Ernie McCoy

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Ernie McCoy
Nation: United StatesUnited States United States
Automobile world championship
First start: Indianapolis 500 1953
Last start: Indianapolis 500 1954
1953  HA Chapman 1954  Raymond Crawford
World Cup balance: -
Starts Victories Poles SR
2 - - -
World Cup points : -
Podiums : -
Leadership laps : -
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Ernest "Ernie McCoy" Musser (born February 19, 1921 in Reading , Pennsylvania , † February 4, 2001 in Port Orange , Florida ) was an American racing driver .


Ernie McCoy started the AAA National Series in five runs in 1953 and 1954. In 1953 he achieved fifth place as the best result two. ( Milwaukee and Detroit ).

The 500-mile Indianapolis he was twice at the start. When he first competed in 1953 he reached eighth place on a Stevens - Offenhauser in the same lap as the winner Bill Vukovich . In 1954, this time on a Kurtis Kraft 500B-Offenhauser, he came in 14th, six laps behind Bill Vukovich, who won again. Since the race from 1950 to 1960 was classified as a Formula 1 world championship race , there are two Grand Prix starts in its statistics.

After his racing career, he worked as a truck driver.


Indy 500 results

year Start number begin Agony (km / h) Result Round guide failure
1953 12 20th 218,722 8th 200 0
1954 32 20th 222.729 16 194 0
1955 69 DNQ
colour abbreviation meaning
gold - victory
silver - 2nd place
bronze - 3rd place
green - Placement in the points
blue - Classified outside the point ranks
violet DNF Race not finished (did not finish)
NC not classified
red DNQ did not qualify
DNPQ failed in pre-qualification (did not pre-qualify)
black DSQ disqualified
White DNS not at the start (did not start)
WD withdrawn
Light Blue PO only participated in the training (practiced only)
TD Friday test driver
without DNP did not participate in the training (did not practice)
INJ injured or sick
EX excluded
DNA did not arrive
C. Race canceled
  no participation in the World Cup
other P / bold Pole position
SR / italic Fastest race lap
* not at the finish,
but counted due to the distance covered
() Streak results
underlined Leader in the overall standings


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