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In motorsport, the fastest lap is the best lap time during a race.

In the history of motorsport, achieving the fastest race lap has rarely had material significance for drivers and teams. In Formula 1, for example, between 1950 and 1960 an additional point was awarded for the fastest race lap. In the motorcycle world championship , setting the fastest lap time in the 1949 race was rewarded with a point.

The fastest race lap since there was a time measurement at motorsport racing events is determined. Regardless of the point system in force , it is viewed as a prestige success for the respective driver, as is the achievement of the best starting position ( pole position ), which does not give him any advantages except at the start.

formula 1

In Formula 1, the future world champion Giuseppe Farina set the first official fastest lap time at the first Formula 1 Grand Prix in history in 1950 in Silverstone . So far Michael Schumacher is the driver with the most fastest race laps in the history of Formula 1 (77), followed by Lewis Hamilton (49) and Kimi Raikkonen (46). Among the designers, Ferrari holds the record with 254 fastest race laps.

Reaching pole position , driving the fastest race lap and winning the same Grand Prix is ​​called a hat trick in motorsport . Most of the hat tricks in Formula 1 - namely 22 - were also achieved by Michael Schumacher in the course of his career.

Since 2007 , the fastest drivers in Formula 1 have been rewarded with the DHL Fastest Lap Award . The winner is the driver who set the fastest race laps at the end of the season.

Since 2019 , the driver with the fastest race lap has been awarded a World Championship point again. The driver must be in the top ten drivers for the point. In Formula 1 , an additional point was awarded for the fastest race lap between 1950 and 1960.

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