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Victor Company of Japan Limited

legal form subsidiary
founding September 13, 1927
Seat Yokohama , Japan
management Kunihiko Sato, executive director and president
Number of employees approx. 19,044 (as of 2008)
sales 658,400 million yen (as of 2008)
Branch Consumer electronics
Website www.jvc.jp

The original Victor logo, which was used domestically until 2012 when it was replaced with the international logo.
JVC VHS video recorder

JVC , full name Nihon Victor KK ( Jap. 日本ビクター株式会社 , Nihon bikutā Kabushiki Kaisha ; Engl. Victor Company of Japan, Limited ) is a company based in the Japanese Yokohama developed, consumer electronics and media technology devices and markets. The company was founded in 1927 by the American record producer Victor Talking Machine Company , was a subsidiary of today's Panasonic Corporation from 1954 to 2008 and formed a joint venture with the former competitor Kenwood in 2008 ; since 2011 JVC has been a subsidiary of the JVC Kenwood Corporation that was formed from it . In 2008 JVC had approximately 19,000 employees.


Subsidiary of VTMC

The company was founded on September 13, 1927 as a subsidiary of the American Victor Talking Machine Company (VTMC), but separated from its parent company at the beginning of the Second World War between 1939 and 1940. Initially, JVC dealt with the production of records and their improvement, e.g. B. the development of the 45/45 stereo format . Many innovations that were successful in the market followed and allowed JVC to grow steadily.

Subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial

In 1954, JVC was acquired by Matsushita Electric Industrial (now Panasonic Corporation ).

1976 JVC introduced the first VHS - VCR for home use with the model name HR-3300 on the market. Through a policy of generous licensing to other manufacturers, the VHS system replaced the already existing magnetic image recording systems from Philips ( VCR ) and Sony ( Betamax ) in just a few years . Video 2000 , which was introduced by Grundig and Philips after VHS , could not prevail against the JVC format either ( "format war" ). Due to its commercial success and the associated widespread use, VHS has become the quasi-standard for home video recorders worldwide.

The at least controversial role of JVC as a trailblazer for the worldwide spread of the analogue copy protection Macrovision should not go unmentioned . In 1985, JVC modified the VHS standard under pressure from the film industry. VHS licensees had to change the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) so that it responded reliably to the Macrovision impulses. (The AGC is technically the counterpart to the automatic level control in magnetic tape recorders and should ensure correct video levels and thus the correct brightness of the recording without any action on the part of the user.) Up until this point, it depended on the AGC circuit of the respective video recorder whether it was able to access the Copy protection signals responded or not as requested by Macrovision Corporation .

From 1986 JVC developed an improved VHS format (S-VHS, first model: HR-S5000 PAL or HR-S7000 NTSC) and the smaller VHS-C format for portable recorders and camcorders . In 1995, JVC introduced the professional- grade Digital S , which has the same form factor as VHS, and the first pocket-sized digital camcorder (JVC GR DV-1); 2002 plasma screens .

In 1991 JVC achieved a milestone in the home stereo category. In keeping with the general trend through microchips to reduce the size of the devices, JVC also went there to downsize stereo hi-fi systems. In 1991 they brought the world's first fully-fledged micro hi-fi stereo system "UX-1" onto the market. In the specifications, the device could not be wider or deeper than a CD case and no higher than two cases on edge. The device has a fully electronic auto reverse cassette deck as well as a motor-driven top loading CD player, AM / FM reception and an RCA (Cinch) aux connection to feed in another source. The device earned consistently positive reviews because it was basically just a full-format hi-fi device that had been shrunk to the maximum and sounded that way. JVC thus created the market for micro hi-fi systems, which was previously only served by mini hi-fi devices. Such mini-devices (mostly 32 cm to 36 cm) were mostly only reduced full-size devices (41 cm to 44 cm) and were still relatively large.

JVC A-X7 integrated amplifier
(90 W / channel (8 ohms), weight 12 kg)
JVC KD D10E cassette deck (1982)
JVC QL-Y5F, direct drive turntable

Consumer electronics was also an important pillar of JVC / Victor. Many innovations such as CD4 (Quadrofonieverfahren), ANRS (noise reduction), Biphonic (artificial head recordings), Super A (amplifier technology) were introduced and made JVC / Victor known worldwide. HiFi devices may a. the professional series 1000 from 1975 (JM-S1000, JP-V1000, CD4-1000 and the studio turntable JL-B1000) are worth mentioning. Various presentation devices were handed out to dealers at the same time. Using the example of the MM-4 plasma display with this device, it was possible to display all 4 channels in quadrophony.

The Laboratory series (e.g. 1000ender, M-7050, Xl-Z1000) had special quality requirements. Many of the circuit technologies implemented there were mostly found in various series products with a time lag.

The export policy to Europe was pursued half-heartedly, devices from some series found their way to the USA, but not to Europe. This is shown, for example, by the 7070 series from 1978: The SEA-7070 (equalizer) in Europe / USA, but not the EQ-7070 (preamplifier), M-7070 (mono power amplifier), CF-7070 (crossover) - these were reserved for the USA.

1997 u. a. Again the same dilema with quality components- the CD player XL-Z999EX with the D / A converter XP-DA999- only Japan.

JVC (UK) Limited was founded as a European branch in 1977 and JVC-Deutschland GmbH in 1978 (initially in Frankfurt am Main , since 1993 in Friedberg ).

Subsidiary of JVC Kenwood Corporation

JVC compact system

Due to high losses from JVC, Matsushita began in 2007 with a partial sale to Kenwood and thus a reduction in its company shares.

JVC Kenwood, logo

On October 1, 2008, JVC and Kenwood founded the joint venture company JVC Kenwood Holdings KK ( JVC ・ ケ ン ウ ッ ド ・ ホ ー ル デ ィ ン グ ス 株式会社 , JVC Ken'uddo hōrudingusu kabushiki-gaihsa , English JVC KENW Holdings Inc. ).

The union of JVC and Kenwood ended with the renaming of the holding in the JVC Kenwood Corporation . JVC Ltd. has since been one of the three subsidiaries of the JVC Kenwood Corporation and JVC Kenwood Group, along with Kenwood Corporation and J & K Car Electronics Corporation .


JVC is also involved as a sponsor of major sporting events such as the UEFA European Football Championship (since 1980), the FIFA - World Cup (since 1982), the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Korea / Japan and has since 1978 regularly organizer of the Tokyo Video Festival and of the JVC Jazz Festival in Singapore . JVC also sponsors the Dutch racing driver Christijan Albers .

From 1984 to 2008 JVC sponsored the JVC Jazz Festival .

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