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Jörg Meuthen on election evening 2019 in Saxony

Jörg Hubert Meuthen (born  June 29, 1961 in Essen ) is a right-wing populist German politician ( AfD ) and economist .

Since July 2015 he has been one of two federal spokesmen ( party chairman ) of the AfD, since the end of 2017 a member of the EU Parliament and there deputy chairman of the Identity and Democracy group . He was his party's top candidate for the 2019 European elections .


Meuthen is Roman Catholic and grew up in Essen . His father was a businessman and brokered company pension schemes for a company in Mülheim . He went to church until his first communion ; According to his own statements about the theological writings of the later Pope Joseph Ratzinger , he found his way back to the church ; he calls this his religious socialization. He graduated from the Goethe-Gymnasium in Bad Ems in Rhineland-Palatinate , where his family later moved. From 1981 to 1982 he did community service . From 1982 to 1989 Meuthen studied economics in Münster and Mainz and graduated in 1989 with a degree in economics .

From 1989 to 1993 he was a research assistant at the Department of Public Finance at the University of Cologne and was awarded a doctorate in 1993 with a thesis on church tax. rer. pole. PhD . After receiving his doctorate, he was a consultant at the Hessian Ministry of Finance from 1993 to 1996 . From 1997 he was professor of economics at the University of Public Administration in Kehl and as a lecturer at the Administration and Business Academy in Baden . He has been on leave since his election to the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg in April 2016.

Meuthen has three children from his first and two from his second marriage. In January 2017, he announced the separation from his second wife. In June 2018 he married Natalia Zvekic (* 1982), who also has five children from a previous marriage.

Political career

Meuthen said he was interested in the FDP in his late twenties , but saw their stance in the discussion about long-term care insurance as too statist . He made the decision to join the AfD on the evening of the 2013 federal election . The "arrogance of power" made him angry when Bernd Lucke was mocked by Wolfgang Schäuble on the Günther Jauch program .

Jörg Meuthen at a state party conference of the AfD Baden-Württemberg in Karlsruhe (2015)

From November 2013 Meuthen was a member of the board of the AfD Baden-Württemberg . In January 2015 he was elected deputy state spokesman and in July 2015 one of the three state spokespersons. Since October 2014 he has been head of the Federal Committee of Experts 3 “Performance and Justice”. He also founded the State Technical Committee 5 “Labor and Social Affairs”, which he headed until March 2015. He ran for 10th place on the list in the 2014 European elections , but was initially unable to win a mandate.

In a vote for the party leadership at the member's national party conference of the AfD in Essen in July 2015, Meuthen was elected as one of the two spokesmen for the federal party with 62 percent of the votes after Bernd Lucke's defeat by Frauke Petry.

At the state party conference in Horb am Neckar in October 2015, Meuthen was elected as his party's top candidate for the state elections in Baden-Württemberg in 2016 . He won a parliamentary seat by second mandate in the constituency of Backnang and was elected on March 16, without opposing candidates, as chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the Stuttgart state parliament. After Meuthen was unable to assert himself with his demand for an exclusion from the parliamentary group of Wolfgang Gedeon , who was accused of anti-Semitism , he and twelve other MPs resigned and founded the Alternative für Baden-Württemberg parliamentary group . In October 2016, both factions reunited and Meuthen again became chairman of the AfD faction.

When Beatrix von Storch resigned her mandate in the European Parliament after the 2017 federal election , Meuthen moved up for her. He resigned the chairmanship of the parliamentary group directly, and resigned his parliamentary mandate at the end of 2017.

On December 2, 2017, the federal party congress re-elected him national spokesman for the alternative for Germany with 72 percent of the vote . On November 16, 2018, Meuthen was elected as its top candidate for the 2019 European elections at the AfD's European election meeting with over 90 percent.

On July 14, 2019, Meuthen was not elected to one of eight delegates for the federal party conference in November at a general meeting of his AfD district association in Ortenau in Baden with (according to the world ) 25 yes and 27 no votes with eight abstentions. In his function as federal chairman, he does have the right to speak there, but is not allowed to vote on the federal board. This result in a routine election in their own district association was seen as a setback for Meuthen in the internal power struggle with Björn Höcke , especially because in the same vote with Stefan Räpple and Thomas Seitz two politicians were elected as delegates who had attracted attention through right-wing extremist positions. His wife Natalia Meuthen was also not sent as a delegate by the district association. In January 2020, Meuthen had his membership transferred from the AfD district association Ortenau to the AfD district association Baden-Baden / Rastatt.

In November 2019, Meuthen was confirmed as the first federal chairman at the federal party conference of the AfD, he won the vote with 69.18%, ahead of Nicole Höchst (24.83%) and Wolfgang Gedeon (3.7%).

Political positions

Meuthen was considered to be part of the more economically liberal wing of the alternative for Germany, which was close to the gap at the time , and initially perceived as moderate by some observers. He describes himself economically as liberal and socio-politically as "pretty conservative". In 2015 he said he wanted to counterbalance the right-wing conservatives in the new party executive.

However, Meuthen has never clearly distinguished itself from the right-wing national part of the AfD and supports their positions. On the one hand, at the beginning of 2016, contrary to the AfD Baden-Württemberg's program at the time, he did not represent the opinion that the German media were largely "aligned" , on the other hand, after Björn Höcke's " Dresden speech " at the beginning of 2017, he opposed the previous one Co-party chairwoman Frauke Petry behind him.

After Meuthen's participation in a meeting of the Patriotic Platform in the summer of 2016, it was discussed whether his classification as an economic liberal "with socio-political, national-conservative ideas" was a misjudgment. In the dispute over Wolfgang Gedeon and in the negotiations to merge the two AfD parliamentary groups, Meuthen approached “extreme, if not right-wing extremist positions” and played off refugees against Germans.

At the federal party conference of the AfD in April 2016 in Stuttgart , Jörg Meuthen said of the AfD's program: “We want to move away from a left - red - green- contaminated 68 Germany that we are fed up with.” He received standing applause.

In 2016, Meuthen said - according to Wolfgang Gessenharter , based on the new right terminology - that they really wanted a different Germany; he was “not a revolutionary”, but he was definitely striving for a “ conservative Reformation ”.

In May 2017 Ricarda Breyton criticized Die Welt that Meuthen had at a press conference at which he had attacked Margot Käßmann's critical statements about the AfD's family policy guidelines when he cited passages of the AfD's basic program on family and population policy The formulation of “ moderate immigration based on qualitative criteria ” incorporated, which is not in the program at this point. Breyton found that Meuthen had presented his party's position as less radical than that formulated in the basic program.

In July 2017, the monitor moderator Georg Restle accused the Mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer , of attempting to approach the “xenophobic AfD electorate” with a hasty and exaggerated representation of sexist violence “very young asylum seekers” in Schorndorf : “Deep you rummaged in the deep brown swamp ”. Meuthen then spoke of "left-green agitation" and recommended the WDR to "remove" the "partisan agitator from all functions". Restle saw this as an attack on the freedom of the press and replied that Meuthen was "openly on the side of anti-democrats like Mr Erdoğan ".

The Zeit journalist Lenz Jacobsen counted Meuthen in November 2017 to the radical wing of the AfD. Meuthen's success is based on the fact that "parts of the public and probably also the party misinterpreted his professorial title and his bearish grin as an indication of a somewhat moderate attitude". However, Meuthen has "long since refuted" this. Meuthen, like Gauland, “enabled and promoted the constant radicalization of the party in terms of content and rhetoric”.

After the riots in Chemnitz in 2018 following a rally on the occasion of the violent death of a 35-year-old German, Meuthen rejected his party's complicity in the riots. It is "a dark mood in the country that can only be justified". There "a noticeable and only too comprehensible displeasure about the onset of circumstances [agitated]". He is "even proud of many of these people in Saxony [...] who have something like courage, pride and the drive to defend themselves and their own country." " Racist insults and Hitler greetings " are "disgusting", but he I would like to know, according to Meuthen, “how many of those who do this are infiltrated provocateurs ”.

In 2018, Meuthen referred to the National Socialist persecution of Jews because he had been rejected as a customer by a fitness studio and wrote on his Facebook page: "Where, I ask, is the fundamental difference between this exclusion from social and business life at the time and today's? "

Meuthen describes a parallel exit from coal and nuclear energy as a "wrong path". Meuthen considers the discussion about the consequences of climate change to be “climate hysteria”. Nobody denies that there are climatic changes, but according to Meuthen there is "no agreement" that humans are responsible for them . However, around 99 percent of climate scientists are of the opinion that climate change is man-made in its nature and speed. The student demonstrations for climate keeps Meuthen for "political abuse of children ".

Justus Bender wrote in the FAZ in 2019 that Meuthen's “demonstrative harmlessness could not only be seen as a conscious marketing strategy [...], but also as a reason why he was elected to office by his party at all.” Hardly anyone could “have obvious injuries of political culture like Meuthen ”, it was“ his greatest talent ”. The political scientist Hajo Funke certified Meuthen 2020 to be a "quick-change artist". Depending on the occasion, he can appear soft or brutal. Meuthen's concept has always been " to represent the party's DNA ".

After the attack in Hanau, Meuthen put the events into perspective and denied a right-wing extremist background, although relevant evidence was already available and Federal Attorney General Peter Frank had taken on the investigation.

Europe and Monetary Union

Meuthen said in 2015 that he was not a “Europe hater”; the “correct idea of European unification ” is perverted by a “wrongly constructed monetary union ”. In an Ash Wednesday speech at the beginning of March 2019, Meuthen criticized the European People's Party , which, according to him, has long been doing "left-wing politics", for its critical treatment of the controversial Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and emphasized: "I would roll out the red carpet for him."

Immigration Policy and Islam

With reference to the high numbers of refugees and asylum seekers , Meuthen said at the federal party conference in Stuttgart in April 2016: “We are opposed to allowing so large numbers of immigrants to see our own country that we will no longer recognize our own country in a few years . “The main culture in Germany is not Islam, but the Christian - Western culture. The call of the muezzin could not claim the same naturalness as the Christian ringing of church bells.

According to Alan Posener, Meuthen has an ethnically based understanding of citizenship. At the AfD's national party conference in Cologne in 2017, he said that he saw “only a few Germans” in his hometown, but that this was “our country! The land of our grandparents and parents! We have to recapture it! ”In response to Meuthen's statement, it was pointed out, among other things, that 17% of the residents of Karlsruhe, Meuthen's place of residence, had a foreign passport, and the question was asked how he can recognize the citizenship of people on the street wool. In September 2019, Jörg Meuthen told the presenter Dunja Hayali in a broadcast on ZDF that he rejects the integration of refugees who are only allowed to stay temporarily into the labor market, as this would "make no sense here".

At a performance in Nagold in May 2017 , he accused Chancellor Merkel of having made Germany a “refugee import world champion” and was thus responsible for the “ population exchange ”.

In March 2020, against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany , Meuthen demanded a “consistent enforcement of the entry ban for asylum seekers too” and claimed on Facebook that “non-EU foreigners are still allowed to travel unhindered”, “although they may be doing so even spread the coronavirus ”. At the request of a television magazine, however, a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior made it clear that asylum seekers were not exempted from the entry ban.

Meuthen's efforts to maintain a more moderate image are seen by some observers as a tactical maneuver, as his support for radical AfD members such as Björn Höcke is clearly visible. The political scientist Hajo Funke said in 2020 that Meuthen saw “immigration as dangerous” and that he “generally understood it to be alien to culture”. He could "then be very long".

Party-programmatic demarcation to the right

On February 23, 2019, in a speech at the party conference of the Baden-Württemberg AfD, he sharply distinguished himself from the wing and other far-right groups and people in the party:

“These members do not shy away from anti-Semitic and racist positions, including questioning the Holocaust ! […] If you want to live out your group-related misanthropy here , we can tell you clearly: Find another playing field for your neuroses! You will never hijack this party! "

In doing so, he triggered both enthusiasm and indignation among his listeners. The background to this clear demarcation, which Meuthen had not shown before, included the upcoming European elections in Germany in 2019 and the fact that the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (unlawfully publicly) had declared the AfD to be a "test case".

The SZ told Meuthen at the end of December 2019 that the AfD was “thoroughly pro-Jewish” and that it was introducing “pro-Jewish motions - such as [...] the demand for a ban on Hezbollah ” in the Bundestag . Also with reference to Michel Friedman , who had said that he wanted to leave the country in the event of an AfD government participation, Meuthen found it was "a mystery to him what a woman Knobloch and a Mr. Schuster can make up". You will "not see that he defends every sentence that someone in the AfD has said". Meuthen justified the election of Stephan Brandner , who after the attack in Halle had supported a tweet in which it was said that politicians were loitering in front of synagogues , as one of the deputy party chairmen by saying that Brandner was "not voted for this tweet", but because of his "convincing speech" at the party congress.

After the federal executive board in March 2020 asked the party grouping Der Flügel , which was classified as right-wing extremist by the protection of the constitution , to disband by the end of April 2020, Meuthen said in an interview with the new-right Junge Freiheit that the AfD was based on the foundation of the free-democratic basic order and " that there is one or the other person in the wing who [...] partly represent positions that are not based on this foundation ”. The observation of the "wing" by the protection of the constitution is largely not justified, on the other hand "it may be in individual cases".

At the beginning of April 2020, Meuthen suggested on his Facebook page that a "strategic discussion without thinking bans and senseless taboos" should be conducted as to whether a division of the party into a "liberal-conservative" and a "socially patriotic" wing would be better in order to attract "considerable additional groups of voters" to make attainable. In the magazine Tichy's insight , he said, everyone knows "that the wing and its authoritative exponent massively popular vote in the bourgeois camp cost us, and I also think that the ordo-liberal views of the bourgeois-conservative part of the AFD even better results in the state paternalistic embossed Prevent the wing's voter milieu ”. After strong criticism within the AfD, from Alexander Gauland , Tino Chrupallas , Alice Weidels and Björn Höckes , Meuthen called his approach a mistake in Junge Freiheit . It was a strategic approach, not a specific demand for a split. Weidel and Chrupalla had also proposed to the federal executive board, together with the AfD vice-president Stephan Brandner , who was close to the wing, to adopt a proposal in which it said that Meuthen had “seriously damaged” the AfD, a possible preparation for an exclusion process , according to Spiegel . In a telephone conference of the federal executive committee, Meuthen declared that he did not want to continue the debate about a split. The federal executive welcomed the clarification unanimously and spoke out against any efforts to call into question the unity of the party.

In May 2020, Meuthen obtained the cancellation of Andreas Kalbitz's party membership by the federal executive committee "because of the non- disclosure of membership" in the home loyal German youth (HDJ) and the "non-disclosure" of his membership in the Republicans in 1993 and 1994, both of which were on the incompatibility list the AfD . In this, Matthias Kamann saw in the world proof of a "majority for party leader Jörg Meuthen, who recently succeeded in removing some of the most hideous [...] with the expulsion of Doris von Sayn-Wittgenstein , Stefan Räpple and Wolfgang Gedeon . Throwing out problem [...] cases. Meuthen, no doubt, is not as weak as some claim. And he is not cowardly when it comes to cracking down on certain tough extremists. ”A month later - after the decision of the Berlin Regional Court - Kamann criticized Die Welt that Meuthen“ wanted to get rid of ”Kalbitz,“ but not a political debate about xenophobia and Contempt for democracy by the Brandenburg state chairman ”. Kalbitz's exclusion was said to have taken place "because of formalities in the statutes". The political scientist Marcel Lewandowsky saw Meuthen “not on the offensive within the party”. He had to "defend himself against the attacks of the former wing" and Björn Höcke could "raise himself as the one who wants the unity of the party". That would put Meuthen, who "stood there as the splitter, so to speak", on the defensive. Meuthen's approach was “about not deterring bourgeois voters”, Lewandowsky calling it questionable “whether these bourgeois voters still exist”, since studies have shown “that the AfD's electorate is ideologically close [e] ”and“ more homogeneous ”.

The cancellation by the board of directors was declared inadmissible by the Berlin regional court and a decision by the party's federal arbitration court had to be awaited. Shortly thereafter, an AfD federal convention stood behind Meuthen and rejected a majority (according to party circles with 27 against 23 votes) an application accusing it of “irresponsible attempts at division”. The AfD honorary chairman and parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland said that he has observed "with concern the downright disintegration tendencies in the party" since Meuthen took action against Kalbitz. Björn Höcke, in turn, wrote on Facebook, alluding to Meuthen's predecessors Bernd Lucke and Frauke Petry : "For the third time in our very young party history, one of our federal spokesmen wants to silence parts of the party or even push them out of the party."

After the ARD summer interview in July 2020, Meuthen complained in the social networks that almost two thirds of the broadcasting time had been used to "bring the AfD, the citizens' party close to right-wing extremism". It is a scandal that the term should be “anchored” in the head of “less informed TV viewers”. According to Meuthen in the interview, the AfD has no problem with right-wing extremism, with the exception of a “single-digit range” that should be marked as right-wing extremism.

After the Federal Arbitration Court of the AfD had confirmed the withdrawal of Kalbitz's membership on July 25, 2020, Alfred Schmit took the view on tagesschau.de that the “leading figures of this party - including Meuthen - are still not clear about hard right-wing extremists in their ranks “distanced. This is shown "above all by the fact that when Kalbitz was excluded from the party it was not a question of whether he currently represents right-wing extremist positions, but rather whether he had done this earlier and kept quiet." This "point victory" enables Meuthen to "get the impression ] arouse wanting to push back right-wing extremist forces in the party ", but" [always with the subtitle: This could avoid a complete observation of the AfD by the protection of the Constitution. "

Controversial donations

The Swiss advertising agency Goal AG supported Meuthen in the 2016 state election campaign with self-created and financed advertisements in various regional newspapers. According to the party law, German politicians are not allowed to accept money and donations in kind from non-EU countries. Meuthen stated that he had nothing to do with the advertising campaign and did not commission anything. In fact, the advertisement order from Brettener Woche ( Kraichgau ) was accompanied by a declaration personally signed by Meuthen, in which he assumed liability for the content of the advertisement. From this, observers concluded that Meuthen at least knowingly approved the activities of Goal AG.

Jörg Meuthen's position on the “ Association for the Preservation of the Rule of Law and Civil Liberties ” is problematic. The association has been supporting Meuthen's public appearance financially since the beginning of 2016 by knowingly creating and maintaining a homepage for him - according to the AfD report, however, as a friendship aid to the CEO of GOAL AG for the equivalent of less than 1000 euros. In addition, there was further financial campaign support amounting to millions during the state election campaign in Baden-Württemberg in 2016 . In July 2017, Jörg Meuthen, in his function as spokesman for the AfD federal executive board , had to justify a cease and desist declaration by the AfD towards this association and the Swiss PR company Goal AG by the AfD parliamentary group. Violations by the AfD against the party law are examined by the Bundestag administration . Meuthen stated in an interview in July 2017 that there had been no contact with the club.

In August 2018, the AfD transferred around 5350 euros to the federal treasury for safekeeping until the case was resolved. This amount is said to have been used by Goal AG for the design of Meuthen's website and for his state election campaign.

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