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Railway attack during the March fighting
Left-wing forces spark the March fighting in central Germany .
Inauguration of Warren G. Harding
Warren G. Harding is sworn in as US President.
The new border line after the Polish-Soviet War
With the Peace of Riga , the Polish-Soviet War officially ended.
1921 in other calendars
From urbe condita 2674
Armenian calendar 1369-1370
Ethiopian calendar 1913-1914
Badi calendar 77-78
Bengali calendar 1327-1328
Berber calendar 2871
Buddhist calendar 2465
Burmese calendar 1283
Byzantine calendar 7429-7430
Chinese calendar
 - era 4617-4618 or
 - 60 year cycle

Metal monkey (庚申, 57) -
metal rooster (辛酉, 58)

revolution calendar
Hindu calendar
 - Vikram Sambat 1977-1988
 - Shaka Samvat 1843-1844
Iranian calendar 1299-1300
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 - Kōki 2581
Jewish calendar 5681-5682
Coptic Calendar 1637-1638
Korean calendar
 - Dangun era 4254
 - Juche era 10
Minguo calendar 10
Modern Olympics VII
Seleucid calendar 2232-2233
Thai solar calendar 2464


Politics and world events

German Empire / Poland

Austria / Hungary

Second attempt at restoration by Emperor Charles in Hungary; Karl pacing the company of honor at the train station in Ödenburg on October 21


Great Britain and Ireland

  • January 3: In London , an agreement is signed by the German Ambassador Friedrich Sthamer and the British Foreign Minister Lord Curzon to ensure the return or remuneration of British property that was confiscated during the First World War .
A minister for any use . The 1921 cartoon alludes to Churchill changing ministries "like other people change hats." Holding the mirror: David Lloyd George.

The Soviet Union and its neighbors

The Soviet Mountain Republic when it was founded
The battleships Petropavlovsk and Sevastopol in the port of Kronstadt (1921)
Victims of the Suppression of the Uprising (March 20, 1921)
Delegate at the III. World Congress of the Comintern

Greece / Turkey



Italian military cordoning off the Bolzano fruit market after the fascist attack

Other events in Europe

  • June 24th: The League of Nations decides on the Åland question that the islands remain part of the national territory of Finland , but demands various guarantees in favor of the Swedish-speaking population.
  • August 16: After the death of King Peter I , his son Alexander I becomes the new ruler of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes . In contrast to his father, who largely stayed out of day-to-day politics before the war and thereby enabled the development of a parliamentary system of government in the Kingdom of Serbia, Alexander intervened directly in government policy from the start. Like the leading Serbian politicians, he advocates a centralized and monarchical state order, as enshrined in the Vidovdan constitution of June 28th. At the same time, however, he tries at their expense to expand his own position of power and to weaken the position of the most important Serbian party, the Radical People's Party , headed by the multiple Prime Minister Nikola Pašić . In doing so, he relies primarily on circles of the Serbian officer corps, with whom he is personally known from his time in the army.
  • September 30th: An international agreement is reached in Geneva to curb the trafficking of women and children .
  • November 14th: In Spain , two young communist parties merge to form the Partido Comunista de España .


Other events in Asia

The historic site of the Founding Congress of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai, now part of the People's Republic of China's List of Monuments

United States of America

Wilson (back seat, left) to hand over office with his successor Warren G. Harding (next to Wilson in the car)

South America


Monetary and Economic Policy

  • The Budget and Accounting Act creates the Bureau of Budget as part of the Treasury Department in the United States .

Trade fairs and exhibitions

  • 4th / 5th April: The first German fur fashion show takes place in the Krystallpalast in Leipzig .
  • September 11th: The first Viennese trade fair opens after just four months of planning. Its aim is to lead Austria out of economic isolation after the First World War . The exhibitions (not accessible to the public) are spread over several locations in Vienna and have the Messe Frankfurt , which was relaunched three years earlier, as a model . The largest area comprises parts of the area of ​​the Vienna World Exhibition of 1873 in the Prater. The central building is the rotunda , which has fallen into ruins, along with its open spaces.

Business start-ups

  • March 15: Army aviator Giorgio Parodi and his friend the aircraft technician Carlo Guzzi found the Moto Guzzi company in the Italian city of Mandello del Lario with the financial support of Giorgio's father Emanuele Vittorio Parodi .
  • April 5: On the initiative of Oskar von Miller , the state power supply company Bayernwerk is founded in Bavaria .
  • Benelli begins series production of motorcycles.


science and technology

  • January 1: The NC-5 , a US naval aircraft manufactured by the Naval Aircraft Factory according to plans by Glenn Curtiss , flies 702 miles (1129.5 km) in a record time of 9 hours 15 with 5 passengers on board Minutes. It thus reaches an average speed of 123.44 km / h.
Tomb of Egtved
The quest under Tower Bridge


Visual arts

  • January 6th: The Rembrandt painting Removing Thunderstorm in Autumn Landscape is stolen from the office of the private bank Heckscher in Hamburg . It is worth 2 million marks.


Movie scene from The Kid
The Scapegoat
A scene from "The Lucky Dog"

Music and theater


Margaret Gorman, first Miss America



Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Disaster .


Nobel Prizes

A Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was not awarded.






Peter Ustinov (1973)


Arthur L. Schawlow
Hildegard Hamm-Brücher, 1976
Andrei Sakharov (1989)




Gene Roddenberry, 1976
Maxime Faget



Albert Scott Crossfield
Mélanie Berger-Volle
Michael I of Romania



  • 0December 2: Otis Dudley Duncan , American sociologist († 2004)
  • 0December 2: Carlo Furno , Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church († 2015)
  • 0December 3: Phyllis Curtin , American opera singer (soprano) and music teacher († 2016)
  • 0December 4: Carlos Franqui , Cuban poet, writer, journalist and art critic († 2010)
  • 0December 4: Paul Schäfer , German founder of Colonia Dignidad in Chile († 2010)
  • 0December 5: Satoshi Anabuki , Japanese fighter pilot († 2005)
  • 0December 5: Louis de Froment , French conductor († 1994)
  • 0December 6: Khalil Abi-Nader , Lebanese bishop († 2009)
  • 0December 6th: Marcel Callo , French Catholic youth worker and opponent of National Socialism († 1945)
  • 0December 6: Otto Graham , American football player and coach, basketball player († 2003)
  • 0December 7th: Tilda Thamar , Argentine film actress and painter († 1989)
  • 0December 8: Peter René Körner , German actor, singer and presenter († 1989)
  • 0December 9th: Herbert Koschel , German javelin thrower († 1980)
  • December 10: Richard Ackerschott , German football player († 2002)
  • December 10: Christine Brückner , German writer († 1996)
  • December 10th: Georg Stefan Troller , Austrian writer, television journalist and documentary filmmaker
Georg Stefan Troller

Exact date of birth unknown


January February

Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg

March April

May June

July August

Gabriel Lippmann (1908)
Georg von Schönerer

September October

Engelbert Humperdinck

November December

John Boyd Dunlop

Exact date of death unknown

  • Émile Arnaud , French lawyer, notary, pacifist and writer (* 1884)
  • Auweyida , Nauruan King (* before 1850)
Nat Love (1876)
  • Nat Love , American slave, cowboy, rodeo rider, Pullman porter and author (* 1854)
  • Wilhelm Schwach , Romanian-German composer, music teacher and choir director (* 1850)

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