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Kalkofe with stage program on TV Critique TV (2012)

Oliver Lars Fred Kalkofe (born September 12, 1965 in Engelbostel ) is a German actor , comedian , cabaret artist , satirist , presenter , parodist , columnist and voice actor .


Oliver Kalkofe was born in Engelbostel near Langenhagen and grew up there and later in Peine . After graduating from high school in 1984, he trained as a foreign language correspondent and business interpreter in English and French in Braunschweig and studied journalism , English and German at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster , but dropped out. He lives with his wife, with whom he has been married since 2010, and his stepdaughter in Berlin .


Oliver Kalkofe as the storyteller "Onkel Hotte"

Kalkofe began his media career as a radio presenter for Radio RST . When he switched to the commercial radio station ffn , he switched to the comedic field. There he created numerous characters as part of the comedy show Frühstyxradio (with Oliver Welke , Dietmar Wischmeyer , Sabine Bulthaup , Andreas Liebold and others) that were adopted by other radio stations nationwide (such as Horst Horstmann alias storyteller Uncle Hotte , Jürgen Ferkulat alias Gürgen, der Ferkelwämser in The ass cramps ).

Among other things, the character of Uncle Hotte achieved a high level of awareness in the broadcasting area (mainly Lower Saxony) and led to several CD releases in which a strange guy with horn-rimmed glasses, double ribbed undershirt and plush toy slippers gave unusual fairy tales to the best. These fairy tale stories are mostly about dwarfs: Play me the song about the dwarf or the obese: Aunt Vettel . The falsification of the German language was also characteristic of the figure of Uncle Hotte : “sawed, done, done”.

watch TV

He had his breakthrough throughout Germany with the (unencrypted) television program Kalkofes Mattscheibe , which had been broadcast on Premiere since 1994 and which had previously been broadcast as a radio program on radio ffn since 1991 . The content of the program is "constructive media criticism" in the form of satirical comments on excerpts from television programs. Kalkofe often appears disguised as one of the participants in the program (often in female and double roles) and imitates their voice and gestures. The original contribution was also optically manipulated from time to time: for example, the presenter Carolin Reiber was burst and struck by lightning in another episode. In 1996 he received the Adolf Grimme Prize for the screen . After a four-year break, interrupted by some special broadcasts for ARD , new episodes ran on ProSieben from 2003 to 2005 . After another hiatus, the next season began on June 24, 2008.

Kalkofe also performed with hit presenter Achim Mentzel . As an East German presenter of a folk music show, Mentzel was initially only a victim of the TV screen until he turned the tables and the sentence “Kalki is stupid” appeared on a school blackboard that was part of the backdrop for his show. Kalkofe picked up the ball, and over time there was a lively exchange of small nastiness via television. In the meantime, Mentzel von Kalkofe got a smaller role in his Edgar-Wallace - parodies Der Wixxer and Neues vom Wixxer .

In February 2012 he was a weekly guest at Gottschalk Live as a cinema columnist .

On July 18, 2012 it was announced that the TV screen will return to the free TV channel Tele 5 from autumn of the same year . Initially, 30 new episodes of 15 minutes each are planned, which can be seen from October. This return to television then happened as announced in October 2012 under the name Kalkofes Mattscheibe Rekalked . In February 2013 Tele 5 decided to produce ten more episodes, which postponed the end of the season to July 2013.

Also on Tele 5 on March 29, 2013, the series Not Thoughts started , in which Kalkofe reads from autobiographies of polarizing personalities such as Bushido or Bettina Wulff . Both the title and the design of the series allude to the show Nachtgedanken . It comprised 32 episodes. Since the summer of 2013 he has hosted the program The worst films of all time (SchleFaZ) at Tele 5 , which is based on the KTMA series Mystery Science Theater 3000 .

In 2016 he was seen together with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf , Joko Winterscheidt , Clemens Schick , Alec Völkel and Sascha Vollmer in the SPD commercial “Do you want Berlin?”. Since 2017 he has appeared regularly in the satirical program extra 3 on NDR as a laudator for various political topics. Kalkofe has been commenting on the Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle Thailand at Comedy Central since May 2018 .

In 2019, Tele 5 honored its super calculator for 25 years of Kalkofes flat screen from Maundy Thursday with a "time travel through television madness", the longest Tele 5 event ever with 25 hours of Kalkofes flat screen in a row. On "Kalkfreitag" 2019 there was a big gala with many prominent guests to crown the festivities.


Kalkofe's column Kalkofe's last words has appeared biweekly since 1995 in the television magazine TV Spielfilm . He also writes a monthly film review in the Cinema .


Via his Facebook account, Kalkofe regularly sends older and new clips from "Mattscheibe", trailers for current projects and new streams, either from his private basement or while out and about, in which he discusses, introduces, applies and applies for films, projects or social issues entertains with various guests who are then switched on. Since April 2020 he has been broadcasting "Kalkofes Heimabend", which remains true to this concept. In episode 1 Kalkofe still works solo, from episode 2 he is in contact with guest Peter Rütten , in episode 3 Jens Riewa and Christian Steiffen have short guest appearances. Viewers can actively participate in the streams and ask questions or comments. With the fan group "Section Bielefeld" he deals with "Schlefaz" films on Twitter.

Legal disputes

In early 1993, lime kiln was the part of the far-right scene for sedition displayed. The reason for this was the song 10 little bald heads (under the name of the fictional character Uncle Hotte ), which clearly opposes the right-wing extremist activities at the time. The proceedings were discontinued after a short time and the song and the fairy tale about the little skinhead were released on CD. The net proceeds went to an anti-fascist association.

The singer Klaus Baumgart ( Klaus and Klaus ) sued Kalkofe in 1995 after the latter had described him on his show as a “friend of bacon”. The Oldenburg regional court dismissed the action; As it later turned out, the lawsuit by Baumgart's management was only launched for PR reasons .

A lawsuit brought by the production company FremantleMedia against Premiere was dismissed in 2000 by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). The company had sued that original material from the show The Price is Hot was shown in Kalkofes TV screen without permission , whereby the satire - according to Fremantle's view - violated copyright and competition law. On April 13, 2000, the BGH announced that Kalkofes Mattscheibe should be regarded as a new and independent work under copyright law and that the tasks protected by freedom of broadcasting ( Art. 5 GG ) should not be seen as anti-competitive. This decision is also known as the "Kalkofe judgment".


films and series

Kalkofe is also extensively involved in the synchronization of films and series. He became known as the German voice of Matt Lucas in the British comedy series Little Britain , as well as its offshoots Little Britain USA and Little Britain Abroad , his colleague Oliver Welke took over the dubbing part of David Walliams . He also dubbed Lucas in Come Fly with Me , also by the Little Britain makers, and as Nardole in Doctor Who on the side of Peter Capaldi as the twelfth doctor. He also took over the dubbing of other actors like Kevin Spacey ( hungover ) or Bill Murray ( Ghostbusters ). In Garfield laziness he was heard as Garfield , originally set to music by Bill Murray. In Planes he was heard as the original voice as well as the German voice of the character Franz von Fly Pants .

Other speaking roles

In the computer games The Settlers - The Legacy of the Kings and The Bard's Tale , he speaks one character each (the mentor for Siedler and the protagonist for the Bard's Tale). From 2007 to 2010 he worked in the radio play soap ... and on the side love as a spokesman for the role of Matthias Schwenk. In the radio play parody Die Ferienbande and the bumsfidele ghost ship he speaks the choleric and politically questionable sports teacher of the gang.

Kalkofe takes on various supporting roles in the horror radio play series Geisterjäger John Sinclair , which has been produced since 2000 . In the offshoot of the ZDF series Löwenzahn Löwenzähnchen , he lent the voice of the show's protagonist, the dog biscuit, in autumn 2012.




As a voice actor


  • 1991: Golden cable in silver for the radio screen
  • 1996: Adolf Grimme Prize for Kalkofe's screen
  • 1998: German Comedy Award for Kalkofe's screen
  • 2004: DVD Champion - Creative Award for Kalkofe's screen
  • 2007: DVD Champion - Creative Award for news from the WiXXer
  • 2010: Speaker award at the Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart for his role as single cell "BOB" in Monsters vs. Aliens
  • 2011: Platinum record for Kalkofes Mattscheibe Vol. 1
  • 2011: Gold record for Kalkofes Mattscheibe Vol. 2
  • 2011: KuH of the year together with neoParadise for its appearance in the eponymous program, awarded by the podcast Medien-KuH

Audio books & radio plays

Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Hotte X - Horst Horstmann's uncanny fairy tales
  DE 44 05/19/1997 (7 weeks)
Kalkofes focusing screen Vol. 1
  DE 28 07/05/2004 (9 weeks)
Kalkofes focusing screen Vol. 2
  DE 21st 05/16/2005 (8 weeks)
  • 1991: The ass cramps - "I feel bad!" (With Dietmar Wischmeyer )
  • 1992: Onkel Hotte - "Onkel Hotte's fairy tale hour"
  • 1992: Uncle Hotte Part 3 - "A dwarf hangs in the forest"
  • 1993: Mr. Radioven - Hallooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (with Andreas Liebold )
  • 1993: Uncle Hotte - "10 little bald heads"
  • 1995: Uncle Hotte Part 2 - "Play me the song of the dwarf"
  • 1996: Kalk & Welk (with Oliver Welke )
  • 1997: Uncle Hotte - "Hotte X, Horst Horstmann's uncanny fairy tales"
  • 1998: Kalkofes ground glass
  • 1999: Kalk & Welk - "Two Angels of Mercy" (with Oliver Welke)
  • 2000: Super R-Win saves the world
  • 2001: Uncle Hotte - "Planet of the Dwarfs"
  • 2004: 1500 years of Frühstyxradio: In the beginning there was the egg
  • 2005: The ass cramps - "Satan goat!" (With Dietmar Wischmeyer)
  • 2007: And by the way love (Season 1, episodes 1–10)
  • 2007: The Wixxer (radio play)
  • 2007: News from Wixxer (radio play)
  • 2008: Love by the way (Season 2, episodes 1-6)
  • 2008: Kalkofe reads Asmussen - Oliver Kalkofe reads "Laughing is healthy" by Fips Asmussen (audio book)
  • 2009: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Wupp! Die Dimensions-Jäger) (with Bernhard Hoëcker )
  • 2010: Hui Buh The Castle Ghost: Under the Spell of the Black Spook
  • 2010: The ass cramps - Sooo it looked! (2 CDs)
  • 2010: Die Arschkrampen - Arschkrampen Testament (3 CDs)
  • 2011: Kalkofe reads Ask Dr. Ozzy!
  • 2011: The three ??? - Ghost Bay, guest role as Inspector Havilland
  • 2012: Agatha Christie's four women and one murder
  • 2012: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Carbuncle / The Speckled Ribbon
  • 2012: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia / The League of Redheads
  • 2012: The adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The five orange pits / The man with the disfigured lip
  • 2012: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Matter of Identity / The Mystery of Boscombe Valley
  • 2012: Kalkofe reads “Naked under crabs” by Marie Matisek (audio book, 4 CDs)
  • 2012: Kalkofes Radio - complete screen (16 CDs)
  • 2013: Kalkofe reads mother with the fish
  • 2013: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Beryl Crown / The Blood Beeches
  • 2013: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Engineer's Thumb / The Noble Bachelor
  • 2013: The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: Silberstern / The yellow face
  • 2014: Christiane Franke & Cornelia Kuhnert : Krabbenbrot and Seemannstod: An Ostfriesenkrimi , audio media Verlag, ISBN 978-3-86804-855-1
  • 2015: Ada from Goth and the ghost mouse by Chris Riddell (audio book, 2 CDs)
  • 2015: The Last Heuler - An Ostfriesen-Krimi by Christine Franke & Cornelia Kuhnert (audio book, 4 CDs)
  • 2016: Ass cramps - At Gertrud's (with Dietmar Wischmeyer)
  • 2016: Agatha Christie : The Secret of Buckle Shoes ( Hercule Poirot ), the audio publisher , ISBN 978-3-8445-2089-7
  • 2017: The three ??? - Signals from the beyond, guest role as a caller in a clairvoyant call-in program on television
  • 2020: Oliver Kalkofe reads Die drei ??? ... and the laughing shadow


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