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Archimedes , one of the most famous mathematicians of the ancient world
Leonhard Euler , one of the most productive mathematicians of modern times
Sofja Kovalevskaya was a Russian mathematician who became the world's first professor of mathematics at Stockholm University in 1884

Mathematicians are concerned with the maintenance and further development of the field of mathematics and with the application of the knowledge to practical issues. The application of mathematical methods leads to exact knowledge and statements, in certain sub-areas also to quantitative results (e.g. from numerics and statistics ).

You can work in specialist areas such as B. Numerical Mathematics , Statistics , Mathematical Logic , Algebra , Geometry , Analysis , Model Theory and Probability Theory . Since many processes and techniques can also be transferred to other sub-areas, a clear classification is not always possible.


The academic degree of Diplom-Mathematiker (Diplom-Mathematiker) is acquired by studying at a university, universities of applied sciences award the degree Diplom-Mathematiker (FH) . The standard period of study at the university is nine semesters at most universities and eight semesters at universities of applied sciences. After the changeover to the European study system , the study period up to the Bachelor’s degree is six (at universities of applied sciences usually seven) semesters, and the Master’s based on this, four or three semesters.

More on this under study of mathematics .

Course content

The contents of the basic course usually include: Analysis , Linear Algebra , Numerics , Stochastics , an elective and a minor.

In the main course , areas of pure (theoretical) and applied mathematics are deepened, for example in the direction of differential geometry , topology , functional analysis or optimization . There is also a minor, which sometimes deals with the application of mathematics in other subjects, such as economics , computer science or physics .

Academic degrees

On the basis of the passed diploma examination or Bachelor or Master examination, u. a. awarded the following degrees:


  • Graduate mathematician
  • Diploma in biomathematics
  • Graduate mathematician ( technical mathematics )
  • Graduated technical mathematician
  • Graduate mathematician (business mathematics)
  • Business mathematician
  • Degree in finance and business math
  • Computer mathematician
  • Bachelor of Science Mathematics
  • Master of Science in Mathematics


  • Master of Science in Natural Sciences
  • Magister / Magistra in Economics
  • Graduate engineer in technical mathematics

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