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Län ( Swedish ) is the name of a province in Sweden . The provincial organs perform state administrative tasks at the regional level (with the exception of financial, judicial and military administration). There are currently 21 provinces.

These organs do not include the provincial councils (Swedish landsting ), which, as so-called secondary municipalities, perform tasks within the framework of local self-government and are therefore independent of the state administration, even if their territorial boundaries mostly coincide with those of the provinces.


In the wake of the political reforms of Gustav II Adolf , the political and administrative division of the country was also renewed in 1634, and provinces (swedish län ) were created, which were administered by a governor (swed. Landshövding ). Major changes happened in 1810 when Finland was ceded to Russia and the present-day provinces were created in Norrland , and in the 1990s when the two present-day provinces of Skåne län (1997 by the merger of the provinces of Malmöhus län and Kristianstads län ) and Västra Götalands län (1998 through the union of the provinces Göteborgs och Bohus län , Älvsborgs län and Skaraborgs län ).


At the head of the provincial administration is the district president (Swedish Landshövding ), who is appointed by the government for a term of six years. The district president is the chairman of the provincial government (swed. Länsstyrelse ), which has been elected by the provincial parliaments since the 1970s. The internal organization of the provincial government and its offices is now left to them, so that there is no uniform model.


The provincial governments have two central tasks: on the one hand they are representatives of the state power in their region, on the other hand they should represent the regional interests of the province.

The administrative tasks cover a broad spectrum, from civil defense to spatial planning, transport, agriculture and fishing, animal welfare to environmental protection, culture and the like. a. The provincial governments are also responsible for policing and elections.


Skåne län Blekinge län Gotlands län Hallands län Kronobergs län Västra Götalands län Jönköpings län Kalmar län Östergötlands län Värmlands län Örebro län Västmanlands län Södermanlands län Stockholms län Uppsala län Dalarnas län Gävleborgs län Västernorrlands län Jämtlands län Västerbottens län Norrbottens län Finnland Estland Litauen Russland Dänemark Norwegen
The Swedish provinces
coat of arms Length Residential city Part of the country Letter SCB code Residents Area (km²) Inhabitants
per km²
Blekinges vapen.svg Blekinge län Karlskrona Skåneland K 10 159,606 3,039.4 52.5
Dalarnas vapen.svg Dalarna County Falun Svealand W. 20th 287,966 30,222.8 9.5
Gävleborgs län vapen.svg Gävleborg County Gävle Norrland X 21st 287,382 19,629.7 14.6
Gotlands vapen.svg Gotland County Visby Götaland I. 09 59,686 3,166.8 18.8
Hallands vapen.svg Hallands Lan Halmstad Skåneland N 13 333,848 5,687.5 58.7
Jämtlands läns vapen.svg Jämtland County Ostersund Norrland Z 23 130.810 53,752.8 2.4
Jönköpings vapen.svg Jönköpings län Jonkoping Götaland F. 06 363,599 11,693.1 31.1
Kalmars läns vapen.svg Kalmar Lan Squid Götaland H 08 245,446 11,636.7 21.1
Kronobergs läns vapen.svg Kronobergs län Vaxjo Götaland G 07 201,469 9,385.2 21.5
Norrbottens läns vapen.svg Norrbotten County Luleå Norrland BD 25th 250.093 105,208.8 2.4
Örebros läns vapen.svg Örebro län Örebro Svealand T 18th 304.805 9,633.3 31.6
Östergötland vapen .svg Östergötland County Linkoping Götaland E. 05 465.495 12,230 38.1
Skånes läns vapen.svg Skåne County Malmo Skåneland M. 12 1,377,827 11,302.2 121.9
Södermanlands vapen.svg Södermanland County Nykoping Svealand D. 04 297,540 7,026.1 42.3
Stockholms läns vapen.svg Stockholm County Stockholm Svealand FROM 01 2,377,081 7,153.9 332.3
Upplands vapen.svg Uppsala län Uppsala Svealand C. 03 383.713 8,608.1 44.6
Värmlands vapen.svg Värmland County Karlstad Svealand S. 17th 282.414 21,789.1 13
Västerbottens läns vapen.svg Västerbotten County Umeå Norrland AC 24 271.736 58,875.4 4.6
Västernorrlands läns vapen.svg Västernorrlands Lan Harnösand Norrland Y 22nd 245,347 22,957.6 10.7
Västmanlands vapen.svg Västmanland County Västerås Svealand U 19th 275,845 5,658.7 48.7
Västra Götalands läns vapen.svg Västra Götalands län Gothenburg Götaland O 14th 1,725,881 28,778 60

Note: The letter corresponds to the second part of the provincial ISO 3166-2 code .

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