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Werner Teschenmacher (also Teschemacher , born September 13, 1590 in Elberfeld (today in Wuppertal ), † April 2, 1638 in Xanten ) was a German annalist , humanist and Reformed theologian .


Teschenmacher was born on September 13, 1590 in Elberfeld as the son of the married couple Peter Teschenmacher and Margarethe Nippel, his father was alderman and mayor in Elberfeld several times . After attending the Latin school in Elberfeld , he joined the Herborn pedagogy at the age of twelve . In 1605 he moved to the high school in Steinfurt , where he only stayed for a short time. In 1607 Teschenmacher matriculated at the University of Heidelberg and received his master's degree one year later . In 1611 he took the position of preacher in the Reformed parish in Grevenbroich , which at that time only had a few hundred inhabitants. From there he was also responsible for the Reformed in the communities of Jüchen , Kelzenberg , Bontenbroich , Otzenrath and Königshoven . Afterwards Teschenmacher worked as a pastor in Sittard and his home town Elberfeld . In 1617 he became a pastor in Kleve , where he particularly campaigned for financial support for the Reformed communities on the Lower Rhine during the Eighty Years' War . In 1623 Teschenmacher accepted the position of the Brandenburg court preacher in Emmerich am Rhein . In 1630 he married Johanna Bruyns and, since her family was well off in the Netherlands, became financially more independent. As early as 1632 he resigned his position as court preacher and moved with his family to Xanten. He died on April 2, 1638 as a result of a stroke and was buried in the Willibrordus Church in Wesel .


  • Disputatio physica de mari (Heidelberg 1608)
  • Thesaurus Locorum Sanctae Theologiae communium, in two volumes (Herborn 1611) ( online 1 , 2 )
  • Annales Cliviae, Juliae, Montium (Arnheim 1638, Frankfurt am Main 1721) - Regional history of the duchies of Kleve , Jülich and Berg ( online )
  • Repetitio brevis catholicae et orthodoxae religionis (Wesel 1635) - commemorative publication on the occasion of the centenary of the church order of Duke Johann III. from Kleve-Jülich-Berg
  • Annales ecclesiastici Reformationis ecclesiarum Cliviae, Juliae, Montium (Düsseldorf 1962, from the estate) - Annals of the Reformation history in the Duchies of Jülich, Kleve and Berg
  • Autobiography (handwritten)


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