12th September

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The September 12 is the 255th day of the Gregorian calendar (256th in leap years ), thus remain 110 days by year end.

If the following year is a leap year, the year begins on September 12th in the Coptic and Ethiopian calendars . In all other years the beginning of the year is on September 11th.

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Politics and world events

1556: Emperor Ferdinand I.
1861: General Lee's plan of operations at Cheat Mountain
1943: Mussolini with German paratroopers
1974: Haile Selassie


science and technology

1940: Cave painting in Lascaux


1878: Obelisk in London (construction in August)
1905: Copenhagen City Hall


1953: Jacqueline Kennedy during her wedding


1833: The prayer room of the Rauhe Haus


  • 1857: A hurricane causes the sinking of the US passenger ship Central America on its way from Havana to New York. 149 people can be rescued by two ships, 429 people are killed. More than 13 tons of gold cargo from California go down with the cargo , which will lead to a salvage operation in 1987.
  • 1905: The Japanese battleship Mikasa sinks after an ammunition explosion. Of the 935-strong crew, 256 died and 343 were injured.
  • 1918: Southwest of Land's End , the British passenger ship Galway Castle is torpedoed by the German submarine U 82 . 143 of the 950 passengers and crew members die.
  • 1928: The Okeechobee hurricane cost around 1200 lives in Guadeloupe .

Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Disaster .

nature and environment

1964: Canyonlands National Park


1920: poster of the games in Antwerp

Entries of track and field world records can be found under the respective discipline under track and field .


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Ian Holm
Joachim Frank
Barry White


Bertie Ahern
Joe Pantoliano (born 1951)
Hans Zimmer (* 1957)


Emmy Rossum (* 1986)


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21st century

Johnny Cash

Holidays and memorial days

The list of days of remembrance and action contains further entries .

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Individual evidence

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