1992 Summer Olympics / Athletics

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Athletics at the
XXV. Olympic Games
Olympic rings
Date: July 31st to August 9th
Competition location: SpainSpain Barcelona
Venue: Olympic Stadium Barcelona
Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys
Decisions: Men: 24 / Women: 19
Seoul 1988 Atlanta 1996
1992 Olympic Games logo
Olympic Games 1992
(athletics medal table)
space team Gold medals Silver medals Bronze medals Total
1 United StatesUnited States United States 12 8th 10 30th
2 United teamUnited team United team 7th 11 2 20th
3 GermanyGermany Germany 4th 1 5 10
4th KenyaKenya Kenya 2 4th 2 8th
5 CubaCuba Cuba 2 1 4th 7th
6th SpainSpain Spain 2 1 1 4th
7th United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 2 - 4th 6th
8th CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 2 - - 2
9 China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 1 1 2 4th
10 CanadaCanada Canada 1 1 1 3
11 MoroccoMorocco Morocco 1 1 - 2
12 Ethiopia 1991Ethiopia Ethiopia 1 - 2 3
13 AlgeriaAlgeria Algeria 1 - - 1
FranceFrance France 1 - - 1
GreeceGreece Greece 1 - - 1
LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania 1 - - 1
NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 1 - - 1
Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea 1 - - 1
19th JamaicaJamaica Jamaica - 3 1 4th
20th JapanJapan Japan - 2 - 2
NamibiaNamibia Namibia - 2 - 2
22nd BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria - 1 1 2
NigeriaNigeria Nigeria - 1 1 2
24 FinlandFinland Finland - 1 - 1
MexicoMexico Mexico - 1 - 1
RomaniaRomania Romania - 1 - 1
SwedenSweden Sweden - 1 - 1
South Africa 1961South Africa South Africa - 1 - 1
29 AustraliaAustralia Australia - - 1 2
BahamasBahamas Bahamas - - 1 1
ItalyItaly Italy - - 1 1
ColombiaColombia Colombia - - 1 1
New ZealandNew Zealand New Zealand - - 1 1
QatarQatar Qatar - - 1 1
SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland - - 1 1

At the XXV. The 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona hosted 43 athletics competitions. The track competitions and the technical disciplines were held in the Barcelona Olympic Stadium "Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys". The walkers also had their start and finish in the stadium, but their races were mostly on a circuit on the Olympic grounds. The marathons started in Mataró , around thirty kilometers north of Barcelona. The course led through Badalona and then across Barcelona. Over the last five kilometers, the runners had to overcome a difference in altitude of ninety meters to reach the finish in the stadium on Montjuïc .


For the first time since 1968 there were no participant boycotts at the Olympic Games.

The collapse of the Soviet Union had particular consequences . The Baltic states of Estonia , Latvia and Lithuania , which had previously sent their athletes to the Games under the flag of the Soviet Union , appeared as independent nations after they were recognized by the IOC . The other states that had previously been part of the USSR started in Barcelona with a joint team called the " United Team ". The abbreviation was "EUN", derived from the French term "Equipe Unifiée". This United Team, however, remained a one-time affair. At the next games in Atlanta , the nations that were still starting in the group appeared with their own flag and name.

The former state of Yugoslavia had also disintegrated into different states, which now sent their athletes under their own flag. These were the nations of Croatia , Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina . The remaining Yugoslavia, however, was excluded because of the Balkan War . However, their athletes were allowed to take part in the games as " Independent Olympic Participants ", "IOP" for short. Since Macedonia did not have its own NOK , athletes from this country were allowed to start in Barcelona in the same form as athletes from the rest of Yugoslavia. In addition, South Africa was there again after the end of apartheid in Barcelona.

After German reunification , there was a joint German team that competed under the name "Germany" - "GER" for "Germany".


The Barcelona Olympic Stadium "Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys" was originally built for the hosting of the Olympic Games in 1936 on Montjuic , the "local mountain" of Barcelona. In Barcelona they had obviously expected the games to be awarded to the Catalan metropolis. However, this did not happen, the 1936 Games took place in Berlin . As a major sporting event, the Mediterranean Games were held in Barcelona's Olympic Stadium in 1955 . Subsequently, the system was initially no longer of any particular importance. That changed after the games were actually awarded to Barcelona for 1992. Extensive renovation and conversion work took place, and the stadium was brought up to a modern standard that fully met the demands of the sport.


There was an extension for women in the competition offer. With the 10 km walk, a distance from the walking competition for women was included in the Olympic program for the first time .

The offer for women thus came closer and closer to that for men. In the area of ​​running, only the 3,000-meter obstacle course was missing , which was to be reserved for men up to and including 2004 . The 3000-meter run , which was previously only offered to women, was brought into line in 1996 with the usual distance of 5000 meters for men. Further additions for the future in the women's disciplines were still pending in the area of ​​jumps - in 1996 the triple jump was added, in 2000 the pole vault - and in the throw area - in 2000 the hammer throw was added. In 2004, walking was about to change from 10 to 20 km.


There were officially three cases of doping in athletics at these games - all of them among women.

However, it would be naive to assume that the doping problem would have been resolved for the games in Barcelona . The control systems were not fully developed, not very systematic and were handled differently from state to state. There was mistrust among the athletes, each suspecting the other, even among the different training groups within a nation there was this mood.

Sporting successes

As is so often the case at such high points, the level of performance at these Olympic Games was high for the athletes. However, there was no record flood, as has been seen again and again in the past at such events. Three world records were set in three disciplines . The Olympic record was improved five times in a further four disciplines .

The most successful nation was once again the USA with twelve Olympic athletics victories and thirty medals in total . The track and field athletes of the United Team produced ten Olympic champions and won a total of twenty medals. The reunified Germany followed with four gold medals. Five nations won two gold medals each, Kenya with eight medals in total, Cuba - with a total of seven medals, Spain - with a total of four medals, Great Britain - without silver but four bronze medals - and Czechoslovakia - without any other medals. For all other nations there was at most one gold medal in athletics.

For the individual athletes, the following services are particularly worth mentioning.

Results men

100 m

space athlete country Time (s)
1 Linford Christie United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 09.96
2 Frank Fredericks NamibiaNamibia NAM 10.02
3 Dennis Mitchell United StatesUnited States United States 10.04
4th Bruny Surin CanadaCanada CAN 10.09
5 Leroy Burrell United StatesUnited States United States 10.10
6th Olapade Adenics NigeriaNigeria NGR 10.12
7th Raymond Stewart JamaicaJamaica JAM 10.22
8th Davidson Ezinwa NigeriaNigeria NGR 10.26

Final: August 1st, 7:45 p.m.

Wind: +0.5 m / s

200 m

space athlete country Time (s)
1 Michael Marsh United StatesUnited States United States 20.01
2 Frank Fredericks NamibiaNamibia NAM 20.13
3 Michael Bates United StatesUnited States United States 20.38
4th Robson da Silva BrazilBrazil BRA 20.45
5 Olapade Adenics NigeriaNigeria NGR 20.50
6th John Regis United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 20.55
7th Oluyemi Kayode NigeriaNigeria NGR 20.67
8th Marcus Adam United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 20.80

Final: August 5th, 6:40 p.m.

Wind: −1.0 m / s

In the semifinals, Michael Marsh had improved the Olympic record to 19.73 s with better wind conditions than in the final .

400 m

space athlete country Time (s)
1 Quincy Watts United StatesUnited States United States 43.50 OR
2 Steve Lewis United StatesUnited States United States 44.21
3 Samson Kitur KenyaKenya KEN 44.24
4th Ian Morris Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago TRI 44.25
5 Roberto Hernández CubaCuba CUB 44.52
6th David Grindley United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 44.75
7th Ibrahim Ismail Muftah QatarQatar QAT 45.10
8th Susumu Takano Japan 1870Japan JPN 45.18

Final: August 5th, 8:35 pm

800 m

space athlete country Time (min)
1 William Tanui KenyaKenya KEN 1: 43.66
2 Nixon Kiprotich KenyaKenya KEN 1: 43.70
3 Johnny Gray United StatesUnited States United States 1: 43.97
4th José Luíz Barbosa BrazilBrazil BRA 1: 45.06
5 Andrea Benvenuti ItalyItaly ITA 1: 45.23
6th Curtis Robb United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 1: 45.57
7th Reda Abdenouz AlgeriaAlgeria ALG 1: 48.34
DNF Mark Everett United StatesUnited States United States

Final: August 5th, 9:05 pm

1500 m

space athlete country Time (min)
1 Fermín Cacho SpainSpain ESP 3: 40.12
2 Rachid El Basir MoroccoMorocco MAR 3: 40.62
3 Mohamed Suleiman QatarQatar QAT 3: 40.69
4th Joseph Chesire KenyaKenya KEN 3: 41.12
5 Jonah Birir KenyaKenya KEN 3: 41.27
6th Jens-Peter Herold GermanyGermany GER 3: 41.53
7th Noureddine Morceli AlgeriaAlgeria ALG 3: 41.70
8th Jim Spivey United StatesUnited States United States 3: 41.74

Final: August 8th, 8:15 pm

5000 m

space athlete country Time (min)
1 Dieter Baumann GermanyGermany GER 13: 12.52
2 Paul Bitok KenyaKenya KEN 13: 12.71
3 Fita Bayisa Ethiopia 1991Ethiopia ETH 13: 13.08
4th Brahim Boutayeb MoroccoMorocco MAR 13: 13.27
5 Yobes Ondieki KenyaKenya KEN 13: 17.50
6th Worku Bikila Ethiopia 1991Ethiopia ETH 13: 23.52
7th Robert Denmark United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 13: 27.76
8th Abel Antón SpainSpain ESP 13: 27.80

Final: August 8th, 8:40 pm

10,000 m

space athlete country Time (min)
1 Khalid Skah MoroccoMorocco MAR 27: 46.70
2 Richard Chelimo KenyaKenya KEN 27: 47.72
3 Addis Abebe Ethiopia 1991Ethiopia ETH 28: 00.07
4th Salvatore Antibo ItalyItaly ITA 28: 11.39
5 Arturo Barrios MexicoMexico MEX 28: 17.79
6th German Silva MexicoMexico MEX 28: 20.19
7th William Koech KenyaKenya KEN 28: 25.18
8th Moses Tanui KenyaKenya KEN 28:27.11

Final: August 3, 10:15 p.m.


space athlete country Time (h)
1 Hwang Young-cho Korea Sud 1949South Korea COR 2:13:23
2 Kōichi Morishita Japan 1870Japan JPN 2:13:45
3 Stephan Freilang GermanyGermany GER 2:14:00
4th Takeyuki Nakayama Japan 1870Japan JPN 2:14:02
5 Salvatore Bettiol ItalyItaly ITA 2:14:15
6th Salah Qoqaiche MoroccoMorocco MAR 2:14:25
7th Jan Huruk PolandPoland POLE 2:14:32
8th Hiromi Taniguchi Japan 1870Japan JPN 2:14:42

Start: August 9th, 6:10 pm

110 m hurdles

space athlete country Time (s)
1 Mark McKoy CanadaCanada CAN 13.12
2 Tony Dees United StatesUnited States United States 13.24
3 Jack Pierce United StatesUnited States United States 13.26
4th Tony Jarrett United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 13.26
5 Florian Schwarthoff GermanyGermany GER 13.29
6th Emilio Valle CubaCuba CUB 13.41
7th Colin Jackson United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 13.46
8th Hughie Teape United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 14.00

Final: August 3, 8:05 p.m.

Wind: +0.8 m / s

400 m hurdles

space athlete country Time (s)
1 Kevin Young United StatesUnited States United States 46.78 WR
2 Winthrop Graham JamaicaJamaica JAM 47.66
3 Kriss Akabusi United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 47.82
4th Stéphane Diagana FranceFrance FRA 48.13
5 Niklas Wallenlind SwedenSweden SWE 48.63
6th Oleh Twerdochleb United teamUnited team EUN 48.63
7th Stéphane Caristan FranceFrance FRA 48.86
8th David Patrick United StatesUnited States United States 49.26

Final: August 6th, 7:00 p.m.

3000 m obstacle

space athlete country Time (min)
1 Matthew Kiprotich Birir KenyaKenya KEN 8: 08.84
2 Patrick Sang KenyaKenya KEN 8: 09.55
3 William Mutwol KenyaKenya KEN 8: 10.74
4th Alessandro Lambruschini ItalyItaly ITA 8: 15.52
5 Steffen Brand GermanyGermany GER 8: 16.60
6th Tom Hanlon United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 8: 18.14
7th Brian Diemer United StatesUnited States United States 8: 18.77
8th Azzedine Brahmi AlgeriaAlgeria ALG 8: 20.71

Final: August 7th, 9:00 p.m.

4 × 100 m relay

space country Athletes Time (s)
1 United StatesUnited States United States Carl Lewis
Dennis Mitchell
Leroy Burrell
Michael Marsh
in the heats also:
James Jett
37.40 WR
2 NigeriaNigeria Nigeria Oluyemi Kayode
Chidi Imoh
Olapade Adeniken
Davidson Ezinwa
in the preliminary also:
Osmond Ezinwa
3 CubaCuba Cuba Andrés Simón
Joel Lamela
Joel Isasi
Jorge Aguilera
4th United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain Marcus Adam
Tony Jarrett
John Regis
Linford Christie
5 United teamUnited team United team Pawel Galkin
Edwin Ivanov
Andrei Fedoriw
Vitali Sawin
6th Japan 1870Japan Japan Shinji Aoto
Hisatsugu Suzuki
Satoru Inoue
Tatsuo Sugimoto
7th AustriaAustria Austria Christoph Pöstinger
Thomas Renner
Andreas Berger
Franz Ratzenberger
8th Ivory CoastIvory Coast Ivory Coast Frank Waota
Jean-Olivier Zirignon
Gilles Bogui
Ouattara Lagazane

Final: August 8th, 7:20 pm

4 × 400 m relay

space country Athletes Time (min)
1 United StatesUnited States United States Andrew Valmon
Quincy Watts
Michael Johnson
Steve Lewis
in the heats also:
Charles Jenkins
Darnell Hall
2: 55.74 WR
2 CubaCuba Cuba Lázaro Martínez
Héctor Herrera
Norberto Téllez
Roberto Hernández
2: 59.51
3 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain Kriss Akabusi
Roger Black
David Grindley
John Regis
in the heats as well:
Du'aine Ladejo
Mark Richardson
2: 59.73
4th BrazilBrazil Brazil Robson da Silva
Edielson Rocha Tenório
Sérgio de Menezes
Sidnei Telles de Souza
in the preliminary also:
Eronilde de Araújo
3: 01.61
5 NigeriaNigeria Nigeria Udeme Ekpeyong
Emmanuel Okoli
Hassan Bosso
Sunday Bada
3: 01.71
6th ItalyItaly Italy Alessandro Aimar
Marco Vaccari
Fabio Grossi
Andrea Nuti
3: 02.18
7th Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Alvin Daniel
Patrick Delice
Neil de Silva
Ian Morris
3: 03.31
DNF KenyaKenya Kenya Samson Kitur
Abednego Matilu
Simon Kipkemboi
Simon Kemboi
in the preliminary also:
David Kitur

Final: August 8th, 9:40 pm

20 km walking

space athlete country Time (h)
1 Daniel Plaza SpainSpain ESP 1:21:45
2 Guillaume LeBlanc CanadaCanada CAN 1:22:25
3 Giovanni De Benedictis ItalyItaly ITA 1:23:11
4th Maurizio Damilano ItalyItaly ITA 1:23:39
5 Chen Shaoguo China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 1:24:06
6th James McDonald IrelandIreland IRL 1:25:16
7th Daniel García MexicoMexico MEX 1:25:35
8th Sándor Urbanik HungaryHungary HUN 1:26:08

Start: July 31, 7:15 p.m.

50 km of walking

space athlete country Time (h)
1 Andrei Perlow United teamUnited team EUN 3:50:13
2 Carlos Mercenario MexicoMexico MEX 3:52:09
3 Ronald Weigel GermanyGermany GER 3:53:45
4th Valery Spitsyn United teamUnited team EUN 3:54:39
5 Roman Mrázek CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia TCH 3:55:21
6th Hartwig Gauder GermanyGermany GER 3:56:47
7th Valentin Kononen FinlandFinland FIN 3:57:21
8th Miguel Ángel Rodríguez MexicoMexico MEX 3:58:20

Start: August 7th, 7:30 a.m.

high jump

space athlete country Height (m)
1 Javier Sotomayor CubaCuba CUB 2.34
2 Patrik Sjöberg SwedenSweden SWE 2.34
3 Artur Partyka PolandPoland POLE 2.34
Tim Forsyth AustraliaAustralia OUT 2.34
Hollis Conway United StatesUnited States United States 2.34
6th Ralf Sonn GermanyGermany GER 2.31
7th Troy Kemp BahamasBahamas BAH 2.31
8th Marino Drake CubaCuba CUB 2.28
Charles Austin United StatesUnited States United States 2.28
Dragutin Topić OlympiaIndependent Olympian IOP 2.28

Final: August 2nd, 6pm

Pole vault

space athlete country Height (m)
1 Maxim Tarasov United teamUnited team EUN 5.80
2 Igor Trandenkov United teamUnited team EUN 5.80
3 Javier García SpainSpain ESP 5.75
4th Kory tarpenning United StatesUnited States United States 5.75
5 David Volz United StatesUnited States United States 5.65
6th Asko Peltoniemi FinlandFinland FIN 5.60
7th Philippe Collet FranceFrance FRA 5.55
8th Danny Krasnov IsraelIsrael ISR 5.40

Final: August 7th, 5pm

Long jump

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Carl Lewis United StatesUnited States United States 8.67
2 Mike Powell United StatesUnited States United States 8.64
3 Joe Greene United StatesUnited States United States 8.34
4th Iván Pedroso CubaCuba CUB 8.11
5 Jaime Jefferson CubaCuba CUB 8.08
6th Konstandinos Koukodimos GreeceGreece GRE 8.04
7th Dmitri Bagryanov United teamUnited team EUN 7.98
8th Huang Geng China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 7.87

Final: August 6th, 6:50 pm

Triple jump

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Mike Conley Sr. United StatesUnited States United States 18.17
2 Charles Simpkins United StatesUnited States United States 17.60
3 Frank Rutherford BahamasBahamas BAH 17.36
4th Leonid Voloshin United teamUnited team EUN 17.32
5 Brian Wellman Bermuda 1910Bermuda BER 17.24
6th Yoelbi Quesada CubaCuba CUB 17.18
7th Alexander Kovalenko United teamUnited team EUN 17.06
8th Zou Sixin China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 17.00

Final: August 3, 7:30 p.m.

Mike Conley's victory distance of 18.17 m was favored by the wind and therefore not recordable. Conley had set a new Olympic record in his second attempt under regular conditions with 17.63 m .

Shot put

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Mike Stulce United StatesUnited States United States 21.70
2 Jim Doehring United StatesUnited States United States 20.96
3 Vyacheslav Lycho United teamUnited team EUN 20.94
4th Werner Günthör SwitzerlandSwitzerland SUI 20.91
5 Ulf Timmermann GermanyGermany GER 20.49
6th Klaus Bodenmüller AustriaAustria AUT 20.48
7th Dragan Peric OlympiaIndependent Olympian IOP 20.32
8th Oleksandr Klymenko United teamUnited team EUN 20.23

Final: July 31, 6:55 p.m.

Discus throw

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Romas Ubartas Lithuania 1989Lithuania LTU 65.12
2 Jürgen Schult GermanyGermany GER 64.94
3 Roberto Moya CubaCuba CUB 64.12
4th Costel Grasu RomaniaRomania ROME 62.86
5 Attila Horváth HungaryHungary HUN 62.82
6th Juan Martínez CubaCuba CUB 62.64
7th Dmytro Kowzun United teamUnited team EUN 62.04
8th Dmitri Shevchenko United teamUnited team EUN 61.78

Final: August 5th, 7:30 p.m.

Hammer throw

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Andrei Abduvaliev United teamUnited team EUN 82.54
2 Ihar Astapkovich United teamUnited team EUN 81.96
3 Igor Nikulin United teamUnited team EUN 81.38
4th Tibor Gécsek HungaryHungary HUN 77.78
5 Jüri Tamm EstoniaEstonia EST 77.52
6th Heinz Weis GermanyGermany GER 76.90
7th Lance deal United StatesUnited States United States 76.84
8th Sean Carlin AustraliaAustralia OUT 76.16

Final: August 2nd, 4:30 p.m.

Javelin throw

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Jan Železný CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia TCH 89.66 OR
2 Seppo Räty FinlandFinland FIN 86.60
3 Steve Backley United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 83.38
4th Kimmo Kinnunen FinlandFinland FIN 82.62
5 Sigurdur Einarsson IcelandIceland ISL 80.34
6th Juha Laukkanen FinlandFinland FIN 79.20
7th Michael Barnett United StatesUnited States United States 78.64
8th Andrei Shevchuk United teamUnited team EUN 77.74

Final: August 8th, 6:55 pm


space athlete country Points
1 Robert Změlík CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia TCH 8611
2 Antonio Peñalver SpainSpain ESP 8412
3 Dave Johnson United StatesUnited States United States 8309
4th Dezső Szabó HungaryHungary HUN 8199
5 Robert Muzzio United StatesUnited States United States 8195
6th Paul Meier GermanyGermany GER 8192
7th William Motti FranceFrance FRA 8164
8th Ramil Ganyev United teamUnited team EUN 8160

August 5th and 6th

Results women

100 m

space Athlete country Time (s)
1 Gail Devers United StatesUnited States United States 10.82
2 Juliet Cuthbert JamaicaJamaica JAM 10.83
3 Irina Privaleova United teamUnited team EUN 10.84
4th Gwen Torrence United StatesUnited States United States 10.86
5 Merlene Ottey JamaicaJamaica JAM 10.88
6th Anelija Nunewa BulgariaBulgaria BUL 11.10
7th Mary Onyali NigeriaNigeria NGR 11.15
8th Liliana Allen CubaCuba CUB 11.19

Final: August 1st, 7:45 pm

Wind: −1.0 m / s

200 m

space Athlete country Time (s)
1 Gwen Torrence United StatesUnited States United States 21.81
2 Juliet Cuthbert JamaicaJamaica JAM 22.02
3 Merlene Ottey JamaicaJamaica JAM 22.09
4th Irina Privaleova United teamUnited team EUN 22.19
5 Carlette Guidry United StatesUnited States United States 22.30
6th Grace Jackson JamaicaJamaica JAM 22.58
7th Michelle Finn United StatesUnited States United States 22.51
8th Galina Malschugina United teamUnited team EUN 22.63

Final: August 6th, 6:25 pm

Wind: −0.6 m / s

400 m

space Athlete country Time (s)
1 Marie-José Perec FranceFrance FRA 48.83
2 Olha Wladykina-Bryshina United teamUnited team EUN 49.05
3 Ximena Restrepo ColombiaColombia COL 49.64
4th Olga Nazarova United teamUnited team EUN 49.69
5 Jillian Richardson-Briscoe CanadaCanada CAN 49.93
6th Rochelle Stevens United StatesUnited States United States 50.11
7th Sandie Richards JamaicaJamaica JAM 50.19
8th Phyllis Smith United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 50.87

Final: August 5th, 8:30 p.m.

800 m

space Athlete country Time (min)
1 Ellen van Langen NetherlandsNetherlands NED 1: 55.54
2 Lilia Nurutdinova United teamUnited team EUN 1: 55.99
3 Ana Fidelia Quirot CubaCuba CUB 1: 56.80
4th Inna Yevseeva United teamUnited team EUN 1: 57.20
5 Maria de Lurdes Mutola MozambiqueMozambique MOZ 1: 57.49
6th Ella Kovacs RomaniaRomania ROU 1: 57.95
7th Joetta Clark United StatesUnited States United States 1: 58.06
8th Lyubov Gurina United teamUnited team EUN 1: 58.13

Final: August 3rd, 7:55 pm

1500 m

space Athlete country Time (min)
1 Hassiba Boulmerka AlgeriaAlgeria ALG 3: 55.30
2 Lyudmila Rogacheva United teamUnited team EUN 3: 56.91
3 Qu Yunxia China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 3: 57.08
4th Tetjana Samolenko-Dorowskych United teamUnited team EUN 3: 57.92
5 Liu Li China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 4:00:20
6th Maite Zúñiga SpainSpain ESP 4: 00.59
7th Małgorzata Rydz PolandPoland POLE 4: 01.91
8th Ekaterina Podkopaeva United teamUnited team EUN 4: 02.03

Final: August 8, 7:50 p.m.

3000 m

space Athlete country Time (min)
1 Elena Romanova United teamUnited team EUN 8: 46.04
2 Tetjana Samolenko-Dorowskych United teamUnited team EUN 8: 46.85
3 Angela Chalmers CanadaCanada CAN 8: 47.22
4th Sonia O'Sullivan IrelandIreland IRL 8: 47.41
5 PattiSue Plumer United StatesUnited States United States 8: 48.29
6th Elena Kopytova United teamUnited team EUN 8: 49.55
7th Shelly Steeley United StatesUnited States United States 8: 52.67
8th Yvonne Murray United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 8: 55.85

Final: August 2nd at 9:00 p.m.

10,000 m

space Athlete country Time (min)
1 Derartu Tulu Ethiopia 1991Ethiopia ETH 31: 06.02
2 Elana Meyer South Africa 1961South Africa RSA 31: 11.75
3 Lynn Jennings United StatesUnited States United States 31: 19.80
4th Zhong Huandi China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 31: 21.08
5 Liz McColgan United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 31: 26.11
6th Wang Xiuting China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 31: 28.06
7th Uta Pippig GermanyGermany GER 31: 36.45
8th Judi St. Hilaire United StatesUnited States United States 31: 38.04

Final: August 7th, 9:30 p.m.


space Athlete country Time (h)
1 Valentina Egorova United teamUnited team EUN 2:32:41
2 Yūko Arimori Japan 1870Japan JPN 2:32:49
3 Lorraine Moller New ZealandNew Zealand NZL 2:32:59
4th Sachiko Yamashita Japan 1870Japan JPN 2:36:26
5 Katrin Dörre GermanyGermany GER 2:36:48
6th Mun Gyong-ae Korea NorthNorth Korea PRK 2:37:03
7th Maria Manuela Machado PortugalPortugal POR 2:38:22
8th Ramilja Burangulowa United teamUnited team EUN 2:38:46

Start: August 1st, 6:30 p.m.

The fourth-placed Belarusian Madina Biktagirowa was disqualified for violating the doping regulations using norephedrine .

100 m hurdles

space Athlete country Time (s)
1 Paraskevi Patoulidou GreeceGreece GRE 12.64
2 LaVonna Martin United StatesUnited States United States 12.69
3 Jordanka Donkova BulgariaBulgaria BUL 12.70
4th Lynda Tolbert United StatesUnited States United States 12.75
5 Gail Devers United StatesUnited States United States 12.75
6th Aliuska López CubaCuba CUB 12.87
7th Natalia Kolovanova United teamUnited team EUN 13.01
8th Odalys Adams CubaCuba CUB 13.57

Final: August 6th, 8:10 pm

Wind: +0.4 m / s

400 m hurdles

space Athlete country Time (s)
1 Sally Gunnell United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 53.23
2 Sandra Farmer-Patrick United StatesUnited States United States 53.69
3 Janeene Vickers United StatesUnited States United States 54.31
4th Tazzjana Ljadouskaja United teamUnited team EUN 54.31
5 Wera Ordina United teamUnited team EUN 54.83
6th Margarita Chromowa-Ponomarjowa United teamUnited team EUN 54.83
7th Deon Hemmings JamaicaJamaica JAM 55.58
Myrtle Bothma South Africa 1961South Africa RSA DNF

Final: August 5th, 7:40 pm

4 × 100 m relay

space country Athletes Time (s)
1 United StatesUnited States United States Evelyn Ashford
Esther Jones
Carlette Guidry-White
Gwen Torrence
in the preliminary also:
Michelle Finn
2 United teamUnited team United team Olga Bogoslowskaja
Galina Maltschugina
Marina Trandenkowa
Irina Priwalowa
3 NigeriaNigeria Nigeria Beatrice Utondu
Faith Idehen
Christy Opara-Thompson
Mary Onyali
4th FranceFrance France Patricia Girard
Odiah Sidibé
Laurence Bily
Marie-José Pérec
5 GermanyGermany Germany Andrea Philipp
Silke-Beate Knoll
Andrea Thomas
Sabine Günther
6th AustraliaAustralia Australia Melissa Moore
Melinda Gainsford
Kathy Sambell
Kerry Johnson
CubaCuba Cuba Eusebia Riquelme
Aliuska López
Idalmis Bonne
Liliana Allen
JamaicaJamaica Jamaica Michelle Freeman
Juliet Cuthbert
Dahlia Duhaney
Merlene Ottey

Final: August 8th, 7:00 p.m.

4 × 400 m relay

space country Athletes Time (min)
1 United teamUnited team United team Jelena Rusina
Lyudmyla Dschyhalowa
Olga Nazarowa
Olha Wladykina-Bryshina
in the preliminary
stages also: Marina Schmonina
Lilija Nurutdinova
3: 20.20
2 United StatesUnited States United States Natasha Kaiser
Gwen Torrence
Jearl Miles
Rochelle Stevens
in the preliminary also:
Denean Howard-Hill
Dannette Young
3: 20.92
3 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain Phylis Smith
Sandra Douglas
Jennifer Stoute
Sally Gunnell
3: 24.23
4th CanadaCanada Canada Rosaline Edeh
Charmaine Crooks
Camille Noel
Jillian Richardson-Briscoe
in the preliminary also:
Karen Clarke
3: 25.20
5 JamaicaJamaica Jamaica Catherine Scott
Cathy Rattray
Juliet Campbell
Sandie Richards
in the preliminary also:
Claudine Williams
3: 25.68
6th GermanyGermany Germany Uta Rohländer
Heike Meißner
Linda Kisabaka
Anja Rücker
3: 26.37
7th AustraliaAustralia Australia Cathy Freeman
Susan Andrews
Renée Poetschka
Michelle Lock
3: 26.42
8th PortugalPortugal Portugal Marta Moreira
Lucrécia Jardim
Elsa Amaral
Eduarda Coelho
3: 36.85

Final: August 8th, 9:15 pm

10 km walking

space Athlete country Time (min)
1 Chen Yueling China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 44:32 OR
2 Elena Nikolaeva United teamUnited team EUN 44:33
3 Li Chunxiu China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 44:41
4th Sari essayah FinlandFinland FIN 45:08
5 Cui Yingzi China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 45:15
6th Madelein Svensson SwedenSweden SWE 45:17
7th Annarita Sidoti ItalyItaly ITA 45:23
8th Jelena Saiko United teamUnited team EUN 45:28

Start: August 3rd, 7:50 p.m.

high jump

space Athlete country Height (m)
1 Heike Henkel GermanyGermany GER 2.02
2 Galina Astafei RomaniaRomania ROU 2.00
3 Ioamnet Quintero CubaCuba CUB 1.97
4th Stefka Kostadinova BulgariaBulgaria BUL 1.94
5 Sigrid Kirchmann AustriaAustria AUT 1.94
6th Silvia Costa CubaCuba CUB 1.94
7th Megumi Sato Japan 1870Japan JPN 1.91
8th Alison Inverarity AustraliaAustralia OUT 1.91

Final: August 8th, 6:30 p.m.

Long jump

space Athlete country Width (m)
1 Heike Drechsler GermanyGermany GER 7.14
2 Inessa Krawez United teamUnited team EUN 7.12
3 Jackie Joyner-Kersee United StatesUnited States United States 7.07
4th Mirela Dulgheru RomaniaRomania ROU 6.71
5 Irina Mushailova United teamUnited team EUN 6.68
6th Sharon couch United StatesUnited States United States 6.66
7th Sheila Echols United StatesUnited States United States 6.62
8th Susen Tiedtke GermanyGermany GER 6.60

Final: August 7th, 7:15 pm

The fourth-placed Lithuanian Nijolė Medvedeva was disqualified for doping .

Shot put

space Athlete country Width (m)
1 Svetlana Kriweljowa United teamUnited team EUN 21.06
2 Huang Zhihong China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 20.47
3 Kathrin Neimke GermanyGermany GER 19.78
4th Belsy Laza CubaCuba CUB 19.70
5 Zhou Tianhua China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 19.26
6th Svetla Mitkowa BulgariaBulgaria BUL 19.23
7th Stephanie Storp GermanyGermany GER 19.10
8th Wita Pavlysch United teamUnited team EUN 18.69

Final: August 7th, 6:55 pm

World record holder Natalja Lisovskaya finished ninth with 18.60 m, 4.03 meters below her world record from 1987.

Discus throw

space Athlete country Width (m)
1 Maritza Martén CubaCuba CUB 70.06
2 Tsvetanka Christova BulgariaBulgaria BUL 67.78
3 Daniela Costian AustraliaAustralia OUT 66.20
4th Larissa Korotkewitsch United teamUnited team EUN 65.52
5 Olga Burowa United teamUnited team EUN 64.02
6th Hilda Ramos CubaCuba CUB 63.80
7th Iryna Yatchanka United teamUnited team EUN 63.74
8th Stefanija Simowa BulgariaBulgaria BUL 63.42

Final: August 3, 6:50 p.m.

Javelin throw

space Athlete country Width (m)
1 Silke Renk GermanyGermany GER 68.34
2 Natallja Schykalenka United teamUnited team EUN 68.26
3 Karen Forkel GermanyGermany GER 66.86
4th Tessa Sanderson United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 63.58
5 Trine Hattestad NorwayNorway NOR 63.54
6th Heli Rantanen FinlandFinland FIN 62.34
7th Petra Felke-Meier GermanyGermany GER 59.02
8th Dulce García CubaCuba CUB 58.26

Final: August 1st, 7:20 pm


space Athlete country Points
1 Jackie Joyner-Kersee United StatesUnited States United States 7044
2 Irina Belowa United teamUnited team EUN 6845
3 Sabine Braun GermanyGermany GER 6649
4th Liliana Năstase RomaniaRomania ROU 6619
5 Svetla Dimitrova BulgariaBulgaria BUL 6464
6th Peggy Beer GermanyGermany GER 6434
7th Birgit Clarius GermanyGermany GER 6388
8th Urszula Włodarczyk PolandPoland POLE 6333

August 1st and 2nd


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