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The September 13 is the 256th day of the Gregorian calendar (the 257th in leap years ). This leaves 109 days until the end of the year.

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Politics and world events

81 AD: Emperor Domitian
1745: Francis I Stephan of Lorraine
1882: Battle of Tel-el-Kebir
1948: Asaf Jah VII , the last nizam of Hyderabad
1979: Venda


  • 1900: The protective association of doctors in Germany to protect their professional interests , Hartmannbund since 1924 , is founded.
  • 1927: The Japanese consumer electronics company JVC is founded.
  • 1932: Bankruptcy proceedings are opened with the Berliner Tageblatt .
  • 2006: Andrei Andreevich Kozlov , Russia's top banking supervisor and deputy head of the Central Bank , who has revoked business permits from 44 of the approximately 1,200 Russian banks since the beginning of the year, and his driver are shot by professional killers in front of the stadium of the Spartak Moscow football club . In business circles there is growing concern that the reform of the banking system and the fight against money laundering could stall.

science and technology

1848: Phineas Gage with iron bar


1584: El Escorial (painting, 1723)
1920: Ernst Jünger



335: Floor plan of the Holy Sepulcher in the fourth century


  • 1813: In Munich , the Isar bridge collapses due to a flood of the Isar , killing over 100 onlookers.
  • 1858: 471 passengers and crew members die in the sinking of the German passenger steamer Austria caused by a fire on board .
  • 1928: The Okeechobee hurricane devastates the islands of the Caribbean and the east coast of the USA . At least 4075 people are killed.
  • 1939: The French mine cruiser La Tour D'Auvergne sinks in Casablanca after the explosion of the sea mines on board . 215 men of the 396-strong crew are killed.
  • 1941: The unarmed Norwegian passenger ship Barøy is sunk in the Vestfjord by the torpedo of a British Fairey Albacore torpedo bomber. 112 people, mostly Norwegian civilians, die.
  • 1941: The Hurtigruten passenger steamer Richard With is sunk by the British submarine Tigris on the coast of Finnmark in northern Norway . 99 passengers and crew members die.

Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Disaster .


1850: Piz Bernina
  • 1850: The 4,049 m high Piz Bernina is climbed for the first time by the mountaineering group consisting of Johann Coaz and Jon and Lorenz Ragut Tscharner.
  • 1933: Through the merger of the clubs FC Hertha Salzburg and Rapid Salzburg , SV Austria Salzburg , later one of the most internationally successful Austrian football clubs, is founded.
  • 1970: The first New York City Marathon is held.
  • 2004: Amélie Mauresmo becomes the first French tennis player to make it to the top of the WTA world rankings .

Entries of track and field world records can be found under the respective discipline under track and field .


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