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Herbert Meschkowski (born February 1, 1909 in Berlin-Moabit ; † March 24, 1990 in Berlin ) was a German mathematician .


Herbert Meschkowski grew up in simple circumstances. His father worked as a prison guard at the Moabit Detention Center .

In 1927 he began studying physics and mathematics, among others with Erhard Schmidt and Ludwig Bieberbach at the then Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin , which he graduated in 1931 with a very good state examination with Georg Hamel . After legal clerkship (1932–1934) and assessor examination (1934), he taught a class for difficult-to-educate children at the Evangelical Johannesstift in Berlin for two years . There he met the educator Magdalena Meitz, whom he married in 1936. In the same year he switched to a mathematics teacher at a grammar school in Berlin-Pankow and in 1939 became a teacher.

During the war years he mainly worked as a meteorologist in the service of the Wehrmacht.

In 1950 he did his doctorate under Alexander Dinghas with the topic "About the conformal mapping of certain areas of infinitely high correlation to full circle areas". Meschkowski was a professor at the Free University of Berlin and the Berlin University of Education . From 1962 to 1964 he was rector of the Berlin University of Education. He dealt with function theory and functional analysis , specialist didactics and specialist history and published numerous textbooks.

Meschkowski also dealt with the history of mathematics, edited Georg Cantor's letters, wrote his biography and a history of mathematics in Berlin. He wrote several books on mathematics aimed at a wider readership. He also took part in interdisciplinary projects: He gave the lecture "The world and human image of modern science" together with the PH lecturers Auguste Hoffmann (human biology), Walter Bünger (physics), Volkmar Denckmann (botany), Martin Hengst (nutritional science ) and Reinhold Scharf (chemistry).


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