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News website
languages German
operator ARD
On-line 1996

tagesschau.de is the central news web portal of ARD . While the website, which was published in August 1996, used to offer background information on TV programs from ARD-aktuell - such as the news and news of the day - it can now be viewed as an independent telemedia offer and is in competition with sites such as B. Spiegel Online or faz.net . More than 20 editors work on the content, and Juliane Leopold has been the editorial manager since July 2018 .


tagesschau.de belongs to ARD-aktuell, the central newsroom of ARD. ARD-aktuell is an ARD community facility based at Norddeutscher Rundfunk in Hamburg . The Tagesschau, the Tagesthemen, the Nachtmagazin and the Tagesschau24 information program are also created there . The site provides an overview of the latest news around the clock, supplemented by background information. The editorial team relies on the extensive ARD correspondent network, so that the offer includes not only texts but also television and radio reports. Some of the ARD studios abroad have their own video blogs on tagesschau.de, in which the correspondents present special features of the individual areas in which the studios are located. There is also an extensive archive with the option of downloading past TV broadcasts of Tagesschau , Tagesthemen and other ARD news programs.

Since the end of 2010, the content has also been offered via the Tagesschau app for smartphones. Further distribution channels are u. a. the Tagesschau YouTube channel, Facebook , Twitter and an on-demand offer for Internet-enabled televisions.

Limitation of the content

The website is affected by the requirements of the State Broadcasting Treaty, which provides for the removal of content so that the service can be equated with a time-limited information offer - similar to broadcasting . The offer description of the ARD news offer tagesschau.de, for example, provides for the following length of stay for your posts in the three-stage test :

"Programs from ARD-aktuell are generally depublished after seven days , program contributions and other audiovisual content can remain on tagesschau.de for twelve months (except for the chronicles of the 8 p.m. edition of the 'Tagesschau', the 'Tagesthemen' and of the ARD annual review, which remain in the archive indefinitely [...]). Existing programs, program contributions and other audiovisual content will be discontinued if there is an editorial need for them in connection with an event or reporting or repetition in the linear program. "

According to this version of the offer description , which the responsible NDR Broadcasting Council decided in a three-stage test after changes to the concepts of tagesschau.de and eins-extra.de had previously been made on the recommendation of the committees, the tagesschau depublished .de editors identified those components of the online offer that had exceeded their estimated length of stay. The first ARD online offers had already been removed from the Internet on June 1, 2009, as they contradicted the criteria of the 12th RÄStV that came into force on this date.

Online portal fact finder

In spring 2017, ARD founded the online portal faktenfinder to investigate and contain fake news . It went online in early April. According to the company, the online portal is intended to collect and rectify phenomena such as political propaganda, rumors, lies and half-truths on the Internet. The editorial team around project manager Patrick Gensing is actively searching, examining conspicuous websites, blogs and forums and collecting information. Fake news discovered in this way would be provided with appropriate warnings.

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