July 31

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The July 31 is the 212th day of the Gregorian calendar (the 213th in leap years ), thus remain 153 days by year end.

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Politics and world events

Columbus' third voyage 1498–1500
1667: New Netherlands
1917: Third Battle of Flanders
1941: Goering's order


1752: Giraffe enclosure in Schönbrunn Zoo

science and technology

1815: Brunton's Mechanical Traveler
1901: The Preussen gas balloon is filled
  • 1901: The German meteorologists Arthur Berson and Reinhard Süring reach the world record height of 10,800 meters in the Preussen gas balloon . Their temperature measurements pave the way for the discovery of the stratosphere in 1902.
  • 1906: On the night of August 1st, the first scientific observations are carried out from the newly opened Ondřejov observatory (in today's Czech Republic ).
  • 1919: The Berlin – New York radio link opens
  • 1931: After a week, the rigid airship LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin returns to Friedrichshafen from its successful polar voyage under the direction of Hugo Eckener .
  • 1964: Ranger 7 lands hard on the moon as planned and shatters, but can still send the first 4,000 photographs from the moon to earth beforehand.
  • 1969: The Mariner 6 space probe photographs Mars as it flies by and sends the images to Earth within a few minutes.
  • 1999: The US space probe Lunar Prospector , whose mission was to detect water on the moon, hits the moon - as intended - after providing data on the moon for almost 19 months. However, the impact fails to release ice.



  • 1970: On Black Tot Day , British navies were given rum as part of their ration for the last time. This is the end of a 315 year old tradition.


431: Cyril of Alexandria
1826: Presentation of the Inquisition by Goya


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