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The name Kaupert stands for a street guide , a travel guide , the associated publisher and the publishing family behind it.

Road guide

Kaupert's street guide through Berlin (also colloquially in Berlin: Der Kaupert ) is an address book that has been published every year since 1946. The last printed edition appeared in 2013. Since then, “Der Kaupert” has only been published online.

In this directory - in a unique way in Germany - dates, addresses and responsibilities of the city of Berlin and the state of Brandenburg are listed.

The book contains the following information:

A copy is carried in numerous Berlin taxis , ambulances and many police and fire engines . With the book you can quickly find an address without a map - provided you know the main roads in the area; House numbers can be approached directly, especially if electronic systems fail (in the event of a disaster). Law firms and authorities make use of the territorial competencies.

The new edition with updated information appears annually in November. The costs are covered by advertising sales and the selling price.

travel Guide

From 1950 until today, Kauperts Deutschland Reise- und Hotelführer is an information compendium on all tourist information points in Germany and contains important addresses and information about tourism in Germany . It describes tourist information on cities and municipalities and all German accommodation providers from youth hostels to luxury hotels .

The content is structured according to federal states and presented with special topics on special pages:

  • Coach destinations / group trips
  • Close to nature. By bike , on the water or on foot
  • family holiday
  • Germany's most beautiful holiday routes
  • Federal states: travel regions, excursion destinations, cities and municipalities with accommodation
  • Meeting points

It operates its own website. There is also a cooperation with the German National Tourist Board (DZT).

publishing company

The name Kaupert stands for a traditional German media company. Oskar Kaupert bought his parents' business as early as 1900 - a book printing and publishing house .

Kaupert-Verlag traditionally had its headquarters in Berlin's Friedrichstrasse and was the largest address book publisher in Berlin after the Second World War, which, among other things, researched and published the city's first business directory . After Walter Kaupert's death , the publishing products - including Kaupert  - were published by a Bavarian publishing company, namely the Adressbuch-Gesellschaft Berlin mbH with headquarters in Olching / Bavaria.

Roman Kaupert has been the owner of the rights to all of the company's works since November 9, 2007, and brought the publishing house back into family ownership. He currently heads a permanent team of 25 employees as managing director of kaupert media gmbh . This is a 100% subsidiary of "Zepter und Krone GmbH" (advertising), whose sole shareholder and managing director is Roman Kaupert.

In mid-2009, the publisher made it possible for the Luisenstädtischer Bildungsverein to present its Internet offering again after the Berlin Senate had previously canceled the financial support. The publishing house also organizes the KAUPERTs Club of Berlin Movers , in which people are introduced who are exceptionally deeply rooted in the city of Berlin and send positive signals from and for the capital. Admission to the club is only possible through a personal invitation from the publisher.


Oskar Kaupert

Oskar Kaupert (1876–1947) was a book printer owner and publisher in Freudenstadt in the Black Forest .

He did an apprenticeship as a typesetter in his father's book printer and then trained as a commercial typesetter and above all as a printer . He worked as a machine foreman at Ramm & Seemann in Leipzig , where he had to print the daily “Börsenzeitung”. In the editorial office of the “ Generalanzeiger ” in Essen / Ruhr, he familiarized himself with the requirements of running a newspaper. In 1898 he joined his parents' business - a book printing company with the publishing house of the daily newspaper "Der Grenzer" - which he bought on January 1, 1900.

In 1931/1932 the National Socialist Party fought him fiercely because of his negative attitude towards Adolf Hitler . In 1933 he had to cede the publishing house of the official gazette “Der Grenzer”, which he had developed into a respected provincial newspaper in the third generation, to the National Socialist press in Württemberg . On April 17, 1945, his residential and commercial building including the valuable machines (including four typesetting machines, three high-speed presses, a rotary printing machine and tilting caster, Peaceful 110,000  M ) was completely destroyed by artillery fire.

Walter Kaupert

Walter Kaupert (1907–1956) was the son of Oskar Kaupert. He was a German publisher, founder of the Deutscher Adressbuch-Verlag and inventor and editor of the classic Berlin street guide that bears his name.

In addition, he also published other guides, for example the authority guide through Berlin (1949), the German art address book and international art address book (International Directory of Arts) (from 1952) and travel and hotel guides, as well as various specialist dictionaries ( e.g. specialist dictionary waste disposal and City cleaning ). He published regularly in local and administrative-relevant journals.

Walter Kaupert received his doctorate in 1932 at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg with the dissertation "The German daily press as Politicum". After the Second World War , he received approval for a printing company in Württemberg in 1947.

Roman Kaupert

Roman Kaupert (* 1977) is the grandson of the publisher Walter Kaupert, entrepreneur and graduate political scientist.

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