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January 17, 1959 in East Berlin:
Auguste Lazar (left) in conversation with
Ilse von Kamptz and Lea Grundig (right)

Auguste Lazar (born September 12, 1887 in Vienna , † April 7, 1970 in Dresden ; also Augusta Wieghardt-Lazar , pseudonym Mary MacMillan ) was an Austro-German writer .

Grave of Auguste Lazar in the Heidefriedhof in Dresden


Auguste Lazar came from a wealthy Jewish family with many children. She studied German and did her doctorate in Vienna in 1916 on ETA Hoffmann . She then became a teacher at several reform pedagogical institutions. In 1920 she and her husband, the mathematics professor Karl Wieghardt , moved to Dresden (first Johannstadt , later Gruna ).

Auguste Lazar was close friends with the Grundigs and the Klemperer family, as well as with their former pupil Helene Weigel and Rudolf Leonhard . Her husband died in 1924. After 1933 she worked illegally in the anti-fascist resistance until she had to emigrate to England in 1939. There she worked as a cook until 1949, when she was able to return to Dresden. She preferred to write children's books in which she dealt intensively with questions of political development, and for many years she actively supported young authors. Her best-known children's book Sally Pencil in America was published in Moscow in 1935 under the pseudonym Mary Macmillan . In the GDR, together with Alex Wedding, she was formative for authors of socialist children's literature. In 1953 she received the Karl Marx Order , in 1957 the Patriotic Order of Merit in bronze and in 1962 in silver and in 1959 the Martin Andersen Nexö Art Prize of the City of Dresden. She died in Dresden in 1970. Her grave is in the Heidefriedhof . Auguste-Lazar-Strasse in the Zschertnitz district of Dresden bears her name.

Her youngest sister Maria Lazar (1895–1948) was also a writer.

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  1. This refers to the visual artists Lea Grundig and Hans Grundig , who live in Dresden .
  2. Family of Victor Klemperer , his brothers and his cousin Otto Klemperer .