Bernhard of Pavia

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Bernhard von Pavia ( Bernardus Papiensis ) (* before 1150 in Pavia ; † September 18, 1213 ) was an Italian canonist and bishop of Faenza and Pavia .

Breviary extravagantium , 1779

life and work

Bernhard von Pavia studied law and theology in Bologna with Gandulphus and Johannes Faventinus. From 1170 to 1180 he was professor at the University of Bologna , then Provost of Pavia , from 1192 Bishop of Faenza and finally from 1198 Bishop of Pavia.

His canonical works established canon law as an independent field of law. He is particularly known for his Breviarium extravagantium (also Compilatio prima antiqua ), which was created between 1187 and 1191 , in which he collected canons that were not included in the Decretum Gratiani .


  • Summa decretalium . Ed .: EA Th. Laspeyres. 1860. Reprinted in 1956: Summa de matrimoniis, Summa de electione, glosses and cases on the Breviarium. on-line
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  • Glosses on his Breviarium extravagantium .
  • Summa de matrimonio
  • Summa de electione
  • Case decretalium

The Vita sancti Lanfranci and commentaries on the Ecclesiasticus and the Canticum canticorum are not canonical works .

Worth knowing

Bernard of Pavia is not to be confused with Bernard of Botonus , who is also sometimes referred to as Bernard of Pavia.