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Tino Chrupalla (2020)

Tino Chrupalla [kruˈpala] (born April 14, 1975 in Weißwasser ) is a German politician ( AfD ). In 2017 he was elected as a direct candidate for the constituency of Görlitz in the German Bundestag and on November 30, 2019, alongside Jörg Meuthen, as one of the two AfD federal spokesmen ( party leaders ). At the side of Alice Weidel , he was elected to one of two top candidates for the federal election in 2021 on May 25, 2021 .

Life and work

Tino Chrupalla, son of a master painter, grew up in Krauschwitz, Saxony . After graduating from secondary school in 1991, Chrupalla completed vocational training as a painter and varnisher until 1994 . Then he did his community service in Weißwasser. From 2000 to 2003 he attended the master school in Görlitz and Dresden . In 2003 he passed the master's examination to become a master painter and varnisher at the Dresden Chamber of Crafts and founded his own company in the painting and varnishing trade.

Chrupalla is married and has three children.

He was slightly injured while trying to extinguish his car on March 1, 2020 after strangers set it on fire.

Political activity

Chrupalla was a member of the Junge Union from 1990 to 1992 and, according to its own statements, was a CDU voter long afterwards . Due to his dissatisfaction with the euro and refugee crisis and the increasing bureaucracy for the self-employed, he joined the AfD in 2015, having previously participated in Pegida demonstrations. In March 2016, Chrupalla took over the management of the AfD regional group in the old district of Weißwasser . In April 2016 he was elected to the AfD district executive in Görlitz and a member of the AfD SME Forum in Saxony. In February 2017, Chrupalla took over the chairmanship of the Görlitz district association of his party.

Tino Chrupalla in the German Bundestag (2019)

In November 2016 he was elected as a direct candidate for the AfD in the Görlitz constituency. He was also nominated by his party to be number 5 on the state list . In the general election in 2017 Chrupalla won with 32.4% the direct mandate of his constituency and sat down with it to the eventual Saxony CDU - Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer by. The Sächsische Zeitung then named him as “The Conqueror” alongside Kretschmer as one of 15 “People of the Year 2017”.

In the Bundestag, Chrupalla is a full member of the Committee for Economic Affairs and Energy . He is also a deputy member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Committee on Construction, Housing, Urban Development and Local Authorities .

On October 5, 2017, he was elected one of five deputy chairmen of the AfD parliamentary group.

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution named him in its report, which justified the classification of the AfD as a test case . The reason for this is an interview published on YouTube that he gave to right-wing extremist and convicted Holocaust denier Nikolai Nerling in June 2018.

At the federal party conference of the AfD 2019 in Braunschweig , Chrupalla was elected party chairman alongside Jörg Meuthen . In a vote he prevailed with 44.37% against Gottfried Curio (33.1%) and Dana Guth (22.01%), in the runoff election with 54.51% against Curio (41.23%).

In May 2021, Chrupalla announced that it would form a top team with Alice Weidel for the federal election in 2021. In response to some allegations by the AfD member of the Bundestag Joana Cotar , with whom he had originally held talks about cooperation as a top team, Chrupalla and Weidel represented the right-wing extremist wing of the party, Chrupalla said that he and Weidel both the Eastern and Western associations would represent the party. In response to Cotar's statement that he had ignored her requests for cooperation, Chrupalla said: “'No answer' and 'don't speak' are different things. Ms. Cotar announced relatively early or in principle before me with whom she was going to start. And so it was logical for me that I would then run with Ms. Weidel. "At the end of the same month, the Weidel and Chrupalla team was finally elected with 71% of the votes as the top team for the federal elections, and was thus able to stand up against the Cotar and Wundrak team, which only achieved 27% prevail.


In the 2017 election campaign, Chrupalla complained that burglary had become part of everyday life in his border region. According to the time that classified him as a moderate representative of his party, one of his main topics in the federal election campaign was border security . He called for the reintroduction of controls to "contain border crime". During the election campaign, he accused refugees of “taking us out like a Christmas goose”. Instead, he called for a welcoming culture for local children. In terms of foreign policy, Chrupalla called for an end to the Russia sanctions because the economy of his district was suffering as a result.

According to the Lausitzer Rundschau , Chrupalla announced in 2017 that it would campaign “to put newspaper editors in their place”, for which he does not rule out changes to laws and the Basic Law. Chrupalla told the taz that this statement was not made, the editor of the Lausitzer Rundschau invented it. However, in January 2019, Chrupalla called on party colleagues to keep “black lists” of journalists and to collect “background information about decomposition agents disguised as journalists”.

In a Bundestag debate on the subject of 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 8, 2019, he accused Chancellor Angela Merkel of having " learned from the FDJ how to keep a people in check with propaganda and agitation based on" strategies of domination and disintegration (...) . what MEPs from the other parliamentary groups acknowledged with “ugh” shouts.

According to a statement from December 2019, Chrupalla does not see itself as a Saxon , but as a Silesian .

In a ZDF interview after his election as one of the two federal chairmen at the end of 2019, Chrupalla was asked about his own statements because of his call for moderate language. Chrupalla then denied having used the term " Umvolkung ", although there are video recordings of it. Chrupalla then replied that he did not consider the term to be right-wing extremist and that he had "not used it consciously". Chrupalla also compared statements by a participant in the same event, migration with a genocide in which the Germans would be replaced by a “mixed people” and called convicted war criminals of the Second World War as “boys who ended up on the gallows in Nuremberg ” at that time, according to the video recordings, "partly right", which he then denied in the interview; instead, he claimed to have contradicted the man.

In the run-up to the 75th anniversary of the air raids on Dresden , Chrupalla doubted the figure of around 25,000 fatalities determined a few years ago by a commission of historians headed by Rolf-Dieter Müller . With reference to reports from relatives who were eye-witnesses in Dresden in 1945, he assumed around 100,000 fatalities, Chrupalla told SPIEGEL . Rolf-Dieter Müller and the historian Sven Felix Kellerhoff criticized these statements, which contradict the scientifically sound results of the commission. Chrupalla is based on numbers that come from the propaganda of Joseph Goebbels and are only postulated by history falsifiers such as David Irving , the NPD and other right-wing extremists. He is trying to revive the victim myth and to instrumentalize the air strikes politically, so the criticism of other historians. The FDP politician Gerhart Baum , who experienced the air raids on Dresden as a 12-year-old, vehemently contradicted Chrupalla and accused him and the AfD of misusing the victims' suffering for political purposes.

Referring to the killing of the African American George Floyd and the subsequent protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, Chrupalla wrote on Twitter that all of this again shows "in which impasse multicultural immigration countries end" and demanded: "We must be spared such conditions." According to the journalist Michael Kraske , Chrupalla has "reinterpreted the events in a classic perpetrator-victim reversal". According to Chrupalla's “cynical conclusion”, death and violence “would be spared societies if only they renounced multiculturalism and immigration”.

In the summer interview of the ZDF in August 2020, Chrupalla did not want to distance herself clearly from the now excluded former Brandenburg AfD parliamentary group leader Andreas Kalbitz . Chrupalla said: "For the time that I have known Andreas Kalbitz in this party, and that is now six years, I cannot see any extremism in him." However, he would have liked Kalbitz to distance himself more clearly from his past. Chrupalla also spoke out against the mask requirement in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic and advocated voluntariness, since, as he said, there were different opinions about the effectiveness of masks. He described the lockdown in spring 2020 as "disproportionate".

When it became known in the media through an investigative documentary by the TV station ProSieben that the former press spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group Christian Lüth spoke about the "gassing" and "shooting" of migrants, AfD national spokesman Tino Chrupalla was outraged on Twitter by Christian Lüth's statements: "It stunned me and the entire party that such words should have been uttered". However, both Chrupalla and Gauland and other AfD officials are said to have known about the meeting and some of the disturbing statements since the end of April 2020. Based on the information mentioned, Die Zeit determined that the sincerity of the distancing on the part of the AfD was more than questionable after Lüth's statements became known.

As a national spokesman, Chrupalla repeatedly called on the AfD to be united and to "put an end to camp thinking". In the pension debate, he supported the demands for a strengthening of the contribution-financed pay-as-you-go system. In this way, “all people who have worked their entire lives should be given an adequate pension”.

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