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Sweden Scania location map.svg
Localization of Skåne in Sweden
State : Sweden
Province  (län): Skåne County
Historical Province (landskap): Gentle
Municipality  : Landskrona
Coordinates : 55 ° 52 ′  N , 12 ° 50 ′  E Coordinates: 55 ° 52 ′  N , 12 ° 50 ′  E
SCB code : 3560
Status: Crime scene
Residents : 32,229 (December 31, 2015)
Area : 12.8 km²
Population density : 2518 inhabitants / km²
Height : 9.9  m o.h.
Postal code : 261 00 - 261 91
List of perpetrators in Skåne County

Landskrona [ lans ̌kruːna ] ( German outdated Landskron , Danish Landskrone ) is a port and industrial city in the Swedish province of Skåne län and the historical province of Schonen , located on the Öresund between Malmö and Helsingborg . It is the capital of the municipality of the same name . The Danish capital Copenhagen is about 25 km away on the opposite side of the Øresund.


Under the name Landskrone , the town was granted city rights by King Erik VII of Denmark in 1413 . The name ("Landeskrone") said it all : Erik intended to make the new city the capital of the Nordic countries that had been united in the Kalmar Union since 1389 . In 1416 Erik moved to Copenhagen and the idea was given up.


The citadel and the Landskrona Museum with exhibits of local handicrafts and Sweden's first aircraft factory are well worth a visit .

The city is located upstream in about 4 km from the island of Ven , the astronomers at the 1576 Tycho Brahe invested was.


The city's public transport is operated by Skånetrafik ; Line 3 is operated by trolleybuses (see Landskrona trolleybus ). Ferries operated by the Ventagraphs operate to Ven .

Industry and the environment

Landskrona has been a prime example of environmentally friendly businesses in circles of nature conservationists and environmental experts for several years . In this regard, the TEM (Technology Environment Management) foundation of the University of Lund should be emphasized, which gave a decisive impetus in Landskrona away from the "post and disposal" environmental technology towards the "preventive" environmental technology.


The best known sports club in Landskrona is the local soccer club Landskrona BoIS . In 1990, Landskrona went down in football history as the venue for the European Championship qualifier between the Faroese national football team and the Austrian team , when the previously unknown Faroese team unexpectedly left the field with a 1-0 win.

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