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Justus Gesenius

Justus Gesenius (born July 6, 1601 in Esbeck near Elze , † September 18, 1673 in Hanover ) was a German theologian and hymn poet .


Justus Gesenius was born on July 6, 1601 in Esbeck as the son of the local pastor Joachim Gesenius. He studied theology with Georg Calixt in Helmstedt from 1618 and received his master's degree in Jena in 1628 . Gesenius was pastor at St. Magnus in Braunschweig from 1629 to 1636 . He later became the second court preacher at the cathedral in Hildesheim and was 1642 in Hannover consistory , the first court preacher and general superintendent of the General Diocese Calenberg and 1666 and the General Diocese Grubenhagen .

In 1646 Gesenius carried out a general visitation and introduced compulsory schooling . In the same year, together with David Denicke, he published the new tidy chant book for private devotions , in which older songs were linguistically redesigned for the first time and from which the Hanoverian hymn book for church services emerged in 1659 .


Legend on the street sign of the Geseniusweg in Hanover

The Geseniusweg in Hanover-Kleefeld and the Geseniusstraße in Esbeck were named after Justus Gesenius.


  • 1631: Small catechism school, that is short instruction on how to practice the doctrine of the catechism among young people and the simple
  • 1639: Small (later: short ) catechism questions about Luther's Small Catechism
  • 1653/54: Evangelical sermons , 3 parts
  • 1656: Biblical histories AT and NT
  • 1669–1672: Discussion of the question: Why don't you want Roman Catholic. become like your ancestors were? , 4 parts
  • 1671: Passion sermons
  • 1671/72: Epistle sermons , 4 parts


  • 1646: Now sing and be happy
  • 1646: When my sin offends me (EKG 61, EG 82, EGB 119)
  • 1657: O death, where is your sting now? (EGB 113)
  • O my soul, arise
  • O most holy trinity
  • Herefore I step in front of your throne


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