Did not finish

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The term “ Did not finish ” ( DNF ; English for “not finished”) is generally used in sport for participants who have started and who were unable to finish the competition.

Especially in endurance sports , the result list shows and also honors the fact that the starter started the competition but did not finish it. If lap times or individual times of the sub-disciplines (for example in triathlon ) are given, it is customary to state the individual times achieved in the total time column in spite of a DNF, provided that these have been completed. In lap pursuit races, such as track cycling and speed skating , a DNF is also given if a team has been eliminated due to being lapped.

Further abbreviations in rating lists

Similar notes in the result lists are:

  • DNP - “ Did not play ” - not played or freer: not started
  • DNQ - " Did not qualify " - not qualified
  • DNS - " Did not start " - not started
  • DNC - " Did not classify " - not classified
  • DISQ, DSQ, DQ - " Disqualified " - disqualified , for example after a false start
  • FNR - “ Final not reached ” - Final not reached, common for example in figure skating
  • LPD - " Lapped " - lapsed if it is associated with a withdrawal from the competition
  • RAL - “ Ranked as last ” - moved to the last place in the current run or round due to a rule violation
  • RNS - " Run not scored " - the run was not rated because it was abandoned or fell


  • Under the title Did not finish , a book by Andreas Beune was published in 2005 about twenty professional cyclists who died prematurely or died in accidents, including Fabio Casartelli , Marco Pantani and Andrei Kiwiljow .