September 19th

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The September 19 is the 262nd day of the Gregorian calendar (the 263rd in leap years ), thus remain 103 days by year end.

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Politics and world events

1356: The battle of Maupertuis
1863: The Battle of Chickamauga
1945: US zone of occupation
1983: St. Kitts and Nevis


science and technology

1783: The "manned" Montgolfière
  • 1783: The first “manned” Montgolfière starts in Paris . A mutton, a duck and a rooster travel as a crew.
  • 1902: The aircraft designer and aeronaut Stanley Spencer is the first to fly over London.
  • 1921: The AVUS is inaugurated in Berlin .
  • 1982: The computer scientist Scott E. Fahlman suggests using the string made up of three ASCII characters :-) for jokes in e-mail . The emoticons that simulate a smiley will soon spread across the Arpanet .
  • 1988: Israel launches the Ofeq 1 satellite with the Shavit rocket .
  • 1991: The glacier mummy Ötzi is found in the Ötztal Alps .


1960: Single The Twist


1841: Marie Lafarge


  • 1450: The shyness of a few horses and mules, the incessant advancement of the crowds and the ruthlessness of a number of traders lead to a total of 172 deaths on the Angel's Bridge in Rome . Pope Nicholas V then has all stands and booths removed from the bridge and orders that unhindered passage must be guaranteed.
  • 1981: The Brazilian river passenger ship Sobral Santos capsizes in the Amazon . 300 people die.
  • 1985: A quake of the strength 8.1 in Michoacan , Mexico, requested officially over 9,500 dead, unofficially more than 30,000.
  • 1988: Hurricane Gilbert disintegrates over Texas . The on September 8, Leeward Islands formed tropical cyclone developed into one of the deadliest (318 deaths), expensive (damage of about 5.5 billion US dollars ) and strongest hurricanes (with the third highest ever measured speed).
  • 2017: Over 300 people died in a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Puebla , Mexico.

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1961: Civic Arena

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