Dalibor Vačkář

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Dalibor Cyril Vačkář ( Dalibor C. Faltis ; born September 19, 1906 in Korčula , † October 21, 1984 ) was a Czech composer and writer .

Vačkář studied in Prague with Karel Hoffmann and Otar Šin . From 1934 to 1945 he was a violinist with the Prague Radio Orchestra . During this time he worked primarily as a successful dramatist . He then lived as a freelance composer in Prague.

He composed two ballets and four symphonies , a sinfonietta, a concerto grosso , a violin, a piano and a bassoon concerto, a legend for harpsichord and orchestra, a concerto for piano, percussion and double bass, choral works and songs . In addition, he wrote about thirty film music under various pseudonyms and wrote an instrumentation lesson.

His son Tomáš Vačkář was also known as a composer.

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