Honorary Chairman

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An honorary chairman of a political party or an association is someone who has made a special contribution to support and promotion.

The honorary membership can to all these members as well as those natural and legal persons are awarded, who have distinguished themselves through great performance and a long affiliation. The honorary chairmanship can be awarded to board members who have made a special contribution to the association through their unselfish work and commitment.

Honorary members and honorary chairmen, who are not full members at the same time, take part in the board meetings (honorary chairmen) and the general assemblies without voting rights , depending on the present statutes . Honorary membership or honorary chairmanship can only be granted to living persons. It expires at the latest with the death of the honorary member or the honorary chairman.

Political parties in Germany

Currently in Germany the CSU , the AfD and the PARTY have honorary chairmen:

  • CSU: Edmund Stoiber was appointed at the party congress on September 29, 2007 right after the election of the new party chairman Erwin Huber . Theodor Waigel was honored accordingly at the party conference on July 18, 2009. Also Horst Seehofer was appointed on 19 January 2019 immediately after his replacement as CSU chairman honorary chairman.
  • AfD: Alexander Gauland was elected honorary chairman on December 1, 2019 at the tenth federal party conference in Braunschweig, after the election of his successor as federal spokesman Tino Chrupalla .
  • The PARTY: Oliver Maria Schmitt has been honorary chairman since the founding party conference in Münster in 2004.

Former honorary chairmen of a German party were:

Individual evidence

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