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Civil rights or civil rights activist is a person who publicly for human and civil rights occurs. In democratic states, critics of the modern state who can articulate themselves within pluralistically structured societies in citizens' initiatives , parties and associations (e.g. trade unions ) are also called this. Examples of activities of civil rights activists are: standing up for the right to free elections , freedom of the press , freedom of assembly , data protection and free development of the personality .

In repressive states, civil rights activists are often prosecuted, arrested, tortured or even killed with writing or professional bans . Newspaper comments, videos, weblogs and other publications by civil rights activists are also censored in such states . This is the case in China , for example .

Civil rights activists are particularly supported by human rights organizations such as Reporters Without Borders or Amnesty International , which research human rights violations and generate international public pressure on those responsible.


  • Protection of human and civil rights
  • Defense of democracy and democratic values
  • Take responsibility for the community

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