Vladimir Alexeyevich Senilov

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Vladimir Alexeyevich Senilow ( Russian Владимир Алексеевич Сенилов ., Scientific transliteration Vladimir Alekseevic Senilov ; born July 27 . Jul / 8. August  1875 greg. In Vyatka ; † 18th September 1918 in Petrograd ) was a Russian composer.

life and work

Senilow studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory with Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow and Alexander Glasunow and worked as a music teacher and lawyer. In addition to several stage works, he composed a symphony , four symphonic poems , an orchestral overture and variations for orchestra, chamber music works and a cantata as well as choral and piano music.

He set three poems by Anna Akhmatova to music : The Prayer ( Молитва ), The Gray-Eyed King ( Сероглазый король ) and The Statue of Tsarskoye Selo ( Царскосельская статуя ).


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