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Benedikt Naubert 1806 with foster son
Memorial plaque on the house where she was born

Christiane Benedigte Naubert (born September 13, 1752 in Leipzig as Christiana Benedicta Hebenstreit ; † January 12, 1819 ibid) was a German writer who - mostly anonymously - published over 50 historical novels . She is considered one of the founders of the historical novel in Germany .


As the daughter of the medical professor Johann Ernst Hebenstreit and half-sister of the theology professor Hebenstreit, she received a solid education in philosophy, history, Latin and Greek. She was married twice, first in 1797 with the manor owner and businessman Lorenz Wilhelm Holderrieder from Naumburg and after his death in 1800 with Johann Georg Naubert, who was also a businessman in Naumburg.

Naubert published almost all of her books anonymously. Due to the erudition of the books, several men, including Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Müller , came up as possible authors.

Without her permission, her identity was revealed in an article in the newspaper for the elegant world in 1817. She drew her novel Rosalba (1817) on it with her own name. Today Benedikt Naubert is largely unknown.


Some of her historical novels have also been translated into French and English , which is how Walter Scott met her.

In novels like Ulrich Holzer or Walter von Montbarry , she already uses the principle of making secondary characters in the story the main characters of her novels. For example, in Konradin von Schwaben fictional characters experience world history alongside kings - literary techniques that Walter Scott then adopted.

It also became important through its collection of the New German Folk Tales (1789–1793; new edition 2001) long before the collection of the Brothers Grimm (1812–1815). It is, of course, about art fairy tales , literary designs of historical material with the inclusion of folk motifs, not about a fairy tale collection in the later sense. Comparable are the fairy tales by Johann Karl August Musäus , which were published little before .

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Review of "Walter von Montbarry" (1786), published in 1787

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