai Blasberg, succeeded the previous managing director, Ludwig Bauer.

Tele 5 has been using a new broadcast logo since January 8, 2010. On February 19, 2011, the station started with a new branding and the slogan “Good entertainment”. The old slogan "We love cinema" is to be retained in the course of the new branding for the feature film sector.

On October 18, 2011, the station identification of Tele 5 HD for the HD + platform was activated via Astra 19.2 ° East. It started broadcasting on October 19, 2011.

In December 2011 Tele 5 showed the first season of the TV satire Walulis sucht Fern , which received a lot of media coverage and won the Grimme Prize in the entertainment category in 2012 . Since October 2012 Tele 5 has been showing the satirical program Kalkofes Mattscheibe , which was previously shown on Premiere and ProSieben . In addition, other satirical programs such as  2.0 and Rüttens Bullshit Universum as well as the political talk show Stuckrad-Barre were included in the program. In 2013 Stuckrad-Barre was nominated for a Grimme Prize in the entertainment / special competition .

From 2013

In the summer of 2013 Tele 5 experimented for a few weeks with an anime block consisting of Guilty Crown and Black Lagoon , both of which were shown for the first time on German free TV. The aim was not only to “add another color to your program”, but also to set “a new accent” on German television. Due to poor ratings, this block was dissolved by the removal of Guilty Crowns at the end of July.

Also in summer, namely on July 26th, the format The worst films of all time started in the extended prime time , which, moderated by Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten , shows corresponding films; On August 2nd, a puppet-moderated satirical format called Eye TV started on the Kalkofes station, the crazy puppet station , some of which had already appeared on Friday Night News under the title "Bullzeye" . In autumn 2013, Hans Sarpei started - Das T stands for Coach , in which the cult footballer appears as a guest coach for amateur clubs. Since the end of June, the playlist adapted by 3sat - Sound of my Life and Unfortunately great commercials! .

2017 was the most successful financial year in the station's history. In 2018 Tele 5 announced its exit from YouTube in the form of a farewell video with the title “YouTube du whore” with Willy Kramer. The reason for the exit is the protest against the guidelines of the streaming service, which Tele 5 had warned about showing a female breast. In 2019 the podcast format “Zwei Herren mit Hund” started, a format by and for media makers, presented by Tele-5 managing director Kai Blasberg and advertiser Thomas Koch . At the beginning of 2020, the "Festival of Love" format was nominated for the Grimme Prize. From an economic point of view, the station Tele5 is the only television station with an annual increase in sales. On July 3, 2020, Leonine announced that she wanted to sell Tele5 to Discovery Germany . The amount was not disclosed. The antitrust authorities have yet to approve the sale.

Commitment & trivia

In order to set an example against homophobia and transphobia, Hella von Sinnen is presenting the "Love is love" campaign in 2015. In 2017, Tele 5, RTL 2 and Bavaria Film jointly started the tree offensive for Plant-for-the-Planet with the aim of planting 77,777 trees. To protect the environment, there have been no domestic flights or company cars throughout the company since 2019.

Grimme Prize

year show category
2012 Walulis is watching TV Entertainment (won)
2013 Stucco wheel bar Entertainment / Special (nominated)
2014 Not thinking with Oliver Kalkofe Entertainment / Special (nominated)
2014 Playlist - Sound of my Life Entertainment / Special (nominated)
2014 Kai Blasberg Special (nominated for courageous programming)
2016 The wiser one tips over Entertainment / Special (nominated)
2020 Festival of love Entertainment (nominated)

Tele 5 Austria

Logo of the Tele-5 branch

Tele 5 Austria went on air on May 1, 2012. It broadcasts the same program as Tele 5 Germany, only the commercials are adapted for the Austrian market. Tele 5 Austria SD was discontinued in July 2013 and replaced by ATV HD . Tele 5 Austria HD can still be received on the same satellite frequency as the German Tele 5 HD.

After the advertising films, Tele 5 Austria broadcasts program information from the Austrian ATV . The marketing of the advertising time is also carried out in cooperation with ATV.



Old Tele 5

New Tele 5

Since 2015, different corner logos have been used for some programs, which simply consist of the word "TELE 5" in different fonts.

Tele 5 HD

Tele 5 HD logo since May 17, 2017

Since October 19th 2011, 10:30 am, Tele 5 HD transmits via the SES Astra platform HD + . As with most channels that can be received via HD +, Tele 5 HD sometimes upscales the SD program. The customers of Vodafone and Telekom Entertain can already use Tele 5's HD offer. Vodafone Kabel Deutschland has been broadcasting Tele 5 HD since December 3, 2013 . Likewise in the cable television network of Unitymedia .


Tele 5 can be received in many metropolitan areas via the freenet TV platform via DVB-T2 .

Tele 5 can also be received digitally via cable across the board in all federal states. Tele 5 can also be received via IPTV with Telekom Entertain , Vodafone , and Zattoo .

The data for reception via satellite Astra 19.2 ° East are:

Tele 5 SD:
transponder: 104, downlink frequency: 12480 MHz, symbol rate 27500, polarization: vertical, FEC: 3/4

Tele 5 HD:
Type: DVB-S2, Transponder: 109, Frequency: 12574 MHz, Symbol rate: 22000, Polarization: Horizontal, FEC: 2/3, Modulation: 8PSK

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