USC Munster

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USC Munster
German volleyball association
Club data
founding 1961
address Sperlichstrasse 10
48151 Münster
president Martin Gesigora
Volleyball department
league Bundesliga
Venue Berg Fidel sports hall
Trainer Teun Buijs
Assistant coach Marvin Mallach , Lisa Thomsen
successes Men:


last season 7th place in the Bundesliga, playoff quarter-finals
Was standing: July 9, 2019

The USC Münster is a volleyball club from Münster , whose first women's team plays in the Bundesliga . With nine championship titles , eleven wins in the DVV Cup and four titles in the European Cup, this is one of the most successful German teams. In earlier years the men were successful in Münster, they were German champions from 1965 to 1972 and won the DVV Cup in 1976.


The squad for the 2020/21 season consists of the following players.

Squad - season 2020/21
Surname No. nation size Date of birth position in the team since Contract until
Nele Barber 8th GermanyGermany Germany 1.83 m Oct 27, 1994 AA 2020 2021
Linda Bock 1 GermanyGermany Germany 1.80 m May 27, 2000 L. 2018 2022
Anika Brinkmann 4th GermanyGermany Germany 1.77 m Aug 4, 1986 AA 2020 2021
Liza Kastrup 5 GermanyGermany Germany 1.85 m Oct 5, 1999 D. 2018 2021
Demi Korevaar 6th NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 1.87 m Aug 9, 2000 MB 2019 2021
Heloiza Lacerda Pereira 13 BrazilBrazil Brazil 1.88 m Nov 2, 1990 D. 2020 2021
Adeja Lambert 7th United StatesUnited States United States 1.87 m Jan. 25, 1996 AA 2020
Juliane Langgemach 9 GermanyGermany Germany 1.88 m Nov 6, 1994 MB 2016 2022
Taylor Nelson 2 United StatesUnited States United States 1.80 m March 3, 1996 Z 2019 2021
Sarah van Aalen 10 NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 1.83 m Jan. 21, 2000 Z 2019 2021
Barbara Roxana Wezorke 11 GermanyGermany Germany 1.86 m Apr 12, 1993 MB 2019 2021

Positions : AA = acceptance / outside, D = diagonal, L = Libero, MB = middle block, Z = pass

New additions 2020
player previous club
Nele Barber SSC Palmberg Schwerin
Anika Brinkmann AO Thiras Santorini
Heloiza Lacerda Pereira Municipal Olympique Mougins Volley Ball
Adeja Lambert Pölkky Kuusamo
Departures 2020
player new club
Lina Alsmeier SSC Palmberg Schwerin
Luisa Keller Red ravens Vilsbiburg
Doreen Luther Strange volleys bark
Johanna Müller-Scheffsky BSV Ostbevern
Ivana Vanjak ASPTT Mulhouse

Head coach is the Dutchman Teun Buijs . He is supported by Marvin Mallach and Lisa Thomsen , with Thomsen also acting as team manager. The team doctors Christian Fechtrup, Stephan Maurer, Jessica Maurer and Rieke Herzog as well as the physiotherapists Anna Lea Pannenbäcker, Chistoph Lang, Nadine Rensing and Rolf Riegert are responsible for the medical care . Manuela Kiousis works as a scout .


The USC was founded under the name Universitäts-Sportclub Münster in 1961. Initially, the men around Karl Herzog , Hans-Ulrich Graßhoff and Manfred Kindermann were successful. You were German champions without interruption from 1965 to 1972 and in 1976 you won the DVV Cup . Since the volleyball department became independent in 1981/82 and is called Independent Sports Club Münster , women have taken over the management. With currently nine German championships and eleven DVV cup victories, the USC is the second most successful German women's club after the Schweriner SC. Another championship title was revoked in 1998 because Wendy Stammer from Münster was doped . The Münster women were also successful internationally: They won the CEV Cup in 1982, 1994 and 1996 as well as the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1992. Numerous record national players and volleyball players of the year played at USC: Annedore Richter , Margret Stender , Uschi Westphal , Heidi Kerstiens , Marina Staden , Sigrid Terstegge , Gudula Staub , Karen Baumeister , Alexandra Ludwig , Ariane Radfan , Ines Pianka , Beate Bühler , Ulrike Schmidt , Anne-Kathrin Schade , Judith Flemig , Angelina Grün , Maren Brinker , Louisa Lippmann . The team was named Team of the Year by the Sports Association of the City of Münster at the Sports Ball in 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2011.


In 2004, USC Münster became German champions for the eighth time. In the following season , the Westphalia managed to defend their title. In the 2005/06 season , the team finished fourth after the championship round. A year later , the USC could not qualify for the final round of the German championship and was the best team in the playdown round in seventh place. The result in the 2008 with the ninth place was even worse . After the final round was abolished, Münster was again ninth in the 2008/09 season , with the USC having the same number of points and the same set ratio as the eighth-placed Köpenicker SC and also tied with tenth and eleventh. In the following season , the club improved by one rank. In 2011 , Münster was also eighth. In the 2011/12 season , the USC achieved their best result in six years when they qualified fourth in the main round for the play-offs and only lost to the Dresdner SC in the semifinals . A year later , the team had to admit defeat to the same opponent in the play-off quarter-finals. In 2014 , the USC came seventh in the main round via the pre-play-offs in the quarter-finals and was eliminated there after three games against 1. VC Wiesbaden . Münster went the same way in the 2014/15 season , when it was lost in the quarter-finals against Allianz MTV Stuttgart . In the 2015/16 season, the USC qualified as fourth in the main round for the play-offs, just like four years earlier, and was again only defeated in the semifinals to the Dresdner SC , which then took the championship title. In the 2016/17 season , the Münster team finished seventh after the main round, qualified for the quarter-finals with two wins in the pre-play-offs against Suhl and were eliminated there after two defeats against Stuttgart. In the 2017/18 season they also reached the play-off quarter-finals as sixth in the main round, in which they were eliminated after two 3-0 defeats against eventual champions SSC Palmberg Schwerin . They were seventh in the main round again in the 2018/19 season , after which they were eliminated again in the subsequent play-off quarter-finals against Schwerin with two defeats (0: 3 and 2: 3).


In 2004 the Münster women won the DVV Cup in Schwerin 3-2 in the final against TV Fischbek . In the following season they reached the final again as defending champions and prevailed 3-0 against Bayer Leverkusen in Bonn . In 2006 they made it into the final for the third time in a row, which was held for the first time in the Gerry Weber Stadium ; this time the USC had to admit defeat to Schwerin SC with 0: 3. In the 2006/07 season , Münster was eliminated in the quarter-finals against Leverkusen. In 2007/08 against VfB 91 Suhl , in 2008/09 against Schwerin and in 2009/10 against Dresdner SC , the cup competition for the Westphalia also ended in the quarter-finals. In the 2010/11 season , Münster lost the round of 16 at home against the Allgäu Team Sonthofen 2: 3. A year later , the USC could not stop the defending champion Smart Allianz Stuttgart in the quarter-finals. In DVV Cup 2012/13 , this result repeated. In the following season, Münster lost to the VolleyStars Thuringia in the quarterfinals . In 2014/15 , the USC reached the semi-finals, which it lost against eventual cup winners Stuttgart. In the 2015/16 season , the USC was eliminated again in the semifinals against Allianz MTV Stuttgart . In 2016/17 Münster won 3-2 against Wiesbaden in the round of 16 and was eliminated 3-0 against Schwerin in the quarterfinals. In 2017/18 and 2018/19 they failed again in the quarter-finals against Stuttgart and Schwerin.

More teams

In addition to the Bundesliga team, USC Münster has four other women's, two men's and numerous youth teams. The second women's team played for years in the 2nd Bundesliga North and today in the 3rd League West . The club's youth teams won numerous West German and German championship titles.

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