Stargate Atlantis

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Television series
German title Stargate Atlantis
Original title Stargate: Atlantis
Stargate Atlantis 2004 logo.svg
Country of production Canada , United States
original language English
Year (s) 2004-2008
length 42 minutes
Episodes 100 in 5 seasons ( list )
genre Sci Fi
idea Brad Wright ,
Robert C. Cooper
production Robert C. Cooper ,
Joseph Mallozzi ,
Paul Mullie
music Joel Goldsmith
First broadcast July 16, 2004 (USA) on SciFi-Channel
first broadcast
February 23, 2005 on RTL II

Stargate Atlantis is a spin-off of the Stargate SG-1 television series . Both are based on the 1994 movie Stargate . The series is named after its main location , the abandoned ancient capital of Atlantis , and was produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer .

Background of the series creation

The idea of ​​an offshoot arose after the US television station Showtime announced that it would no longer want to continue the original series Stargate - Kommando SG-1 after the fifth season. At that time it was still in the form of a feature film , but it was discarded when the channel was changed and the series continued. After the ratings on the new Sci Fi channel were extremely good, talks were scheduled during the sixth and seventh seasons of the original series.

Originally it was also planned that Atlantis itself should be discovered in the finale of the seventh season, but not the base in Antarctica , but the script was rewritten accordingly to make the scenario of the new series more realistic: Atlantis was included in the Pegasus Galaxie moved to show the series is a new beginning.

The series was approved by MGM on November 17, 2003 , and the broadcast rights were subsequently sold again to Sci Fi. Shooting for the pilot began in February 2004, and its world premiere on July 16 during the “Gatecon” in Vancouver - just a few hours before its premiere on US television.


initial situation

An ancient outpost was discovered in the season seven finale of Stargate - Command SG-1 . During his exploration, the scientist Daniel Jackson surprisingly finds out that the station is not - as hoped - the legendary city " Atlantis ", but only a small base. But Jackson discovers evidence of an ancient city in a distant galaxy called Pegasus. When he deciphers the stargate address of the planet in question, a journey there becomes possible.

In the hope of finally finding Atlantis, an international expedition team consisting of scientists and soldiers from over a dozen countries set out through the Stargate to the Pegasus galaxy, where they set up a new base in the sunken ancient city of "Atlantis" .

The 1st season of Stargate Atlantis runs chronologically parallel to the 8th season of Stargate - Command SG-1 .

Central storylines

The Atlantis team encounters many different human races in the Pegasus Galaxy, but also a new enemy that once even forced the ancients to retreat: the Wraith. In order to supply the city of Atlantis with energy, the expedition team explores various planets of the Pegasus galaxy in search of an ancient energy source called the Zero Point Module (ZPM). For an imminent attack by the Wraith on Atlantis, a ZPM is required for the defenses.

Moc of the USS Daedalus

The city escapes destruction by the Wraith by converting the shield into a cloaking device. As a result of the parallel events in the Stargate SG-1 series , the Atlantis expedition achieves a ZPM. The spaceship Daedalus , which is capable of intergalactic travel and equipped with powerful weapons, can support the expedition again and again.

In addition to the Wraith as the main opponent of the Atlantis team, the Replicators appear, a group of machines with humanoid shape that were created by the Ancients in the fight against the Wraith, but which prove to be a danger to humans. With the expedition leader Dr. Elizabeth Weir and the doctor Dr. Carson Beckett die key members of the expedition team.

With changing allies it is possible to defeat the replicators. Successful steps can also be taken in the fight against the Wraith. A genetically engineered Wraith, whom the expedition team named Michael, turns out to be a recurring opponent of Atlantis.

A means to remedy the Wraith's dependence on killing people and to find a balance with these archenemies of the Atlantis expedition is tested and disseminated, but proves to be problematic. Eventually, however, an adversary can be overcome with Michael, and a loose and always questionable alliance with the Wraith leader Todd enables a stabilization of the situation in the Pegasus galaxy.

End of series

Stargate Atlantis ended with the fifth season. This brought the series to a total of 100 episodes. In the final episode, a Wraith spaceship leaves the Pegasus Galaxy to attack Earth. Atlantis is brought into the Milky Way and can fend off the attack there. The city ends up stranded within sight of the Golden Gate Bridge in front of San Francisco Bay .

The authors aimed to continue the story of the series - similar to Stargate SG-1 - as a direct-to-DVD film. In May 2009, the title for the first follow-up film was announced: Stargate: Extinction . The script for the film was completed in May 2009. To make room for a new set, the old Stargate Atlantis set was dismantled so that it could be used again later. However, Brad Wright - one of the co-inventors and producers - announced the end of the Stargate franchise on April 17, 2011 at the official Stargate Convention in Vancouver. So there won't be a movie. However, Wright stressed that in his opinion the franchise is by no means over forever because someone smart at MGM will realize that something can be done with it.

The city of Atlantis

Historical origin and background

The Stargate franchise is sometimes based on the concept of integrating old myths and tales from ancient times into the series as locations and actions. The city is based on the story passed down by Plato of a mythical island kingdom of Atlantis . Although many aspects and descriptions of Plato are ignored, the most well-known and anchored in general knowledge by many people are implemented: A city several thousand years old, built by a technically advanced civilization, submerged in the sea.


The city was completely animated on the computer and is therefore not a real place. Atlantis basically consists of two areas. On the one hand, the large floating body, which keeps the floating city afloat and contains most of the technical infrastructure. On the other hand, there are the towering buildings in the form of high-rise buildings, which are based on the floating body and contain living areas and countless laboratories. An important place is the central tower, which contains the Stargate, control room, main hangar (jumper bay), infirmary and energy supply (ZPM room).

From an architectural point of view, the city is designed in the postmodern style. The city has a crystalline design language both in its exterior and in its interior design. This can be seen particularly clearly in the city plan, which resembles a snow crystal. The windows have crystal-like mosaic windows and the towering buildings are mostly polygonal in shape. In addition, with her ability to fly and to travel intergalactically - even if perhaps without the knowledge of the authors - she quotes the concept of the “ Walking City ” developed by the Archigram group of architects .

The city as a character

The city has a special position within the series. She often takes on the character of a main character in many episodes. It offers the expedition participants not only a refuge and a home, but also one of the central expedition destinations. The exploration and preservation of Atlantis is part of many of the storylines in the series. The technology and the as yet unknown possibilities that the city offers is seen by many of the extraterrestrial races of the series as the hope and future of the galaxy.
In addition, with its innumerable intelligent systems, Atlantis has the ability to actively intervene in the action:

  • Season 1 Episode 1 (Departure into a New World) - The town emerges to prevent a flood
  • Season 1 Episode 13 (Hot Zone) - City-wide release of a quarantine lock to prevent a widespread disease outbreak
  • Season 4 Episode 1 (Lost in Space) - Reduction of the shield size to prevent its collapse
  • Season 4 episode 13 (quarantine) - triggering self-destruction to stop an alleged epidemic

Cast and dubbing

Leading roles (HR), supporting roles (NR) and recurring guest appearances (GA) in Stargate Atlantis
actor role Origin (of role) Season German voice
1 2 3 4th 5
Joe Flanigan Major / Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard United States MR MR MR MR MR Marcus Off
David Hewlett Dr. Rodney McKay Canada MR MR MR MR MR Axel Malzacher
Rachel Luttrell Teyla Emmagan Athos (planet in the Pegasus galaxy) MR MR MR MR MR Natascha Geisler
Torri Higginson Dr. Elizabeth Weir United States MR MR MR GA Elisabeth Günther
Rainbow Sun Francks Lieutenant Aiden Ford United States MR GA GA Philipp Brammer
Paul McGillion Dr. Carson Beckett Scotland NO MR MR Tobias Lelle
Dr. Carson Beckett's clone unknown (Wraith Michael clone laboratory ) GA NO
Jason Momoa Ronon Dex Sateda (planet in the Pegasus galaxy) MR MR MR MR Ole Pfennig
Amanda Tapping Colonel Dr. Samantha Carter United States GA GA GA MR GA Christin Marquitan
Robert Picardo Richard Woolsey United States NO NO MR Stefan Staudinger
Jewel Staite Dr. Jennifer Keller


United States

unknown (Wraith)

GA NO MR Petra Einhoff
David Nykl Dr. Radek Zelenka Czech Republic NO NO NO NO NO Dieter Landuris
Mitch Pileggi Colonel Steven Caldwell United States NO GA GA GA Reinhard Glemnitz
Connor Trinneer Michael Kenmore unknown (Wraith) NO NO NO NO Crock Krumbiegel
Kavan Smith Major Evan Lorne United States NO NO NO NO Uwe Büschken
Christopher Heyerdahl Halling Athos (planet in the Pegasus galaxy) NO GA Walter von Hauff
Todd unknown (Wraith) GA NO NO Michael Brennicke
Michael Beach Colonel Abe Ellis United States GA GA GA Oliver Mink

main characters

John Sheppard

Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard is a US Air Force pilot and extremely gifted mathematically and aeronautically. Sheppard has an IQ above 135, a weird sense of humor, and often pretends to be not as smart as he really is. This is reminiscent of Jack O'Neill from Stargate SG-1 . He's usually friendly, but he's not afraid to speak up. He distrusts authority and is guided by his feeling and strong sense of morality. Sheppard likes to be distracted by women and has been married once. By his own admission, Sheppard believes in what he can see.

Sheppard became a member of the Atlantis Mission by chance. He was stationed as a major at McMurdo Air Force Base and flew General O'Neill to the Antarctic outpost of the Ancients. It was there that it was discovered that Sheppard possessed the Ancient gene, which makes it possible to operate Ancient technology, and he first learned of the existence of the Stargate project. Dr. Weir urged General O'Neill to convince Sheppard to join their expedition.

Sheppard becomes the highest-ranking military officer on Atlantis as a major after Colonel Marshall Sumner was killed shortly after the mission began. When the Atlantis team has re-established contact with Earth, Sheppard is said to lose the post, but thanks to the intervention of Dr. Keep Weirs . Because of the same intervention, he is also promoted to Lieutenant Colonel .

Dr. Rodney McKay

David Hewlett

Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay is a Canadian citizen and the head of the science team on Atlantis. He is a brilliant, but sometimes arrogant and condescending astrophysicist with a special kind of gallows humor. He previously worked with Samantha Carter from SG-1 . Dr. McKay is (like Carter) an outstanding expert in the field of Stargate technology.

As a kid, McKay always wanted to be a pianist, but his teacher felt he had no sense of art. So McKay turned to science, which he thought is furthest from art as humanly possible.

He describes his childhood as not very happy. His parents argued a lot and blamed him for it. He has a sister named Jeannie Miller. The relationship between the two is not very close, however, as his sister used to work in the scientific field, but then decided to live with her family. McKay suffers from a severe allergy to citrus fruits of all kinds, is claustrophobic and usually reacts in a panic in dangerous situations. Rodney's annoying nature makes it difficult for some people to work with him. Often his cynical, sometimes sarcastic sayings make him unpopular with those around him.

During his time in Area 51, Dr. McKay with the computer model of the Stargate and during some crises in the Stargate Center was given the opportunity to see the real gate. He was later assigned to the Antarctic Ancient Outpost, where he quickly became an expert on ancient engineering. It bothered him very much that he did not have the extremely rare gene that made it possible to operate the ancient technology. Later, Dr. Carson Beckett's gene therapy, which enables him to operate devices from the ancients.

From season 5, episode 16, it is revealed that he was with Dr. Jennifer Keller is together.

McKay is part of Sheppard's exploration team on Atlantis .

Teyla Emmagan

Rachel Luttrell at Bridge Studios in Vancouver, 2008

Teyla Emmagan is the leader of the Athosians from the planet Athos and a strong and capable fighter. She plays a very important role as an ambassador in John Sheppard's SG team. She is careful and has to get to know people before trusting them. To John Sheppard has a special connection since she met him for the first time.

Teyla returned with Sheppard to Atlantis, where she established a colony for her people a little later. She made up her mind, though finding it very difficult to part with her people and join Sheppard's scouting team, where her ability to sense the proximity of the Wraith is of great help. She has this ability because one of her ancestors experimented with the telepathic Wraith Wraith genes were implanted. The actual aim of these experiments was to make the food intake more productive for the Wraith. However, it turned out that these test subjects had the ability to share the telepathic powers of the Wraith. The test subjects were released on the assumption that this trait would be lost again through mixing with unchanged genetic material. But this did not happen.

Teyla Emmagan knows many peoples and planets in the Pegasus galaxy through her people's longstanding trade relationships.

In the fourth season, Teyla becomes pregnant. The child's father, the Athosian Canaan , is turned into a human-Wraith hybrid when Michael kidnaps him and the other Athosians. The Wraith "Michael" is also constantly on the hunt for Teyla's son to create an over-Wraith.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir

Torri Higginson

Dr. Elizabeth Weir ( Torri Higginson , previously - only in Stargate SG1 "The Lost City" - Jessica Steen ) is 35 years old and speaks five languages. She began her career as a political activist criticizing armaments spending, but ultimately decided that if she joined the government she would be better able to fight these problems. This is how Dr. We worked for the US government for a number of years as a senior mediator.

After a brief stint as director of the Stargate program (appointed by President Henry Hayes), she was appointed director of the team that explored the Antarctic Ancient Outpost. After Daniel Jackson discovered the Stargate address for Atlantis, Dr. Weir an international team through the Stargate into the Pegasus Galaxy. She left her friend Simon on earth, with whom she later broke up.

While working on Atlantis, she faces several difficult decisions. In doing so, it decides, among other things, not to comply with human rights . Some high-ranking generals and the President of the United States himself are appalled by Weir's actions.

Weir is replaced in season four by Samantha Carter as director of the Atlantis mission after she was left on the planet of the Asuran Replicators, where her human body is transformed into the artificial form of a replicator. She becomes part of the Replicators, but retains her old consciousness. She then flees with a small group of like-minded replicators in order to pursue a transcendent state called ascension undisturbed . The replicators around Weir give up their physical bodies in order to continue to exist in subspace, which they regard as a preliminary stage to ascension. However, the subspace turns out to be a dead end for them. At the beginning of the fifth season, Dr. Finally, with the help of technology in Atlantis, we get a physical replicator body again, which, however, is no longer played by Torri Higginson. To protect Atlantis, however, she goes through the Stargate into space, where she has been floating around powerless since then.

Aiden Ford

Rainbow Sun Francks, 2006

Lieutenant Aiden Ford is 25 years old and enthusiastic at the start of the Atlantis expedition. Little is known about his past, but his experience of traveling the Stargate suggests that he was under Stargate Command at an earlier date. Before joining the Atlantis expedition, Ford was stationed at the Antique Outpost in Antarctica.

During the first season, Ford and Dr. McKay and Teyla the exploration team of Major Sheppard .

In the second season, Ford becomes dependent on a "Wraith enzyme" that makes him much stronger, but also more reckless and irrational. He deserted from the Atlantis team and built himself a group to fight the Wraith with. Finally, he kidnaps Sheppard's team to attack a Wraith baseship. When this is destroyed, it is unclear whether he was still on board.

Dr. Carson Beckett

Paul McGillion

Dr. Carson Beckett is from Scotland and will be Chief Medical Officer of the Atlantis Expedition until the end of Season 3. In addition to medicine, he also devoted himself to genetics and discovered the ancient gene. He also carries the gene himself in a natural way and developed a gene therapy that enables all those who do not have the required gene by nature to use the ancient technology, but which only works for around half of the users.

Beckett was long assigned to the Antarctic Antique Outpost, where he did genetic research before taking part in the Atlantis mission. His examinations of a Wraith arm lead to the first insights into the physiology of the Wraith. Later he can deepen his knowledge when he helps develop a drug to prevent the Wraith from "feeding" on human life energy. He is also developing a virus that can physically transform the Wraith into humans and that is being tested on the Wraith called "Michael". He dies in an explosion towards the end of season three when, regardless of his own life, he operates an explosive device on a patient.

Towards the end of season four, the Atlantis team discovered and freed a clone of Dr. Beckett, whom the Wraith hybrid Michael produced and held captive for a long time. Michael had succeeded in making an exact copy of Carson Beckett that not only genetically matched the other Beckett, but also possessed his consciousness and memories up until the moment Beckett was briefly unconscious in Michael’s control. Since the clone Dr. Carson Beckett needs a special drug to live, he is put in an ancient bedroom to buy time to develop an antidote. After Dr. Keller has found a cure, Beckett becomes a loose member of the Atlantis expedition again. He goes to earth to recuperate and is on several medical missions, so that actor Paul McGillion only appears in five episodes of season five, while Dr. Jennifer Keller remains chief medic at Atlantis.

Ronon Dex

Jason Momoa (Ronon Dex) at the Wolf Pegasus One Convention (2006)

Ronon Dex ( Jason Momoa ) was captured by the Wraith on his home planet Sateda when the Wraith destroyed his homeworld. Originally a Wraith wanted to feed him, but for unknown reasons it was implanted instead a transmitter and so it becomes a "runner" ( runner made). He is physically strong, has a high pain threshold and knows how to use his physical superiority in combat. Ronon Dex was actually immune to the Wraith's attempts at feeding, but was then repeatedly sucked out, aged and healed for recruitment and dependency as a Wraith worshiper, and was revived by Wraith in the final episode.

When he meets Sheppard and his team, he has been on the run from the Wraith for seven years. After Dr. Beckett has removed the transmitter, he joins Sheppard's SG team. His physical skills, his military training on Sateda and his experience fighting the Wraith make him an important team member. Ronon initially appears humorless and aggressive, but is considered very trustworthy and loyal to the Atlantis crew. As the series progresses, his demeanor loosens and he also shows more humor. He also starts having romantic feelings for Dr. Cellar to develop; however, she is more interested in Rodney.

Ronon later learns that he is not the only survivor of his people, but that around 300 more survived the Wraith attack on his planet.

Dr. Samantha Carter

Amanda Tapping (Dr. Sam Carter) at ComicCon (2007)

Colonel Dr. Samantha Carter ( Amanda Tapping ) worked for Command SG-1 prior to the construction of the McKay-Carter Gate Bridge .

At the beginning of the fourth season, Carter is working on the completion of the middle station, which forms the connection between the Milky Way and the Pegasus gate system in the McKay-Carter Gate Bridge. After completing the station and losing Dr. Elizabeth Weir to the Asuran Replicators , she will take over the leadership of the Pegasus expedition.

From the fifth season onwards, Carter only appears occasionally, as Richard Woolsey takes over the leadership of the expedition.

Richard Woolsey

Robert Picardo (Richard Woolsey) at the ComicCon in San Diego (2011)

Richard Woolsey ( Robert Picardo ) comes to Atlantis in season 5 as a replacement for Samantha Carter to take over command there. He comes from the USA and is a bureaucrat, not a scientist like Carter or Weir. Prior to joining the Stargate Center, he worked as an appeal attorney with a New York law firm. For a long time he was chairman of the International Oversight Advisory , which oversees the Stargate missions, and represents the position of this body on Atlantis.

Dr. Jennifer Keller

Jewel Staite (Dr. Jennifer Keller) (2013)

Dr. Jennifer Keller ( Jewel Staite ) is introduced as a new character in the final episode of the third season. She takes over after Dr. Beckett's death as chief physician of the Atlantis expedition. At first she does not feel up to the task, the expedition leader Dr. Weir supports them, however. From the fourth season, Keller receives significantly more attention, so that she also takes on central roles in some episodes.

In the fifth season, Dr. Keller one of the main characters in the series. At first, a romance with Ronon Dex is developing , but Keller later notices that she has romantic feelings for Dr. McKay feels. A kind of triangular relationship develops, and ultimately Dr. Keller, however, for a relationship with Dr. McKay.

Supporting characters

Dr. Radek Zelenka

David Nykl, 2012

Dr. Radek Zelenka comes from the Czech Republic and is next to Dr. McKay is one of the brightest minds in Atlantis, but the two usually have different opinions. He has an aversion to Stargate travel because he gets into big trouble every time he goes on a mission.

In the English original, Zelenka stands out because of his accent and his frequent Czech swearing. In the German dubbing, on the one hand, the actor's Czech accent is omitted, on the other hand, especially in the first episodes, some Czech curses were also translated into German.

Steven Caldwell

Steven Caldwell is Colonel and Commander of the Earth Spaceship Daedalus. When he arrives, he aims to take on the position of senior military officer in Sheppard's Atlantis mission , at the time still a major. However, at the request of Dr. We refused. Partly because of this, Caldwell is hardly accepted by the Atlantis team at the beginning. However, after several crises and confrontations with the Wraith, he becomes an accepted member of the team.

He was briefly possessed by a Goa'uld , but it was successfully removed.

Michael Kenmore

"Michael Kenmore" is a Wraith played by Connor Trinneer , who was created through genetic experiments by Dr. Beckett is physiologically transformed into a human. However, he regains the memory of his Wraith identity and the genetic transformation is not permanent, so that Michael becomes a Wraith-human hybrid who can escape Atlantis but is cast out by the Wraith.

Michael later attempts to defeat both the Wraith and the humans in order to bring power to a hybrid race he bred after several failed experiments in the Pegasus galaxy. When he makes another attempt to found a hybrid race with the help of Teyla's son, and almost manages to destroy Atlantis on this occasion, Sheppard and Teyla kill him.

Evan Lorne

Kavan Smith, 2008

Evan Lorne is a major head of an SG team in Atlantis. Like Sheppard and Beckett, he has the antique gene. At times he commands the ancient spacecraft Orion. Since his team is not part of the main cast of the series, his comrades-in-arms often die on missions with Sheppard's team. He is Atlantis' second highest military representative.

In season 3, episode 17 (A day off) you learn that his mother was an art teacher and taught him to paint.


"Todd" is a Wraith played by Christopher Heyerdahl who was trapped in a Genii facility with Sheppard. The two decide to work together there so that they succeed in breaking out.

When the replicators start attacking the Wraith, he reports to Atlantis to have them undo the changes in the replicators' code. When he reports in Atlantis that the replicators are beginning to wipe out human worlds, the Atlantis team agrees. Later he can convince seven Wraith ships to help in the humans attack on Asuras.

In season five, Todd becomes leader of one of the strongest Wraith alliances with Teyla's help. In return, the Atlantis team and Todd's crew are working on an enzyme that will enable the Wraith to no longer have to feed on humans. On this occasion, Todd and some of his Wraith meet with representatives from Atlantis. Two of Todd's escort cruisers are destroyed while attempting to jump into hyperspace. because a friendly ship is attacked. Through a misunderstanding, Todd believes that the Atlantis expedition was responsible. Using stun batons that he smuggled on board, he stuns the crew and takes over the ship. He orders it to head for a planet and leaves the ship. In doing so, he steals the gene therapy.

Later, a baseship is in orbit, which Team Sheppard inquires. It's Todd's ship. Gene therapy had side effects and Todd barely got away with life. Finally, at the season finale, it succeeds in collaboration with Todd to save the earth from a Wraith invasion by Atlantis flying there.

Abe Ellis

Colonel Abraham "Abe" Ellis is the commander of the Earth spaceship Apollo. Towards the end of the third season he came to Atlantis and, like Colonel Caldwell, took the view that the leadership in Atlantis belongs to the military, although he was opposed to Sheppard , Dr. Weir and the rest of the team bumps into and eventually gives way. He is very strict, humorless, headstrong and often expresses his dislike for McKay.


Peaceful races

The people (this means the people from Earth) came to Atlantis through the Stargate. A short time later they made the acquaintance of the Wraith, against whom they have been fighting ever since.
Millions of years ago, the ancients colonized the Pegasus Galaxy and established life in the galaxy. Later, when the Wraith evolved from one of their experiments, the ancients lost a centuries-long war against the Wraith and retreated to Earth.
Races in the Pegasus Galaxy
Most of the races in the Pegasus Galaxy are human and live on a pre-industrial, agricultural level. They are kept as food by the Wraith and regularly "thinned out". If a people reaches a higher technical standard, it is usually completely wiped out by the Wraith in order not to grow into a threat to them.
The travelers are a human race of space nomads who have retired entirely to their spaceships to avoid the Wraith. You probably only have a weak government, as the ruling council cannot issue binding orders, but every decision is made by the captain of a ship. They suffer badly from space-related problems and overpopulation, which also forced them to establish some colonies on different planets.

Hostile races

The Wraith are the dominant race in the Pegasus Galaxy. They only feed on people by sucking out their life energy in a process known as "feeding". They won the battle against the ancients, since then they have regularly gone into a kind of hibernation and return every few centuries to feed on their human herds. When the Atlantis expedition enters the galaxy, they accidentally prematurely wake up all of the Wraith at once. The insufficient food supply leads to a civil war between the individual Wraith factions.
The Replicators, who call themselves Asurans (after their home planet Asura), were developed by the Ancients as intelligent machines based on nanites for the fight against the Wraith. They did not develop as expected, however, and when the Ancients finally realized that the Replicators would not become the weapon they had hoped for, they decided to wipe the Replicators out. However, some nanite cells survived and formed new replicators. When the Atlantis expedition meets them, the supreme replicator, Oberoth, wants to wipe out the people as revenge, but this can be prevented. Later the Replicators are wiped out by an alliance of Humans, Wraith, and the Travelers.
The Genii maintain the impression of a medieval peasant people on their planetary surface, while underground they have built a civilization whose technical level corresponds roughly to that of humanity in the mid-20th century. There they also develop primitive nuclear weapons. They try several times to conquer Atlantis in order to destroy the Wraith with its technology. After a coup, the hostility with the Stargate command of Atlantis was ended and a loose alliance was established.
Pegasus Asgard
Some Asgard settled in the Pegasus Galaxy ages ago and survived the demise of their race there. Unlike their relatives from the rest of the universe, the Pegasus faction is not always peaceful, but pursues selfish goals driven by self-preservation instincts without paying much attention to others.


An overview of all episodes can be found under List of Episodes of Stargate Atlantis .


Stargate Atlantis was nominated for 60 awards through 2009 and won 19 of them.

  • With four nominations for an Emmy Award, Stargate Atlantis was in no case successful.
  • Ten of the awards - out of 27 nominations - were Leo Awards , which are given to TV productions from British Columbia .
  • The pilot double episode Aufbruch in eine neue Welt ( Rising ) won the Gemini Award in 2005 for the best visual effects in a series. Canadian TV productions are honored with Gemini Awards . The starting order of the third season, no man's land ( No Man's Land ) received this award in 2007. In 2009, the episodes were Vegas and The Shrine ( The Shrine ) with Gemini Awards for makeup and excellent series script.


  • Jewel Staite played a different role than that of Dr. Jennifer Keller in Stargate Atlantis (Season 2, Episode 7 as a female Wraith named Ellia).
  • Christopher Heyerdahl played the Athosian Halling in season 1, from season 3 he was seen as the Wraith Todd
  • James Lafazanos played various Wraith in the first two seasons of Stargate Atlantis: The Commander in Season 1, Episode 2 (Departure into a New World), Steve (Season 1, Episode 5 and Season 1, Episode 7), the Wraith from Season 1, Episode 12 (The Survivor), Bob (Season 1, Episode 18 + 19) and Other Wraith (Season 1, Episode 20; Season 2, Episode 1, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11, 18, 20)
  • Richard Kind, starring Lucius from the third episode (“The Magic Potion”) of the third season, played an employee of the Stargate Center in the Stargate film from 1994, who made the incorrect translation.
  • Christina Cox portrays a renegade agent in Stargate Kommando SG-1 “The Guardian” and an alien in “Ghosts”, while she plays a major of Atlantis in the seventh episode “Whispered” of Season 5 in Stargate Atlantis.


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There is also an English-language series of novels on Stargate Atlantis published by Fandemonium Books, in which twelve volumes were published between 2005 and 2009.

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