Did not start

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The designation Did not start ( DNS , English. "Non-runner" in spirit) is in sports used for registered or qualified participants, but not on competition could participate or who have voluntarily renounced the start and was found for a replacement. They are then without a running time or without points in the results table with the note "DNS".

Similar notes in the result lists are:

  • DNP: Did not play ("not played" or more freely "not started")
  • DNQ: Did not qualify ("not qualified")
  • DNF: Did not finish ("not finished")
  • DISQ, DSQ, DQ: Disqualified (" disqualified ", for example after a false start)
  • FNR: Final not reached ("Final not reached", common for example in figure skating)
  • LPD: Lapped also as LAP , ("lapped" if it is associated with being eliminated from the competition)