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The Berlin University of Education (PH Berlin) was a university of education in West Berlin from 1948 to 1980 .


The University of Education was founded in 1946 as a university for Greater Berlin intended by Berlin's cultural politicians and the “cooperating four occupying powers ” . After its political administrative split into a western and an eastern institution, on December 6, 1948, the "University of Berlin-Mitte ( Soviet sector ) moved to Berlin-Lankwitz ( American sector )". Director Wilhelm Blume responded to the division of the university administration with his resignation.

Director Wilhelm Richter strengthened a development leading to the law with the effective result from January 1, 1959, that “the pedagogical university officially became a scientific university”. During the term of office of Rector Adolf Schwarzlose "the returning to the excitation Paul Heimann [...] Didaktikum" was considered a mandatory semester of teaching practice, didactic analysis and scientific penetration institutionalized .

Since 1969 the university has been changing under the direction of Rector Walter Heistermann, so that it has the right to obtain doctorates (1975) and habilitation in some areas. Joined the West German Rectors' Conference (WRK) in 1970 , the university was granted full voting rights in 1975.

The number of fully enrolled students, which has risen steadily since 1970, has led to a significant increase in state subsidies, budget funds for material expenses, personnel costs and investments. With a subsidy requirement of 38,667,000 DM, the university's budget in 1979 was at the top of all teaching universities in Germany.

In 1980 the PH Berlin was dissolved. The individual departments were divided between the Free University of Berlin , the Technical University of Berlin and the Berlin University of the Arts ; the latter later merged with the Berlin University of the Arts . The university was located on today's Malteserstrasse (until 1960 Marienfelder Strasse) in Berlin-Lankwitz; the campus there is now used by the Free University.

The university library represented the main provenance of the educational science , subject didactics and psychology library of the Free University of Berlin, whose holdings were transferred to the campus library for natural, cultural and educational sciences, mathematics, computer science and psychology in 2015 . The Shaul B. and Hilde Robinsohn Library, or Robinsohn Library for short, is located at Malteserstraße 74-100 . It receives, maintains and distributes the writings of Saul B. Robinsohn in particular .


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