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The Budget Committee is a permanent parliamentary committee that is responsible for deliberating on the budget law and for monitoring ( parliamentary control ) of budget implementation .

In the Federal Republic of Germany , both the Bundestag and all regional parliaments have set up a budget committee (in some cases, as in Baden-Württemberg, also called the “finance committee”). The budget committee of the Berlin House of Representatives is called the Main Committee . In the Federal Council , the finance committee performs the function of the budget committee. For the European Parliament's Committee on Budgets, see Committee on Budgets (European Parliament) .

German Bundestag

The budget committee of the Bundestag in the 19th legislative period is one of the largest permanent Bundestag committees with 44 members . The committee was constituted on January 31, 2018. According to parliamentary custom, the budget committee is always chaired by a member of the largest opposition faction.

The committee chairman in the 19th legislative period is the AfD MP Peter Boehringer . The main task of this committee is to advise on the Federal Budget Act. For this purpose, reporters are used who deal with the budget plans of each individual ministry, the individual plans. Their results serve as the basis for further committee deliberations. The budget committee issues a separate recommendation for each individual plan.

The budget committee begins working on the federal budget after transferring the budget proposed by the federal government, deliberation with general debate and final debate in the first reading by the plenary session of the Bundestag. First of all, all individual plans are examined in rapporteur meetings by the ministry, representatives of the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Court of Auditors and changed if necessary. Then the committee deliberates. At the end of the deliberations, all the individual plans are fully discussed in a large adjustment meeting and combined to form the final draft budget for Parliament.

Members in the 19th legislative period

Chair: Peter Boehringer (AfD)
Deputy. Chair: Dennis Rohde

fraction Ordinary members Deputy members
CDU / CSU André Berghegger , Reinhard Brandl , Axel E. Fischer , Ingo Gädechens , Klaus-Dieter Gröhler , Christian Haase , Alois Karl , Carsten Körber , Rüdiger Kruse , Patricia Lips , Andreas Mattfeldt , Florian Oßner , Kerstin Radomski , Eckhardt Rehberg , Josef Rief

Michael Donth , Markus Grübel , Fritz Güntzler , Matthias Hauer , Andreas Jung , Stefan Kaufmann , Volkmar Klein , Silke Launert , Yvonne Magwas , Hans Michelbach , Tankred Schipanski , Wolfgang Stefinger , Sebastian Steineke , Antje Tillmann , Markus Uhl

SPD Doris Barnett , Esther Dilcher , Martin Gerster , Michael Groß , Thomas Jurk , Johannes Kahrs , Dennis Rohde , Swen Schulz , Andreas Schwarz , Sonja Steffen

Ingrid Arndt-Brauer , Lothar Binding , Bernhard Daldrup , Ulrich Freese , Metin Hakverdi , Christian Petry , Achim Post , Udo Schiefner , Svenja Stadler

AfD Peter Boehringer , Marcus Bühl , Martin Hohmann , Birgit Malsack-Winkemann , Volker Münz , Ulrike Schielke-Ziesing

Albrecht Glaser , Waldemar Herdt , Rüdiger Lucassen , Gerold Otten , Alice Weidel , Wolfgang Wiehle

FDP Otto Fricke , Ulla you , Karsten Klein , Christoph Meyer , Bettina Stark-Watzinger

Christian Dürr , Torsten Herbst , Michael Georg Link , Oliver Luksic , Linda Teuteberg

THE LEFT Heidrun Bluhm , Michael Leutert , Gesine Lötzsch , Victor Perli

Dietmar Bartsch , Birke Bull-Bischoff , Andrej Hunko , Petra Sitte

Alliance 90 / The Greens Ekin Deligöz , Anja Hajduk , Sven-Christian Kindler , Tobias Lindner

Kai Gehring , Christian Kühn , Claudia Müller , Lisa Paus

Chair of the Budget Committee

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