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Schulze-Knabe memorial stone in Dresden Plauen on the "Hohen Stein"

Eva Schulze-Knabe (born May 11, 1907 in Pirna ; † July 15, 1976 in Dresden ) was a painter and graphic artist and a resistance fighter against National Socialism .


Exhibition in Dresden 1961.

Eva Schulze-Knabe studied from 1924 to 1926 at what was then the State Academy for Graphic Arts and Book Trade in Leipzig and from 1928 to 1932 at the Dresden Art Academy . Her teachers there included Ferdinand Dorsch , Max Feldbauer , Robert Sterl and Otto Dix . From 1929 she was a member of the artist group Association of Revolutionary Visual Artists (Asso) and from 1931 in the KPD . In the same year she married the artist Fritz Schulze , who was executed in Plötzensee in 1942 . Both were friends with Hans Grundig , Lea Grundig and Auguste Lazar .

After the start of the National Socialist dictatorship , she tried, with some comrades, to maintain the structures of the banned KPD. She was arrested for the first time in 1933 and imprisoned in the Hohnstein concentration camp; she was released after half a year. Her resistance group was discovered in 1941, whereupon she was sentenced to life imprisonment by the People's Court in 1942 .

After their liberation by the Soviet army from the Waldheim prison in 1945, she lived a freelancer in Dresden. In 1947 she took part in the first exhibition of Dresden artists. She was in charge of the painting and drawing circle of the Sachsenwerk Niedersedlitz founded in 1948 . In 1965 Eva Schulze-Knabe was represented with works in Bologna and Turin at the international exhibition "Arte e Resistenza in Europa".

Schulze-Knabe died on July 15, 1976 in Dresden and was buried in the Heidefriedhof . There is a memorial stone for the artist and Fritz Schulze in a green area in the Plauen district of Dresden.


In her work there are many pictures with political statements and a number of self-portraits. Sgraffiti from her have also been preserved in public spaces, such as one from 1958 on the north facade of the building at Semperstrasse 3 in Dresden.


Pictures (selection)

  • Road with purple trees. 1930.
  • Hilde Ulbricht. 1933 (?).
  • View from the Hohen Stein. 1935.
  • Washerwoman in Hohnstein. (Self-portrait) 1935.
  • Self-Portrait. 1938.
  • Self-Portrait. 1947.
  • Judgment before the NS People's Court. 1947.
  • Trial before the NS People's Court. 1947.
  • Shooting. 1947.
  • Corpses in Dresden 1947 (2 ×).
  • Portrait of Mrs. S. 1955.
  • Worker woman (my waiting). 1955.
  • In the spring. 1956.
  • Winter landscape. 1958.
  • Construction of Seervorstadt West. 1960.
  • Desert (Syria). 1964.
  • View of the Zellescher Weg. 1967.
  • Open pit lignite mining. 1960s / 1970s.
  • Self-portrait with helmet, 1971
  • Gittersee shaft with blossoming trees. 1973.
  • A winter day in Dresden-Strehlen.


  • 1961 Pillnitz, Pillnitz Castle (painting, watercolors, drawings, graphics)

Works in museums and public collections (selection)

  • Altenburg (Thuringia), Lindenau Museum (including Ms. Simon; chalk drawing, 1935)
  • Berlin, Museum of German History (including Fritz Sparschuh; charcoal drawing, 1939)
  • Chemnitz, municipal art collection (double portrait - self-portrait with Fritz Schulze; charcoal drawing, heightened with white, 1934)
  • Dresden, Gemäldegalerie Neue Meister (including: Lößnitz landscape; oil painting, 1931)
  • Dresden, Kupferstich-Kabinett (including: woman's head; chalk drawing, 1934)
  • Dresden, City Museum (including: Thälmannstrasse under construction; mixed media, 1959)
  • Erfurt, Angermuseum (self-portrait; drawing with chalk and ink, 1942)
  • Frankfurt (Oder), Museum Junge Kunst (portrait of a girl; mixed media, 1951)
  • Freital, Municipal Collections (hero of the work Karl Krüger; oil painting, 1957)
  • Leipzig, Museum of Fine Arts (including: portrait of Fritz Schulze; drawing with charcoal and chalk; 1938)
  • Moritzburg, Moritzburg Castle Museum (including: Port of Sozopol; watercolor, approx. 1975)

Own publications (selection)

  • Fritz Schulze, artist and fighter (together with Wolfgang Balzer , with a picture of the artist's life by Eva Schulze-Knabe). Sachsenverlag, Dresden, 1950 (Art and World series)
  • G. Thümmler: Dresden artists and their city (with an introduction by Eva Schulze-Knabe), Museum of History Dresden, 1966


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