Carlo Maffeis

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Carlo Maffeis (born January 11, 1883 in Milan , † September 12, 1921 ) was an Italian motorcycle racer .


Carlo Maffeis was a pioneer of motorcycle racing in the early years of the 20th century and also a talented stunt pilot . In 1911, for example, he delighted the audience with a Blériot at the Grande riunione aviatoria di Rimini air show in Rimini .

As a motorcycle racer, Maffeis won the Susa - Moncenisio race on a Saroléa as early as 1903 . In 1913 he won the Italian road championship in the 500 cc class on Moto Rêve . In 1914 he drove on a Singer against GE Stanley on the Brooklands Railway . His younger brother Miro was also a successful motorcycle racer. With Nando, the third brother, they led the Bianchi factory team and prepared the engines for the races. In 1920, Carlo Maffeis was with Gallarate on a 500 cc BianchiV2 engine with an average speed of 125 km / h set a new world record for motorcycles over the flying kilometer.

Carlo Maffeis had a serious accident on September 10, 1921 on his 500cc Bianchi at the Gran Premio del Moto Club d'Italia on the Circuito della Fascia d'Oro in Montichiari . Two days later, at the age of 38, he died from serious injuries.


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