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Alice Weidel (2019)

Alice Elisabeth "Lille" Weidel (born February 6, 1979 in Gütersloh ) is a German management consultant and politician of the right-wing populist AfD . Together with Alexander Gauland, she was the AfD's top candidate for the 2017 federal election and has been co-chair of the AfD parliamentary group and opposition leader in the Bundestag since September 2017 . Since November 30, 2019, she has been the deputy federal spokesperson for her party and since February 2020 the spokesperson for the AfD state association in Baden-Württemberg. On May 25, 2021 she was re-elected by her party together with federal spokesman Tino Chrupalla as the top candidate for the federal election in 2021 .


Weidel grew up in Harsewinkel in the East Westphalian district of Gütersloh and graduated from the CJD high school in Versmold in 1998 . She studied economics and business administration at the University of Bayreuth and graduated in 2004 as one of the best of the year. From July 2005 to June 2006 she worked as an analyst in the asset management department at Goldman Sachs in Frankfurt am Main . Weidel then wrote a doctoral thesis with the health economist Peter Oberender at the Faculty of Law and Economics in Bayreuth on the future of the Chinese pension system; In 2011 she received her doctorate summa cum laude . The gifted scholarship of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation had funded her doctorate . For her research stay in China , she received a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service and the Federal Ministry of Education . From March 2011 to May 2013 Weidel worked at Allianz Global Investors Europe in Frankfurt am Main. After a short stint at Heristo , she started her own business as a management consultant . In this role, she worked briefly in 2015 for Rocket Internet and the start-up Foodora .

Weidel claims to live in Überlingen in Baden-Württemberg on Lake Constance . According to Swiss authorities, from 2017 she was registered in Biel , 160 km away, in Switzerland , where she also paid taxes. Biel she lived with Sarah Bossard, one from Sri Lanka coming Swiss film and television production manager in a registered partnership . The couple raise two sons together. Weidel gave up her residence in Biel in November 2018. In August 2019 it became known that she lives with her family in Einsiedeln in the canton of Schwyz in central Switzerland . However, their main residence and tax domicile are in Germany.

Weidel is a member of the Friedrich A. von Hayek Society .


Alice Weidel (2017)

Weidel joined the AfD Baden-Württemberg in October 2013 and was elected to the AfD's federal board in June 2015. She is a member of the Federal Program Commission, which she chaired in 2016, and heads the Federal Committee for Euro and Currency .

In the state election in Baden-Württemberg in 2016 , she ran unsuccessfully as a candidate in the state constituency of Lake Constance ; At the beginning of March 2017 she was defeated at the state party conference in Sulz am Neckar in a runoff election for the state chairman Ralf Özkara with 209 against 224 votes. In April 2017, Weidel was elected the top candidate for the 2017 federal election at the AfD federal party conference in Cologne, together with the then deputy party chairman Alexander Gauland , with 67.7% of the vote. For the 2017 federal election she ran as a direct candidate in the Bodensee constituency , where she was defeated by 10.4% to the CDU candidate Lothar Riebsamen (41.4%) and as the top candidate of the AfD Baden-Württemberg over number 1 on the Baden-Württemberg state list in the Bundestag moved in.

Weidel has been chairman of the AfD parliamentary group since September 26, 2017, together with Alexander Gauland . On December 3, 2017, she was confirmed as a member of the federal executive committee by the AfD federal party conference in Hanover.

After research by Zeit Online , Weidel and eighteen other members of her parliamentary group hired employees from the right-wing extremist milieu to cope with her mandate tasks and support her parliamentary work : Her colleague Daniel Tapp was previously managing director of the Weikersheim study center , which, with its lectures and events, provides links between national conservatives and extreme right to make attempts , as well as employees of Barbara Rosenkranz , the former Lower Austria's top candidate of the right-wing populist Freedom Party .

In September 2019, Weidel was a guest at a “summer academy” organized by Götz Kubitschek's new right-wing Institute for State Policy (IfS) in Schnellroda ( Saxony-Anhalt ), where he gave a lecture on “Politics in Berlin”. In Schnellroda, AfD politicians who belong to or are close to the radical right wing were previously guests . Journalists were not allowed to attend this event. In a video from the IfS, Weidel can be seen in conversation with Kubitschek and the institute director Erik Lehnert ; She said about the event: “The people are active, they are eager to learn. You have a certain dynamic, I like that very much. "Weidel's appearance was rated by scene observer David Anbich as an attempt to score points with the supporters of the" wing ". That Weidel also said in her speech at the IfS, the "challenge" was to "play by the rules, so as not to discredit" and "kick up a fuss" lead to nothing, interpreted January Sternberg in the Frankfurter Rundschau to the effect that it Weidel's goal was also to “advertise support for a parliamentary course of the AfD in the right-wing activist milieu and to warn against overly radical statements”.

On November 30, 2019, Weidel was elected to one of three deputy federal spokesmen for her party at the AfD federal party conference in Braunschweig .

Weidel is a deputy member of the budget committee in the 19th German Bundestag .

At the state party conference of the AfD Baden-Württemberg in Böblingen , Weidel was elected chairwoman of the state association on February 15, 2020.

Shortly before the AfD party conference in Dresden in 2021 , Weidel announced that she would not be available to run as the top candidate for the 2021 federal election . In May 2021, however, Weidel changed her stance and formed a top team for the 20th German Bundestag together with federal spokesman Tino Chrupalla , who shortly before had not responded to several requests from AfD member of the Bundestag Joana Cotar for a possible top team . Weidel and Chrupalla rejected any allegations of representing the right - wing extremist eastern wing of the party and promised to represent the entire party equally, while party leader Jörg Meuthen supported the candidacy of the competing duo, consisting of Joana Cotar and Joachim Wundrak as representatives of the so-called moderate part of the AfD. On May 25, 2021, the Weidel and Chrupalla team was finally elected as the top duo for the Bundestag through an internal party vote with 71% of the votes.


Asylum and Integration Policy

Weidel sees the federal government's asylum policy as a violation of “international agreements”. She calls for a “ fortress Europe ” and “effective development aid”. Weidel rejects health insurance for asylum seekers , criticizes what she sees as a "naive approach" to Islamic hate preachers and has warned against excessive expectations when it comes to integrating refugees into the labor market. She considers the influx of refugees to be an incalculable burden for the economy and the welfare state . She accuses the voters of established parties to have “lost their minds”. According to her, "no important question of our time [...] can be separated from the question of migration". Weidel wants to ban the burqa and niqab and has also spoken out in favor of a headscarf ban : The headscarf should be “banned from public space and from the street”, as it represents an “apartheid of men and women” as an “absolutely sexist symbol”.

In December 2016, Weidel said on the talk show Menschen bei Maischberger that Angela Merkel was “naturally” jointly responsible for the rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger . Maischberger was then criticized for having offered Weidel a podium on the show.

After Weidel have stoked in her inaugural speech as a leading candidate among others, fear of "groping foreigners" and an insert "for our values, our identity," promised called Alan Posener in the world Weidel as "the future of the AFD, the new Petry . Charismatic, handsome, intelligent, rhetorical and apparently ready to sacrifice principles for power. "

In May 2018, Weidel expressed himself in a speech in the Bundestag as follows: "Burqas, headscarf girls, alimented knife men and other good-for-nothing will not ensure our prosperity, economic growth and above all the welfare state." These remarks were sharply criticized. Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble gave Weidel a call to order because she discriminated against all people who wore a headscarf with her wording. Weidel then appeared incomprehensible in an interview. She by no means meant these terms as provocation.

EU and economic policy

In terms of economic policy, Weidel has pleaded against the abolition of cash . She proposed that Spain and Portugal be released from the euro area. She also spoke out in favor of Germany leaving the euro and calling for a return to a gold-backed currency. Weidel has called for tax simplifications and the abolition of inheritance tax . She argued against the minimum wage .

Global warming

In 2019, Weidel expressed doubts that global warming is predominantly human. They do not believe "that human influence is decisive". The AfD had previously modified its position in the election campaign for the 2019 European elections and spoke of signs of human influence. Weidel appealed to the Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark , who considers the influence of carbon dioxide on the climate to be overrated. In addition, researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute (NBI) have said that “there is a much more resilient relationship to solar activity” with regard to high CO 2 values. Svensmark has not been active at the NBI since 1993, and the NBI does not endorse its hypotheses either. With the statements about solar energy quoted by Weidel, the institute was not referring to Earth, but to Mars . In addition to Svensmark, Weidel's press officer named geophysicist Eigil Friis-Christensen , who worked at NBI until 2006, as another source . However, his research in this regard, taken up by Weidel and other climate skeptics, is unfounded.

With regard to the Fridays for Future rallies, Weidel spoke of "this campaign capability that is rolling towards us" and said: "The power of this accumulated stupidity is frightening."

Family Policy and Same-Sex Marriage

Despite statements to the contrary by various AfD members and an at least unclear party line that recognizes the “traditional family as a model” in its party program and leaves open whether a same-sex partnership with children counts as a family, Weidel sees the AfD as a “guarantor of the rights of homosexuals ". She combines this positioning with her negative attitude towards asylum law and Islam. Weidel said that she saw family policy more liberally than her party: "Family is where there are children."


At the end of 2017, Weidel accused the two large Christian churches of "playing the same inglorious role that they played in the Third Reich ." The official churches are "politicized through and through" and the separation of church and state is no longer observed. According to her, the AfD is now the only Christian party. Previously, representatives of both churches had repeatedly warned against the AfD and its refugee policy. This equation with the behavior of the official churches during the Nazi era, which, according to the Sächsischer Zeitung, was often characterized by an arrangement "almost to the point of conformity ", was described by the spokesmen of the German Bishops' Conference and the Evangelical Church in Germany as " polemics " and "derailment ". Instead of a comment, they wish Ms. Weidel "reflection" or a "light and insightful Christmas".


After the party conference in 2017, Weidel and Gauland ended their communication with federal spokeswoman Frauke Petry ; In August 2017, they announced their willingness to talk to the top candidates. In the week before the 2017 federal election, Petry kept his distance from both of them and expressed her understanding for voters who were "horrified" by their statements.

According to media reports, Weidel voted in the AfD federal executive after Björn Höcke's Dresden speech for an exclusion procedure against him. After her election as the top candidate, however, she said she would also campaign for votes with Höcke in the upcoming election campaign. In July 2019, Weidel and Höcke decided, after mediation by the new right publisher Götz Kubitschek , not to attack each other publicly. Weidel denied an "alliance" with the right-wing conservative Junge Freiheit and said that as the parliamentary group leader it was her task to be "always ready for dialogue". In February 2020 - after the events surrounding the election of the Prime Minister in Thuringia - Weidel praised Höcke with the words that what he had achieved there, “nobody has done before him”. For this he deserves “the highest respect”.

In the debate about Alexander Gauland's statement that SPD politician Aydan Özoğuz “should be disposed of in Anatolia ”, Weidel defended Gauland. The statement was "a matter of taste", Gauland was right on the matter.

Anti-Semitism and Judaism

Weidel said in 2018 that after the criticism of AfD MP Wolfgang Gedeon of the Association of Jews in the AfD, "it was time that he was finally thrown out of the party". On the occasion of the award of the Federal Cross of Merit to the Jewish pianist Igor Levit and others. For his advocacy against anti-Semitism by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier , Weidel publicly accused him in 2020 of “deepening the division in our country”.

With reference to a contribution by Weidel in the new right Junge Freiheit , in which the latter had written that “discrediting the 'bourgeois' family, early and hypersexualization, genderism and multiculturalism” are the “fruits of cultural Marxism ”, right-wing extremism researcher Matthias Quent Weidel accused Weidel to have used the conspiracy legend of “cultural Marxism”, a term that appears in right-wing extremist writings and is anti-Semitic, which is similar to the term “ cultural Bolshevism ” often used by the National Socialists . Quent stated that the anti-Semitic National Socialist author Klaus Schickert had written about the "cultural Marxists" in the vicinity of Georg Lukács and that the right-wing terrorists and mass murderers Anders Behring Breivik in 2011 and Brenton Tarrant in 2019 had given as justification for their act of opposing "cultural Marxism" and to have defended its supposed consequences.


Weidel against "political correctness"

After her nomination as the top candidate for the 2017 federal election , Alice Weidel said that so-called political correctness belongs on the “rubbish heap of history”. Christian Ehring picked up on this in the satirical program extra 3 : “Yes, no more political correctness. Let's all be incorrect. The Nazi bitch is right about that. Was that incorrect enough? I hope. ”The AfD described Ehring's statement as“ insulting and defamatory ”and announced the examination of legal steps. Weidel's application for an injunction against the NDR was rejected by the Hamburg district court .

Leaving an election broadcast

On September 5, 2017, Weidel left the ZDF election program Germany prematurely , how are you? after CSU General Secretary Andreas Scheuer asked them to distance themselves from Alexander Gauland and Björn Höcke. When she only mentioned the moderator Marietta Slomka , but not Scheuer, in a press release just a few minutes later , media scholars such as B. Jo Groebel and Frank Brettschneider Weidel's behavior as “election campaign tactic” and well calculated. Weidel's departure did not seem spontaneous to the facial expression expert Dirk Eilert either , she seemed to have " enjoyed this situation". Editor-in-chief Peter Frey spoke of a " staging ". It was also rated that way in the satirical program Extra 3 .

Email affair

Two weeks before the federal election in September 2017, Welt am Sonntag published an email that Weidel had sent on February 24, 2013. In the e-mail, among other things, conspiracy theories from the context of the Reich Citizens' Movement are represented, and Sinti, Roma and Arabs are referred to as “culturally alien peoples” by whom “we are inundated”. She also described members of Angela Merkel's government as "enemies of the constitution", "puppets of the victorious powers of World War II" and "pigs". In a first reaction, Weidel denied having written this email, whereupon the world stated that it had an affidavit from the recipient. According to Welt am Sonntag , Weidel's lawyer finally confirmed that the e-mail correspondence had taken place and did not raise any more allegations of falsification with regard to the specific e-mail. Weidel commented on this with “The world is inventing a U-turn that does not exist”, and she is “not jumping over the sticks of this dirty campaign”. Frauke Petry , one of the two federal spokesmen for the AfD, expressed understanding in an interview with the Leipziger Volkszeitung (LVZ) that "if the voters were appalled" because of the email, which the LVZ viewed as a distancing from the party's top candidate at the time.

Syrian asylum seeker as alleged household worker

According to research by the weekly newspaper Die Zeit , Weidel is said to have employed an asylum seeker from Syria in undeclared work. First, in 2015, she hired a student of Islamic Studies in Biel as a domestic help, not knowing that she was an informant. She then gave her job, according to the time , to the refugees. Weidel rejected the allegations and her lawyer announced that it was only a "friendly contact": "It is always wrong that the asylum seeker was employed in our client's house or worked as an employee or received wages for it . ” Christian Lüth , spokesman for the AfD, pointed out that wages for domestic workers below CHF 750  per year are tax-free and do not have to be registered with the“ cantonal compensation office ”. However, the student of Islamic studies emphasized in relation to the time that she had earned more than 750 francs. This was then also paid out in cash.

At an election campaign event, Alice Weidel took a stand on the allegations and presented the services as free friendship services between her and the Syrian refugee family, which were based on reciprocity.

Behavior in social networks

When Alice Weidel AFD colleague Beatrix von Storch , closed because of a tweet, the Muslims disparaged globally as rapists on Twitter and from the Cologne police on suspicion of sedition was displayed jumped Weidel then von Storch aside and imputed migrants from the Arab world a general tendency to criminal offenses:

“The year begins with the censorship law and the submission of our authorities to the imported, marauding, grappling, flogging, knife-stabbing migrant mobs, to which we should kindly get used to. The German police now communicate in Arabic, although the official language in our country is German. "

- Alice Weidel, on January 1, 2018 on Facebook

Weidel is referring to a New Year's greeting from the Cologne police , which was published in Arabic script in addition to a German, English and French version.

German national soccer team

In May 2018, Weidel said in the WDR broadcast “1 to 1” that she was because of the nomination of the Turkish footballers Mesut Özil and İlkay Gündoğan , who in her opinion “obviously have a problem with our state” because they are dealing with the Turkish President Erdoğan had met that she herself had "problems" applauding the German national team .

Chemnitz riots

After the fatal knife attack in Chemnitz at the end of August 2018, which resulted in xenophobic and violent riots and various false reports on social media, Weidel commented on the criminal case: "The slaughter continues." Historian Volker Weiss found that Weidel had integrated this act into “her narrative of a conspiracy against the German people”. Holger Stark attested to Weidel that he had helped spark the protests on August 27, 2018, and wrote: "The demonstrators from Chemnitz are also Weidel's and Frohnmaier's demonstrators."

Campaign donations from abroad

In November 2018 it became known that the AfD district association Bodensee had received a total of around 130,000 euros, divided into 18 tranches of mostly 9,000 francs, as campaign donations from the pharmaceutical company PWS PharmaWholeSale International AG from Zurich between July and September 2017 . According to the company's board of directors, the managing director made the transfers “in trust for a business friend”. The identity of this person was initially unclear. As deputy chairwoman, Weidel gained knowledge of the donations from the district treasurer during the election campaign, which were marked as "campaign donation Alice Weidel Socialmedia". The latter turned to the state treasurer, who considered the donations to be permissible, to clarify the further procedure. These then paid legal fees of 16,000 euros and a further 7,000 euros for an employee in the Internet election campaign (including for creating posts and buying “likes” for Facebook fan pages). Most of the rest went down in April 2018. It is noteworthy in this context that Weidel claimed on her Facebook page on September 21, 2017, “Unlike other parties, the AfD does not receive any large donations”, which is why she called on ordinary citizens to donate 25 or 50 euros.

After this procedure became known, the Bundestag administration asked the AfD federal association for a statement. Pursuant to Section 25 (2) of the Party Act , such payments may constitute inadmissible party donations if they come from countries outside the EU and not from German citizens. According to the Bundestag administration, they must either be returned immediately or taken to the President of the Bundestag . Individual donations over 50,000 euros are also notifiable. The Bundestag administration also interprets fragmented payments as individual donations if they are clearly based on “a uniform donation decision by the person making the donation”. The co-state chairman Ralf Özkara announced an internal review and clarification. Weidel ruled out any consequences for himself, as the donations did not go to her directly and she trusted the state treasurer to check it.

On November 14, 2018, the AfD federal association announced that the Bodensee district association had received a further donation of 150,000 euros from a foundation in the Netherlands . It was received on February 13th, 2018, not accepted after a legal examination and transferred back on May 9th, 2018, because “neither the donor identity nor the donor motivation can be determined beyond doubt”. This announcement was made after research by WDR, NDR and SZ, who had confronted Weidel with the second major donation the previous weekend. First, the AfD stated that this second donation came from Belgium, but corrected itself a day later. The new right constitutional lawyer Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider , who was entrusted by the AfD with the internal review of the two incoming payments from abroad, described Weidel's actions as "correct in every respect".

Also on November 14, it was learned that the Konstanz public prosecutor wanted to initiate an investigation into a possible violation of Section 31d of the Political Parties Act. This forbids disguising the origin or use of one party's funds. For such a procedure, the Bundestag had to lift Weidel's immunity as a member of the Bundestag , which the President of the Bundestag and Weidel himself had to be informed of beforehand . After the necessary 48-hour blocking period had expired, the public prosecutor announced on November 20 that they had started investigations against Weidel and three other people.

In April 2019 it became known that the donations had flowed through the straw people of the German-Swiss real estate entrepreneur and billionaire Henning Conle .

Notre-Dame fire

After the fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris in April 2019, Weidel followed up on conspiracy theories that linked the fire with attacks against Christians and attacks on churches. On Twitter, she quoted a report by the Observatory for Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe , which had counted 47 attacks in France “in February alone”, and at the same time referred to the incident in the Paris church of Saint-Sulpice , where a month earlier, in March 2019, a door of the south transept had burned.

Homicides in Frankfurt Central Station and in Augsburg

After a mentally ill Eritrean man pushed a boy and his mother in front of an ICE in Frankfurt at the end of July 2019 and the child was killed in the process, Weidel commented on the act of the "African" on Twitter with the words: "Finally protect the citizens of our country - instead of the limitless welcoming culture ! ”When it became known the following day that the man had been living in Switzerland since 2006 and that there is no connection with a German“ welcoming culture ”for refugees, Weidel said that the child would still be alive if the Border protection would have worked. In the Frankfurter Rundschau , the journalist Stephan Hebel accused Weidel of "doing her dirty soup with the alleged perpetrator's origin" and pointed out that a week earlier, when an Eritrean was an Eritrean victim of an apparent attempted murder in the Hessian town of Wächtersbach , didn't tweet anything about it. Werner Kolhoff wrote in the Westdeutsche Zeitung that Weidel was also not interested in an almost similar case a week earlier in Voerde , when a 34-year-old German died at the train station. The perpetrator here was a 28-year-old man with a Serbian passport, who was legally living here in Lemgo and who , as Kohlhoff emphasized, was detained by an Iraqi. According to Kolhoff, Weidel has only been active for a long time when refugees become criminals, especially blacks and Muslims. Maik Fielitz and Holger Marcks pointed out that, in fact, a mentally ill man from Eritrea had seen Weidel another episode of the “limitless welcoming culture”, while after the right-wing extremist attack in Hanau a year later she had complained that the act of a mentally disturbed person being politically instrumentalized against the AfD.

After a 49-year-old man died in Augsburg on Königsplatz in December 2019 after the punch of a 17-year-old German who was born in Augsburg and who also has Turkish and Lebanese citizenship, Weidel tweeted about “migrant violence” and “turning back in immigration policy ”. In the SZ, Ronen Steinke described this "instrumentalization" as "nauseating". If the alleged perpetrator did not also have an origin from another country, "Weidel and her consorts [...] would hardly exaggerate his crime, which is already bad enough,". Weidel lives from the "reflex" that "foreigners are just more criminals". The decisive factor, however, is the social background, not a nationality. Thugs like in Augsburg can be punished, but “as individuals, not as representatives of any ethnic group”.

COVID-19 pandemic

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany , Weidel called for even more restrictive measures. On March 12, 2020, she stated that all EU countries were "practically ceasing to public life". Only in Germany, she criticized, could COVID-19 "spread unhindered". That will have "fatal consequences". After the shutdown , however, Weidel demanded that the economy be ramped up "immediately"; the “chaos policy of the federal government” is “disastrous”. At the end of May 2020, at a demonstration in Stuttgart, she called the federal government's corona policy “pre-democratic” and accused her of “restricting basic rights across the board and then sharing them again like an act of grace”. She spoke to ZDF today about “often incomprehensible and unjust measures”. After party leader Jörg Meuthen had criticized at the party congress in Kalkar at the end of November 2020 that the party showed too much solidarity with the “ lateral thinker ” movement, Weidel said she could “recommend one to anyone who tries to defame this movement To visit lateral thinking demo ”, and stressed the alleged unconstitutionality of the Infection Protection Act; therefore one “rightly took to the streets”.

In a speech at the start of the election campaign given on January 24, 2021 in Schwäbisch Gmünd as part of a presence event by the AfD, Weidel claimed that in a bakery in her place of residence in Überlingen on Lake Constance, an employee of the municipal regulatory office who appeared incognito had a pretzel without wearing a corona protective mask Bought. Because of this provoked violation of the Corona Ordinance , a fine (“penalty”) of € 2,000 was imposed on the seller. Weidel underscored the truthfulness of her account with the explicit statement: “That happened, I was told that by the baker.” The city of Überlingen presented the incident described, which Weidel used as evidence “that there is a culture of spying here cultivated ”, emphatically denied and announced legal steps, should the deputy chairwoman of the AfD in the Lake Constance district not apologize. The district chairman of the SPD in the Lake Constance district, Leon Hahn, spoke in this context of a "lie" and an "easily refutable charge against the public order office". Weidel complied with the request to apologize on February 4 in a phone call with the head of the Überlingen regulatory office. The source for her false statement was therefore not the originally named baker, who told her that herself, but a “Überlingen citizen” who informed her “about the alleged incident in a bakery” shortly before her speech in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Weidel then admitted: “That shouldn't have happened to me”. Since she did not initially make her apology public on her Twitter channel, as promised , the Mayor of Überlingen, Jan Zeitler , announced that she was demanding a cease and desist declaration by the court. Weidel responded to this on February 10th with a tweet in which she stated: “I was a victim of a hiking legend. Of course, I will not repeat the wrong story. ”On February 23, 2021, she finally signed a cease and desist declaration no longer to disclose the allegations against the Überlingen Public Order Office that had proven to be false.


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