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Rolf Andresen (born July 31, 1925 in Brebelholz ; † October 23, 2008 ) was a German sports official. He was president and honorary member of the German Volleyball Association as well as President and Honorary President of the European Volleyball Association .


Andresen attended elementary school in Flensburg from 1932 to 1936 . From 1936 to 1943 he graduated from high school in Plön . From 1933 to 1945 this was a National Political Education Institute . He had to spend the next two years as a soldier in the military service and subsequent British captivity. In 1946 he began studying at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main in the subjects German , Education and Sports Science . He passed his physical education teacher exam in 1950.

From 1950 to 1958 he worked as a university sports teacher at the TH Darmstadt . From 1955 to 1958 he headed the sports department of the TH Darmstadt. At the University of Mainz , he was in 1958 for Dr. phil. PhD . He then went to the Institute for Physical Education at the Westphalian Wilhelms University as an academic adviser in 1959 , which appointed him. In 1961 he passed the state examination for secondary school teachers at the Ruhr University of Education .

From 1965 to 1971 Andresen was the coach of the USC Munster men's volleyball team , with which he won the championship title seven times in a row . From 1966 to 1973 he also worked as a sports warden for the German Volleyball Association (DVV). In 1971 he was appointed Academic Senior Councilor. Between 1971 and 1973 he was given leave of absence to work for Helmut Meyer's head of department for national coaches in the Federal Committee for Competitive Sports at the German Sports Confederation. Until 1976 he was chairman of the Cologne trainer academy.

In 1972 he was the head of the delegation of the DVV national teams at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich . From that year he held various positions in the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball . In 1973 he accepted the call to Berlin at the then Pedagogical University (with Horst Käsler ) to work as a professor at the seminar for physical education. From the same year he also worked as an expert at the German Sports Aid Foundation .

From 1975 to 1988 he held the honorary position of chairman of the scientific commission in the federal committee for competitive sport. He was the full-time founding director of the management academy of the German Sports Association in Berlin, which was founded in 1980 . In 1982 he was offered the chair of sports science at the University of Bayreuth . In Bayreuth in 1982, he founded the Bayreuth International Sports Seminar . In 1987 he became Vice President of the European Volleyball Federation.

From 1989 to 1993 Andresen was the executive director of the Federal Committee for Competitive Sport . He was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class on June 20, 1990. From 1991 to 1995 he was President of the German Volleyball Association , then until 2001 President of the Confédération Européenne de Volleyball , which later made him Honorary President.

Andresen was brother-in-law of the Bavarian Prime Minister Max Streibl . He died at the age of 83 and was buried in Wildsteig on October 28th .

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