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Long jumper
A long jumper

The long jump is an Olympic discipline of athletics in which an athlete tries to achieve the greatest possible distance after a run-up using a single jump.

The best long jumpers reach almost nine meters for men (world record: 8.95 m) and over seven meters for women (world record: 7.52 m).

Long jump is held as an individual discipline as well as an all-around discipline ( heptathlon , decathlon ). As a modification there is the triple jump . The long jump has been an Olympic discipline for men since 1896 and for women since 1948 . From 1900 to 1912 , the Olympic Games also held a long jump competition without a run-up.


Greek jumping weights
Greek jumper with weights, on the left a referee, on the right a flute player with double aleos
Long jump from a standing position. Diebold Schilling the Younger : Lucerne Chronicle from 1513

Long jump was already practiced in ancient times. For the Greeks it was part of the Pentathlon . The first jump was made from a kind of threshold ( bater ) that marked the beginning of the skamma , a 50-foot (approx. 15 meter) long area in which the soil was loosened to better see the prints. News of victories beyond the end of Skamma suggest a multiple jump . Because the number five plays a special role in the Pentathlon ( every participant also had five attempts in the javelin and discus throw ), it is most likely a sequence of five jumps from a standing position. The use of jumping weights ( holders ) made of stone speaks in favor of standing jumping or metal, which only bring an advantage when jumping from a standing position by increasing the momentum, as well as the message that the long jump was accompanied by music on an aulos , a kind of flute or shawm , which possibly dictated the jump rhythm.

The Asians jumped with heels, i.e. by bringing the lower leg to the buttocks, keeping the knees closed and the thighs of the stiff legs being perpendicular to the ground. The take-off board was introduced for the first time in 1886. Since the first modern Summer Olympics in Athens in 1896 , long jump has been part of the Olympic competitions for men and, since London in 1948 , for women too.

When women first took part in the German Championships on August 14 and 15, 1920, the long jump was part of the competition program (together with 100-meter run , 4-by-100-meter relay and shot put ).

At the beginning of the 1970s, the technique of the somersault leap appeared, but was banned in 1974 without official justification.




Most successful athlete



Other successful German long jumpers: Heide Rosendahl , 1972 Olympic champion for the FRG; Angela Voigt , 1976 Olympic champion for the GDR.


A long jump requires basic motor skills that can be improved through targeted training. Above all, speed, jumping power, agility and agility are basic requirements. The sprint speed is of particular importance for a large total jump distance.

Phases of the long jump


The length of a run should be 40–50 meters for men and 30–40 meters for women. The run-up is an increase run and is usually started from the high start (can also be started from the low start). During the approach, the frequency and length of the steps up to the jump preparation increase. The trunk should gradually straighten up. During the last three to five steps, the jumper prepares to convert the run-up (horizontal component) to the jump (vertical component). Here it is important to ensure that the speed is not reduced, since the jump distance depends two thirds on the run-up and only one third on the jumping power .

Jump preparation

During the last three to five steps, the jumper prepares to translate the run-up into the jump. This transition phase serves on the one hand to further straighten the trunk until the upper body is barely noticeable and on the other to change the starting rhythm during the last three steps. This is intended to achieve an optimal lowering of the body's center of gravity. The penultimate step should be 20 to 30 centimeters longer than the previous and the last step. This lowers the body's center of gravity a little and thus increases the vertical impulse due to a longer acceleration path.


Ankle attachment

Since the path of the body's center of gravity can no longer be influenced after jumping, placing the ankle bone is of particular importance. In order to achieve an optimal effect on the jump distance, the ankle bone is placed almost stretched over a flat, grasping foot with a quick, gripping movement backwards and downwards, whereby the entire sole should be included.

Payback period

The transition from start to jump is called the amortization phase. The jumper should be prepared as well as possible for an effective push forward and upward. The ankle bone is minimally flexed (up to 145 degrees) due to the slight yielding in the foot, hip, but especially in the knee joint. While the swing leg overtakes the talus, the foot should be slowly rolled forward over the entire sole. Care should be taken to keep the upper body upright and the head straight ahead. When putting down the ankle, a braking impact cannot be avoided. However, it should not be kept unnecessarily long by, for example, a prying movement. The leverage of the ankle bone accelerates and shifts the body's center of gravity.

Take-off movement

In this phase it is important to achieve optimal extension of the body. In particular, the extension of the hip, knee and ankle should almost lead to a right angle with the upright upper body, using the swing arm to eye level. The last moment of the take-off foot on the ground, i.e. immediately before the flight phase, is called "take-off".

Flight phase

Naide Gomes during the flight phase

Since the trajectory of the body's center of gravity can no longer be changed in the flight phase, it is only possible to use various movements and techniques to maintain an optimal balance during the flight and to prepare for an optimal landing. The most common, because most effective, flying technique in top-class sport is the running jump technique. Here, the swing leg is moved back and down after the jump, at the same time the hip is brought forward, the ankle bone is now first bent and then stretched forwards to a horizontal position. The swing leg is then pulled forward to the height of the take-off leg. The use of circling arms is important with this technique, as these are responsible for maintaining body balance.

The running jump technique is not so widespread in the amateur field, because it is only worthwhile from a distance of about seven meters and is very complicated for amateur athletes. The more common technique is the slope jump technique: When jumping, the arms are spread out sideways to about the level of the ears. The hip is brought forward slightly. The lower legs form an angle of approx. 90 ° to the drooping thighs. The arms are only swung forward shortly before landing. With a kick you bring the lower legs and the entire leg forward at the same time with the arms.


Heike Drechsler on the landing

Your feet should be in a horizontal position and your torso should be bent to your thighs. After the foot touches the ground, it is necessary to quickly slide the hip over the footrest. If the athlete falls backwards or on his buttocks, he loses the measured distance, as the imprint closest to the vaulting bar is used for the distance measurement.

Competition Regulations

In the long jump as an individual discipline, each athlete is only allowed three attempts. Then the eight best starters are allowed to complete three more attempts. If only a maximum of eight athletes are at the start, all have six attempts. In the long jump as part of the heptathlon and decathlon , all athletes are only allowed to jump three times.

A runway of at least 40 meters in length and 1.22 meters wide is required for the approach. The athlete must jump from a beam that is embedded in the ground. He may not touch the so-called jump line - this is the name of the edge of the bar that is closer to the jump pit. An insert board with plasticine is placed in the take-off board directly at the take-off line. If the athlete steps over, an imprint can usually be seen in the plasticine mass. The distance between the jump line and the pit filled with moist sand must be between one and three meters - it must be at least ten meters to the end of the pit. The jump pit must be between 2.75 and 3 meters wide.

Failed attempt

Take-off bar

The following facts are assessed as a failed attempt (the decision on this is made by the chairman long jump):

  • the ground behind the jump line up to the jump pit is touched
  • the athlete runs through without jumping off
  • he loses the direction on approach and jumps off next to the take-off bar
  • he performs some sort of somersault during the run-up or jump
  • the ground outside the pit is touched first when landing or leaving the pit at a point closer to the take-off line than the impression in the pit
  • the test time of half a minute (30 s) is exceeded

Determination of performance and ranking

The distance is measured from the jump line to the imprint which is closest to this line and which was caused by the competitor. It is always rounded down to whole centimeters. The winner is the athlete who achieved the greatest distance in one of his attempts. If there is a tie between two or more athletes, the second best distance will be taken into account - if necessary the third best distance and so on.

In the event of a tie in first place, the athletes will continue to try until a winner has been determined.

Special provision for children

In the area of ​​the DLV, children under the age of 14 do not jump from the bar, but from an 80 cm long jump zone marked with two white lines. Within this zone, the distance is measured from the point of take-off. This means increased attention from the referee, who has to precisely determine the jump point. If a child jumps in front of the zone, measurements are taken from the beginning of the zone; a jump behind the zone is considered invalid.


Olympic Games medalist


year gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
1896 United StatesUnited States Ellery Clark United StatesUnited States Robert Garrett United StatesUnited States James Connolly
1900 United StatesUnited States Alvin Kraenzlein United StatesUnited States Meyer Prinstein United KingdomUnited Kingdom Patrick Leahy
1904 United StatesUnited States Meyer Prinstein United StatesUnited States Daniel Frank United StatesUnited States Robert Stangland
1906 United StatesUnited States Meyer Prinstein United KingdomUnited Kingdom Peter O'Connor United StatesUnited States Hugo Friend
1908 United StatesUnited States Frank Irons United StatesUnited States Daniel Kelly CanadaCanada Calvin Bricker
1912 United StatesUnited States Albert Gutterson CanadaCanada Calvin Bricker SwedenSweden Georg Åberg
1920 SwedenSweden William Petersson United StatesUnited States Carl Johnson SwedenSweden Erik Abrahamsson
1924 United StatesUnited States DeHart Hubbard United StatesUnited States Edward Gourdin NorwayNorway Sverre Hansen
1928 United StatesUnited States Ed Hamm HaitiHaiti Silvio Cator United StatesUnited States Al Bates
1932 United StatesUnited States Ed Gordon United StatesUnited States Lambert Redd JapanJapan Chuhei Nambu
1936 United StatesUnited States Jesse Owens German Reich NSGerman Reich (Nazi era) Luz Long JapanJapan Naoto Tajima
1948 United StatesUnited States Willie Steele AustraliaAustralia Theo Bruce United StatesUnited States Herb Douglas
1952 United StatesUnited States Jerome Biffle United StatesUnited States Meredith Gourdine HungaryHungary Ödön Földessy
1956 United StatesUnited States Greg Bell United StatesUnited States John Bennett FinlandFinland Jorma Valkama
1960 United StatesUnited States Ralph Boston United StatesUnited States Bo Roberson Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Igor Ter-Ovanesjan
1964 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Lynn Davies United StatesUnited States Ralph Boston Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Igor Ter-Ovanesjan
1968 United StatesUnited States Bob Beamon Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Klaus Beer United StatesUnited States Ralph Boston
1972 United StatesUnited States Randy Williams Germany BRBR Germany Hans Baumgartner United StatesUnited States Arnie Robinson
1976 United StatesUnited States Arnie Robinson United StatesUnited States Randy Williams Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Frank Wartenberg
1980 Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Lutz Dombrowski Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Frank Paschek Soviet UnionSoviet Union Valery Pidluschnyj
1984 United StatesUnited States Carl Lewis AustraliaAustralia Gary Honey ItalyItaly Giovanni Evangelisti
1988 United StatesUnited States Carl Lewis United StatesUnited States Mike Powell United StatesUnited States Larry Myricks
1992 United StatesUnited States Carl Lewis United StatesUnited States Mike Powell United StatesUnited States Joe Greene
1996 United StatesUnited States Carl Lewis JamaicaJamaica James Beckford United StatesUnited States Joe Greene
2000 CubaCuba Iván Pedroso AustraliaAustralia Jai Taurima UkraineUkraine Roman Shchurenko
2004 United StatesUnited States Dwight Phillips United StatesUnited States John Moffitt SpainSpain Joan Lino Martínez
2008 PanamaPanama Irving Saladino South AfricaSouth Africa Godfrey Khotso Mokoena CubaCuba Ibrahim Camejo
2012 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Greg Rutherford AustraliaAustralia Mitchell Watts United StatesUnited States Will Claye
2016 United StatesUnited States Jeff Henderson South AfricaSouth Africa Luvo Manyonga United KingdomUnited Kingdom Greg Rutherford


year gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
1948 HungaryHungary Olga Gyarmati ArgentinaArgentina Noëmi de Portela SwedenSweden Ann-Britt Leyman
1952 New ZealandNew Zealand Yvette Williams Soviet Union 1923Soviet Union Aleksandra Tschudina United KingdomUnited Kingdom Shirley Cawley
1956 PolandPoland Elżbieta Krzesińska United StatesUnited States Willye White Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Nadezhda Dwalishvili
1960 Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Wera Krepkina PolandPoland Elżbieta Krzesińska Germany team all GermanAll-German team Hildrun Claus
1964 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Mary Rand PolandPoland Irena Kirszenstein Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Tatiana Shchelkanova
1968 RomaniaRomania Viorica Viscopoleanu United KingdomUnited Kingdom Sheila Sherwood Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Tatiana Talysheva
1972 Germany BRBR Germany Heide Rosendahl BulgariaBulgaria Diana Jorgowa CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia Eva Šuranová
1976 Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Angela Voigt United StatesUnited States Kathy McMillan Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Lidija Alfeyeva
1980 Soviet UnionSoviet Union Tatiana Kolpakova Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Brigitte Wujak Soviet UnionSoviet Union Tetjana Skachko
1984 RomaniaRomania Anișoara Stanciu RomaniaRomania Vali Ionescu United KingdomUnited Kingdom Sue Hearnshaw
1988 United StatesUnited States Jackie Joyner-Kersee Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Heike Drechsler Soviet UnionSoviet Union Galina Chistjakova
1992 GermanyGermany Heike Drechsler United teamUnited team Inessa Krawez United StatesUnited States Jackie Joyner-Kersee
1996 NigeriaNigeria Chioma Ajunwa ItalyItaly Fiona May United StatesUnited States Jackie Joyner-Kersee
2000 GermanyGermany Heike Drechsler ItalyItaly Fiona May RussiaRussia Tatiana Kotova
2004 RussiaRussia Tatiana Lebedeva RussiaRussia Irina Simagina RussiaRussia Tatiana Kotova
2008 BrazilBrazil Maurren Higa Maggi RussiaRussia Tatiana Lebedeva NigeriaNigeria Blessing Okagbare
2012 United StatesUnited States Brittney Reese RussiaRussia Elena Sokolova United StatesUnited States Janay DeLoach
2016 United StatesUnited States Tianna Bartoletta United StatesUnited States Brittney Reese SerbiaSerbia Ivana Španović

World Championships medalist


year gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
1983 United StatesUnited States Carl Lewis United StatesUnited States Jason Grimes United StatesUnited States Mike Conley Sr.
1987 United StatesUnited States Carl Lewis Soviet UnionSoviet Union Robert Emmijan United StatesUnited States Larry Myricks
1991 United StatesUnited States Mike Powell United StatesUnited States Carl Lewis United StatesUnited States Larry Myricks
1993 United StatesUnited States Mike Powell RussiaRussia Stanislav Tarasenko UkraineUkraine Vitaly Kirilenko
1995 CubaCuba Iván Pedroso JamaicaJamaica James Beckford United StatesUnited States Mike Powell
1997 CubaCuba Iván Pedroso United StatesUnited States Erick Walder RussiaRussia Kirill Sosunov
1999 CubaCuba Iván Pedroso SpainSpain Yago Lamela SloveniaSlovenia Gregor Cankar
2001 CubaCuba Iván Pedroso United StatesUnited States Savanté Stringfellow PortugalPortugal Carlos Calado
2003 United StatesUnited States Dwight Phillips JamaicaJamaica James Beckford SpainSpain Yago Lamela
2005 United StatesUnited States Dwight Phillips GhanaGhana Ignisious Gaisah FinlandFinland Tommi Evilä
2007 PanamaPanama Irving Saladino ItalyItaly Andrew Howe United StatesUnited States Dwight Phillips
2009 United StatesUnited States Dwight Phillips South AfricaSouth Africa Godfrey Khotso Mokoena AustraliaAustralia Mitchell Watts
2011 United StatesUnited States Dwight Phillips AustraliaAustralia Mitchell Watts ZimbabweZimbabwe Ngonidzashe Makusha
2013 RussiaRussia Alexander Menkow NetherlandsNetherlands Ignisious Gaisah MexicoMexico Luis Rivera
2015 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Greg Rutherford AustraliaAustralia Fabrice Lapierre China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Wang Jianan
2017 South AfricaSouth Africa Luvo Manyonga United StatesUnited States Jarrion Lawson South AfricaSouth Africa Ruswahl Samaai
2019 JamaicaJamaica Tajay Gayle United StatesUnited States Jeff Henderson CubaCuba Juan Miguel Echevarría


year gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
1983 Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Heike Daute RomaniaRomania Anișoara Cușmir United StatesUnited States Carol Lewis
1987 United StatesUnited States Jackie Joyner-Kersee Soviet UnionSoviet Union Elena Belevskaya Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Heike Drechsler
1991 United StatesUnited States Jackie Joyner-Kersee GermanyGermany Heike Drechsler Soviet UnionSoviet Union Larissa Berezhnaya
1993 GermanyGermany Heike Drechsler UkraineUkraine Larissa Berezhnaya DenmarkDenmark Renata Nielsen
1995 ItalyItaly Fiona May CubaCuba Niurka Montalvo RussiaRussia Irina Mushailova
1997 RussiaRussia Lyudmila Galkina GreeceGreece Niki Xanthou ItalyItaly Fiona May
1999 SpainSpain Niurka Montalvo ItalyItaly Fiona May United StatesUnited States Marion Jones
2001 ItalyItaly Fiona May RussiaRussia Tatiana Kotova SpainSpain Niurka Montalvo
2003 FranceFrance Eunice Barber RussiaRussia Tatiana Kotova IndiaIndia Anju Bobby George
2005 United StatesUnited States Tianna Madison FranceFrance Eunice Barber CubaCuba Yargelis Savigne
2007 RussiaRussia Tatiana Lebedeva RussiaRussia Lyudmila Kolchanova RussiaRussia Tatiana Kotova
2009 United StatesUnited States Brittney Reese RussiaRussia Tatiana Lebedeva TurkeyTurkey Karin Mey Melis
2011 United StatesUnited States Brittney Reese RussiaRussia Olga Kutscherenko LatviaLatvia Ineta Radēviča
2013 United StatesUnited States Brittney Reese NigeriaNigeria Blessing Okagbare SerbiaSerbia Ivana Španović
2015 United StatesUnited States Tianna Bartoletta United KingdomUnited Kingdom Shara Proctor SerbiaSerbia Ivana Španović
2017 United StatesUnited States Brittney Reese Authorized Neutral AthletesAuthorized Neutral Athletes Darja Klischina United StatesUnited States Tianna Bartoletta
2019 GermanyGermany Malaika Mihambo UkraineUkraine Maryna Bech-Romantschuk NigeriaNigeria Ese Brume

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World record development (open air)


Width (m) Surname date place
7.61 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Peter O'Connor August 5, 1901 Dublin
7.69 United States 48United States Edward Gourdin July 23, 1921 Cambridge
7.76 United States 48United States Robert LeGendre July 7, 1924 Paris
7.89 United States 48United States DeHart Hubbard June 13, 1925 Chicago
7.90 United States 48United States Ed Hamm July 7, 1928 Cambridge
7.93 Haiti 1807Haiti Sylvio Cator September 9, 1928 Paris
7.98 JapanJapan Nambu Chuhei October 27, 1931 Tokyo
8.13 United States 48United States Jesse Owens May 25, 1935 Ann Arbor
8.21 United StatesUnited States Ralph Boston August 12, 1960 Walnut
8.24 United StatesUnited States Ralph Boston May 27, 1961 Modesto
8.28 United StatesUnited States Ralph Boston July 16, 1961 Moscow
8.31 Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Igor Ter-Ovanesjan June 10, 1962 Yerevan
8.31 United StatesUnited States Ralph Boston 15th August 1964 Kingston
8.34 United StatesUnited States Ralph Boston September 12, 1964 los Angeles
8.35 United StatesUnited States Ralph Boston May 29, 1965 Modesto
8.35 Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Igor Ter-Ovanesjan October 19, 1967 Mexico city
8.90 United StatesUnited States Bob Beamon October 18, 1968 Mexico city
8.95 United StatesUnited States Mike Powell August 30, 1991 Tokyo


*: Recognized as a world record by the women's sports organization FSFI before the International Athletics Federation IAAF set world records for the women's long jump.

Width (m) Surname date place
5.16 * Czech RepublicCzech Republic Marie Mejzlíková August 6, 1922 Prague
5.30 * Czech RepublicCzech Republic Marie Mejzlíková September 23, 1923 Prague
5.485 * United KingdomUnited Kingdom Muriel Gunn August 2, 1926 London
5.50 * JapanJapan Hitomi Kinue August 28, 1926 Gothenburg
5.575 * United KingdomUnited Kingdom Muriel Gunn August 1, 1927 London
5.98 JapanJapan Hitomi Kinue May 20, 1928 Osaka
6.12 German Reich NSGerman Reich (Nazi era) Christel Schulz July 30, 1939 Berlin
6.25 NetherlandsNetherlands Fanny Blankers-Koen September 19, 1943 Suffer
6.28 New ZealandNew Zealand Yvette Williams February 20, 1954 Gisborne
6.28 Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Galina Vinogradova September 11, 1955 Moscow
6.31 Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Galina Vinogradova November 18, 1955 Tbilisi
6.35 Poland 1928Second Polish Republic Elżbieta Krzesińska 20th August 1956 Budapest
6.35 Poland 1928Second Polish Republic Elżbieta Krzesińska November 27, 1956 Melbourne
6.40 Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Hildrun Claus August 7, 1960 Erfurt
6.42 Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Hildrun Claus June 23, 1961 Berlin
6.48 Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Tatiana Shchelkanova July 16, 1961 Moscow
6.53 Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Tatiana Shchelkanova June 10, 1962 Leipzig
6.70 Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Tatiana Shchelkanova 4th July 1964 Moscow
6.76 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Mary Rand October 14, 1964 Tokyo
6.82 Romania 1965Romania Viorica Viscopoleanu October 14, 1968 Mexico city
6.84 Germany BRBR Germany Heide Rosendahl 3rd September 1970 Turin
6.92 Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Angela Voigt May 9, 1976 Dresden
6.99 Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Sigrun Siegl May 19, 1976 Dresden
7.07 Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Vilma Bardauskienė August 18, 1978 Chișinău
7.09 Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Vilma Bardauskienė August 29, 1978 Prague
7.15 Romania 1965Romania Anișoara Cușmir August 1, 1982 Bucharest
7.20 Romania 1965Romania Vali Ionescu August 1, 1982 Bucharest
7.21 Romania 1965Romania Anișoara Cușmir May 15, 1983 Bucharest
7.27 Romania 1965Romania Anișoara Cușmir June 4th 1983 Bucharest
7.43 Romania 1965Romania Anișoara Cușmir June 4th 1983 Bucharest
7.44 Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Heike Drechsler September 22, 1985 Berlin
7.45 Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Heike Drechsler June 21, 1986 Tallinn
7.45 Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Heike Drechsler 3rd July 1986 Dresden
7.45 United StatesUnited States Jackie Joyner-Kersee August 13, 1987 Indianapolis
7.45 Soviet UnionSoviet Union Galina Chistjakova June 11, 1988 Leningrad
7.52 Soviet UnionSoviet Union Galina Chistjakova June 11, 1988 Leningrad

World best list


All jumpers with a performance of 8.43 meters or more. In brackets: wind in m / s. A: Distance was achieved under altitude conditions. Last change: September 28, 2019

  1. 8.95 m (0.3) Mike Powell , Tokyo , August 30, 1991United StatesUnited States 
  2. 8.90 m A (2.0) Bob Beamon , Mexico City , October 18, 1968United StatesUnited States 
  3. 8.87 m (−0.2) Carl Lewis , Tokyo , August 30, 1991United StatesUnited States 
  4. 8.86 m A (1.9) Robert Emmijan , Zechkadzor , Armenia, May 22, 1987Soviet UnionSoviet Union 
  5. 8.74 m (1.4 m) Larry Myricks , Indianapolis , July 18, 1988United StatesUnited States 
  6. 8.74m A (2.0) Erick Walder , El Paso , April 2, 1994United StatesUnited States 
  7. 8.74 m (−1.2) Dwight Phillips , Eugene , June 7, 2009United StatesUnited States 
  8. 8.73 m (1.2 m) Irving Saladino , Hengelo , May 24, 2008PanamaPanama 
  9. 8.71 m (1.9) Iván Pedroso , Salamanca , July 18, 1995CubaCuba 
  10. 8.69 m (0.5 m) Tajay Gayle , Doha , September 28, 2019JamaicaJamaica 
  11. 8.68 m (1.7) Juan Miguel Echevarría , Bad Langensalza , June 30, 2018CubaCuba 
  12. 8.66 m (1.6) Louis Tsatoumas , Kalamata , June 2, 2007GreeceGreece 
  13. 8.65 m (1.3) Luvo Manyonga , Potchefstroom , April 22, 2017South AfricaSouth Africa 
  14. 8.63 m (0.5) Kareem Streete-Thompson , Linz , July 4, 1994United StatesUnited States 
  15. 8.62 m (0.7) James Beckford , Orlando , April 5, 1997JamaicaJamaica 
  16. 8.58 m (1.8 m) Jarrion Lawson , Eugene , July 3, 2016United StatesUnited States 
  17. 8.56 m (1.3) Yago Lamela , Turin , June 24, 1999SpainSpain 
  18. 8.56 m (0.2) Alexander Menkow , Moscow , August 16, 2013RussiaRussia 
  19. 8.54 m (0.9) Lutz Dombrowski , Moscow , July 28, 1980 ( German record )Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR 
  20. 8.54 m (1.7) Mitchell Watt , Stockholm , July 29, 2011AustraliaAustralia 
  21. 8.53 m (1.2 m) Jaime Jefferson , Havana , May 12, 1990CubaCuba 
  22. 8.52 m (0.7) Savanté Stringfellow , Palo Alto , June 21, 2002United StatesUnited States 
  23. 8.52 m (1.8) Jeff Henderson , Toronto , July 22, 2015United StatesUnited States 
  24. 8.51 m (1.7) Roland McGhee , Sao Paulo , May 14, 1995United StatesUnited States 
  25. 8.51 m (1.7) Greg Rutherford , Chula Vista , April 24, 2014United KingdomUnited Kingdom 
  26. 8.50 m (0.2) Llewellyn Starks , Rhede , July 7, 1991United StatesUnited States 
  27. 8.50 m (1.3) Godfrey Khotso Mokoena , Madrid , 4th July 2009South AfricaSouth Africa 
  28. 8.49 m (2.0) Melvin Lister , Baton Rouge , May 13, 2000United StatesUnited States 
  29. 8.49 m (0.6) Jai Taurima , Sydney , September 28, 2000AustraliaAustralia 
  30. 8.49 m (1.6) Sebastian Bayer , Ulm , July 4, 2009GermanyGermany 
  31. 8.49 m (0.7) Christian Reif , Weinheim , May 31, 2013GermanyGermany 
  32. 8.49 m (−0.8) Ruswahl Samaai , Potchefstroom , April 22, 2017South AfricaSouth Africa 
  33. 8.48 m (0.8) Joe Greene , Sao Paulo , May 14, 1995United StatesUnited States 
  34. 8.48 m (0.6) Mohamed Salman Al Khuwalidi , Sotteville-lès-Rouen July 2, 2006Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia 
  35. 8.47 m (1.9 m) Kevin Dilworth , Abilene , May 9, 1996United StatesUnited States 
  36. 8.47 m (0.9) John Moffitt , Athens , August 26, 2004United StatesUnited States 
  37. 8.47 m (−0.2) Andrew Howe , Osaka , August 30, 2007ItalyItaly 
  38. 8.47 m (0.0) Li Jinzhe , Bad Langensalza , June 28, 2014China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China 
  39. 8.47 m (0.7) Wang Jianan , Guiyang , June 16, 2018China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China 
  40. 8.46 m (1.2) Leonid Voloshin , Tallinn , July 5, 1988RussiaRussia 
  41. 8.46 m (1.6) Mike Conley Sr. , Springfield , May 4, 1996United StatesUnited States 
  42. 8.46 m (1.8) Cheikh Tidiane Touré , Bad Langensalza , June 15, 1997SenegalSenegal 
  43. 8.46m A (0.0) Miguel Pate , Mexico City , May 3, 2003United StatesUnited States 
  44. 8.46 m (0.3) Ibrahim Camejo , Bilbao , June 21, 2008CubaCuba 
  45. 8.46 m (1.3) Luis Rivera , Kazan , July 12, 2013MexicoMexico 
  46. 8.45 m (2.0) Nenad Stekic , Montreal , July 25, 1975Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia 
  47. 8.45 m (0.8) Marquise Goodwin , Baie-Mahault , May 14, 2016United StatesUnited States 
  48. 8.44 m (1.7) Eric Metcalf , Tampa , June 17, 1988United StatesUnited States 
  49. 8.44 m (1.8) Michel Tornéus , Monachil , July 10, 2016SwedenSweden 
  50. 8.43 m (0.8) Jason Grimes , Indianapolis , June 16, 1985United StatesUnited States 
  51. 8.43 m (1.8) Giovanni Evangelisti , San Giovanni Valdarno , Italy, May 16, 1987ItalyItaly 
  52. 8.43 m (0.1) Luis Felipe Méliz , Jena , June 3, 2000CubaCuba 
  53. 8.43 m (−0.2) Ignisious Gaisah , Rome , July 14, 2006GhanaGhana 
  54. 8.43 m (0.7) Shi Yuhao , Shanghai , May 12, 2018China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China 


All jumpers with a performance of 7.05 meters or more. In brackets: wind in m / s. A: Jump in altitude conditions.

Last change: October 6, 2019

  1. 7.52 m (1.4) Galina Tschistjakowa , Leningrad , June 11, 1988Soviet UnionSoviet Union 
  2. 7.49 m (1.3) Jackie Joyner-Kersee , New York City , May 22, 1994United StatesUnited States 
  3. 7.48 m (1.2) Heike Drechsler , Neubrandenburg , July 9, 1988 ( German record )Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR 
  4. 7.43 m (1.4) Anișoara Stanciu , Bucharest , June 4, 1983RomaniaRomania 
  5. 7.42 m (2.0) Tatjana Kotowa , Annecy , June 23, 2002RussiaRussia 
  6. 7.39 m (0.5) Jelena Belewskaja , Bryansk , July 18, 1987Soviet UnionSoviet Union 
  7. 7.37 m Inessa Krawez , Kiev , June 13, 1992United teamUnited team 
  8. 7.33 m (0.4) Tatjana Lebedewa , Tula , July 31, 2004RussiaRussia 
  9. 7.31 m (1.5) Olena Chlopotnowa , Alma-Ata , September 12, 1985Soviet UnionSoviet Union 
  10. 7.31 m (1.9 m) Marion Jones , Eugene , May 31, 1998United StatesUnited States 
  11. 7.31 m (1.7) Brittney Reese , Eugene , July 2, 2016United StatesUnited States 
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