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The commercial printing is the printing work of a set of little usually extent.

Akzidenz (singular: die Akzidenz, from Latin accidentia, 'chance') are occasional printed matter such as prospectuses , brochures , leaflets , business cards , menus , mourning and other family printed matter, admission tickets, timetables, letters, invitations as well as official and unofficial forms. Another feature is appearance outside a publisher . The printed matter called "advertising supplements" in the common language and often found in magazines and newspapers is also called "commercial supplements" in technical terms.

Commercial printed matter was initially an additional source of income for publishing houses and newspaper printers in addition to periodically recurring orders. With the growing volume of business stationery, technical development and specialization, commercial printing separated from the classic core business of book printing . At the time of lead typesetting, commercial typefaces were mainly designed by job typesetters with commercial typefaces and not with the usual bread typefaces . The design was often left to the typesetter . The commercial typesetter first put the main lines in the design, then pulled them off with the help of the printing press , cut up the paper copy and glued the lines to the desired paper format in order to be able to assess the effect of his design realistically. The commercial typesetter indicated smaller lines of text with pencil lines. Lines and decorations were also roughly sketched by him. Should the graphic draft be presented to the client (“customer”) of the commercial work, the print template designed by the typesetter was carried out more precisely by him, possibly with the help of different colors. Learning to design was part of the training of the typesetter and was also part of the journeyman's examination .

Today, commercial jobs are mainly produced using digital printing .

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