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Christel Schulz (after marrying Christel Homeyer ; born April 6, 1921 in Hopsten / Steinfurt district ; † August 2, 2014 in Bad Honnef ) was a German athlete who was successful in long jump , high jump and sprint during the Second World War . The multiple German champion, who started for the gymnastics community in Münster , was the first woman in the world to jump over six meters.

Christel Schulz did not have the opportunity to participate in international competitions: the 1938 European Championships in Paris, in which women were allowed to compete for the first time, came too early for her, and the 1946 European Championships in Oslo and the 1948 Olympic Games in London were held without German participation .

After the war she studied biology and in 1952 married the biologist Dr. Bernhard Homeyer and had four children.

World records

  • On July 8, 1939, Christel Schulz jumped in Berlin with a 5.92 m junior world record. She improved her compatriot Irmgard Praetz's previous record from 1938 by four centimeters. This record lasted for 18 years: it was not improved to 6.23 m until 1957 by the 16-year-old New Zealander Beverly Weigel .
  • On July 30, 1939, Christel Schulz was the first woman on earth to jump over six meters at the ISTAF in Berlin: with 6.12 m she defeated the Dutch woman Fanny Blankers-Koen (who also achieved an excellent distance with 5.97 m) and improved the eleven-year-old world record of the Japanese Kinue Hitomi , who jumped 5.98 m in Osaka in 1928 , by 14 centimeters. This performance was clearly surpassed four years later by Fanny Blankers-Koen with 6.25 m, but remained as a German record for more than ten years: It was not until September 1949 that Elfriede Brunemann , the German long jump champion of 1943, 46, 47 and 49, him 6.21 m.

German championships

  • 100 m: Champion 1942 (12.4 s) and 1943 (12.5 s), both times ahead of Elfriede Biess and Ida Kühnel (the last runner in the 4 × 100 m relay, who won gold at the 1938 European Championships)
  • Long jump: Champion 1939 (5.92 m), 1941 (5.90 m) and 1942 (5.99 m)
  • High jump: Third 1942

There were no German championships in 1944 and 1945.

Best performances / successes

  • 100 m: 12.2 s
  • 200 m: 26.2 s
  • Long jump: 6.12 m
  • High jump: 1.58 m
  • 5 German championship titles
  • 3 international matches
  • 8 Westphalia records


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