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Angela Maria "Geli" Raubal (born January 4, 1908 in Linz , † September 18, 1931 in Munich ) was a niece of Adolf Hitler , the daughter of his half-sister Angela Raubal .


Angela Raubal was born as the daughter of the tax office official Leo Raubal (1879–1910), a native Czech , and his wife Angela (1883–1949, later married Hammitzsch, née Hitler), a half-sister of Adolf Hitler.

Her father died just two years after she was born, as a result, she and her two siblings Leo and Elfriede often changed their place of residence and caregivers. Geli Raubal attended the Academic Gymnasium in Linz and was one of the first girls to graduate there in 1927 .

In 1923 Adolf Hitler was appointed Raubal's guardian , but it was not until 1924 that she first met him on a visit to Landsberg am Lech fortress , where he was imprisoned.

Geli Raubal began studying medicine in Munich in 1927 and moved into a boarding house not far from Hitler's apartment. Soon after matriculating , she dropped out of medical school to train as a singer. Hitler financed the singing lessons, first with Kapellmeister Adolf Vogl and later with Hans Streck, the former adjutant of Erich Ludendorff .

In December 1927 Emil Maurice , co-founder of the SS and Hitler's chauffeur, announced to his boss that he intended to marry Raubal. Hitler reacted angrily, calling for a separation for two years and meetings during this time only under supervision. He gave Maurice notice in January 1928. Since Raubal was not yet of legal age, it was not possible to get married without the consent of the guardian.

Raubal and Hitler's apartment on the 2nd floor at Prinzregentenplatz 16

In 1929 she and Hitler moved into a nine-room apartment at 16 Prinzregentenplatz .

At this point was the sofa on which Geli Raubal shot himself

On September 18, 1931, Geli Raubal shot herself in the shared apartment. According to the files, the judiciary decided on suicide . She died of a lung shot. Reasons for suicide were not given; a suicide note was not found. The domestic workers said there had been an argument between Raubal and Hitler on the morning of September 18. Hitler stated that his niece wanted to perform as a singer but couldn't withstand the pressure. Her brother Leo, who had hiked in the mountains with her a week earlier, testified that he had not noticed any signs of weariness with life. Emil Maurice testified in 1945 that she may have suffered from being locked in a "golden cage" on Prinzregentenstrasse.

Geli Raubal was buried on September 23, 1931 in the Vienna Central Cemetery. Hitler did not visit the grave until three days later. An exhumation requested in 1985 to clarify the exact cause of death was rejected by the authorities.

Adolf Hitler is said to have said that the relationship between him and Geli "completely failed because of the generation problem". The principle “youth must be led by youth” for the Hitler Youth is said to have been shaped by this experience.

Much speculation revolved around the question of whether Geli Raubal was Hitler's lover. The meaning that it had for her uncle was not clarified, nor could the authorship of a study of the nude of the 21-year-old Hitler be assigned. The Hitler biographer Joachim Fest sees Raubal as Hitler's only great love. The possible love affair between Hitler and his niece was first discussed in Stuart Heisler's film Hitler in 1962. Cordula Trantow was nominated for a Golden Globe in the same year for portraying Geli Raubal .


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