September 18

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The September 18 is the 261st day of the Gregorian calendar (the 262nd in leap years ), thus remain 104 days by year end.

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Politics and world events

96 AD: Domitian
Barricade fighting in Frankfurt, 1848
1860: Battle of Castelfidardo
1931: Japanese troops in Shenjang


science and technology

  • 1895: Daniel David Palmer works as the first chiropractor . He corrects a displaced vertebra of a patient, which gives the latter back his hearing ability.
  • 1959: As part of the Vanguard project , the United States finally places the Vanguard 3 satellite in a near-earth orbit .
  • 1965: Japanese amateur astronomers discover comet Ikeya-Seki . The comet will later become so bright that it can be seen next to the sun during the day . It is considered to be one of the most striking comets of the second millennium after Christ.
  • 1977: Voyager I takes a photo for the first time in which the earth and moon can be seen (in full) together.
  • 1984: For reasons of environmental protection, the German decides federal government , the vehicle catalyst to make from 1989 to duty.
  • 1984: The American Joseph Kittinger descends on his first solo trip in a gas balloon across the Atlantic after a flight time of 83:40 hours near Cairo Montenotte in northern Italy.
1997: The Zeppelin NT


1808: The Royal Opera House
1952: Charlie Chaplin
1957: The Berlin Congress Hall
  • 1957: The Berlin Congress Hall is opened to the public.
  • 1979: The first Ars Electronica opens in Linz with a “ cloud of sound ” .
  • 1994: SFB 4 Multi Kulti, the first 24-hour program for foreigners, goes on air in Berlin . The program will be discontinued at the end of 2008 for cost reasons.
  • 2006: The new station The CW starts broadcasting in the USA . The station is the result of a merger between The WB and UPN .




  • 1906: Hong Kong is hit by a typhoon followed by a tidal wave, killing around 10,000 people.
  • 1916: 62 people die when the dam on the White Desse in the Jizera Mountains breaks .
  • 1940: The British ocean liner City of Benares is torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U 48 without warning in front of the Rockall sandbank . Among the 248 fatalities, 77 are children from a UK child rescue program.
  • 1974: Hurricane Fifi attracts over Honduras , approximately 10,000 deaths.
  • 1994: Violent volcanic eruptions occur on the island of New Britain , which almost completely destroy the city of Rabaul .
  • 1998: The Princess of the Orient , the largest ferry in the Philippines , capsizes in strong winds and waves after a typhoon . 150 of the 388 passengers lose their lives.

Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Disaster .

nature and environment

1870: Old Faithful


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Individual evidence

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