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table tennis

description magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Table tennis
language German
publishing company myTischtennis GmbH ( Germany )
First edition 1948
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 14500 copies
Editor-in-chief Simone Hinz
editor German Table Tennis Association
Web link
ZDB 2158351-1

Table tennis ( proper spelling : table tennis ) is a German table tennis magazine. It is the organ of the German Table Tennis Association (DTTB) and appears once a month. Until July 2004 she held the title of German Table Tennis Sport . The 2007 edition was around 14,500 copies (compared to 10,000 copies in 2000).

The subtitle of the 48 or 56 page magazine is “News, training and service for players, coaches and clubs”. The main topics are reports on national and international events, training tips, product presentations, discussions about rules and rule changes, etc. In the regional section, topics from the regional associations are dealt with.

Two editors work full-time for table tennis . In addition, there are around a dozen freelancers and two photographers, and numerous volunteer authors write guest articles.


Initially, the DTTB used the magazine Tennis und Golf as an organ. On October 2, 1932, the Hermann Meister publishing house from Heidelberg published its own table tennis magazine. This appeared until the beginning of the Second World War .

In 1947 several table tennis newspapers were founded, such as the table tennis circular (from May 14, 1947) as the "Official Notices of the Table Tennis Association for Rhineland and Westphalia". This magazine was renamed Westdeutsche Tischtennis-Rundschau in 1948 and was published until March 1949.

In addition, from June 19, 1947, there was the table tennis review as “Official notifications of the regional associations”, published in A5 format by Heinz Tournée (Bochum). Reports were made about the four occupation zones. In January 1948 this magazine was also renamed, the new name was Deutscher Tischtennis-Sport (DTTS) . It was the predecessor of table tennis , and two A4-size booklets were published per month. At the 1st Bundestag of the DTTB on October 29 and 30, 1947, this magazine was named as the official organ of the DTTB. The scope was modest in the first few years. In 1948 / issue 16, for example, it comprised eight pages, 1953 / issue 3 had twelve pages.

In January 1950, the West German Table Tennis Association WTTV replaced Heinz Tournée as publisher. The WTTV divided the magazine into a west-south and a north-east edition. The differences lay in the design of the title page and in the regional sections. On April 1, 1952, the DTTB took over the west-south part, the north-east part remained the responsibility of TTV Lower Saxony . In May of the same year the Südwest-Echo was combined with the DTS - West-Süd edition. From 1966 there was again a single edition. In 1966 the title page was colored, and in 1972 the interior too. In 1975 the abbreviation changed from DTTS to DTS.

A small print run and the associated financial problems led to mandatory subscription in 1978: every club had to purchase a copy. This measure was controversial and was criticized by many clubs.

In October 1980 the editor-in-chief was taken over by a full-time journalist for the first time: Manfred Schäfer from Frankfurt, who had previously worked for the Frankfurter Rundschau . From 1983 the publication frequency was halved to once a month, the Philippka-Sportverlag in Münster took over the production and distribution.

Rahul Nelson was editor-in-chief of the DTS from July 2004 to the end of 2019 . The magazine has been published by myTischtennis GmbH from Düsseldorf since January 1, 2020.

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